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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Signal Fire Chapter 2

Signal Fire
Chapter 2

Del Monaco’s. Oliver hadn’t been there in… well, a long time. He didn’t really want to go there again, and had managed to avoid the place since that incident with a certain hostess who’d worked there. He cleared his throat, leaning back in his chair behind his desk. “Isn’t there someplace else you’d rather go?”

“It’s close. Phil and I can get whatever information we need from Mr. Ambrose, then I can meet you there.”

Oliver grumbled inwardly. Maybe the hostess didn’t work there anymore. The whole messy affair had happened a couple of years ago after all. “What if the food’s not that great?” He fished about for any excuse not to go there and be reminded of past indiscretions, nor did he want to unnecessarily subject Chloe to something that was better left in the past, and had no bearing on them now. That place, and the woman was part of another lifetime. “Uh… and I might be stuck in a meeting… what if I cooked?”

Chloe chuckled, “Not that I’m unaware of your amazing culinary skills, but Ollie, this place was rated among the top dining establishments in Star City, I’m surprised you’ve never been there before. We can wait for each other at the bar; if you’re stuck at a meeting just call me. It will save time… or, what if we met there before? Have a quick bite, then I can meet my source?” She turned in her chair away from fellow workers, lowering her voice to a whisper. “Besides, after that you’ll still have time to go green leather patrolling if you’d like, since I’ll be putting finishing touches on the story.”

If he told her no, she’d question why. He’d never lied to her before, and if he lied about it, she’d know. He’d have to suck it up; and really what were the chances that Adriana still worked there? What harm could there be? Whatever happened was a long time ago. Besides, he’d been missing Chloe, feeling as though they were like two ships that passed in the night these past weeks. He’d been away on a few business trips this month, and at times, they were both so exhausted at the end of the day, that either one or the other or both of them would be asleep before anything more intimate than cuddling happened. Nights he’d gone patrolling, he’d enter the manor house to find she’d fallen asleep on the couch waiting for him. He’d gather her in his arms, carry her to bed and fall asleep, simply content to lie beside her. Oliver let out an audible breath, signaling his acquiescence. “Okay, meet me around 6:00, that gives us some time together before you go off super-sleuthing.”

“Great. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.” He could hear the smile in her voice as she spoke, and pictured her sweet face in his mind; her smile never failing to make him feel warm all over, even over the phone.

Chloe snapped her cell phone shut. “I,” she announced proudly, addressing Philip across the room, and smiling as though she’d just won the Pulitzer Prize. “Have the best. Boyfriend. Ever.”

Philip merely smiled back, then looked away, focusing on his computer screen as his smile faded. Some unbidden heaviness centered in his chest. In his time on this particular job, he’d come to know Chloe and admire her. It was unfortunate that she’d be heartbroken soon. Philip pushed those thoughts aside. She was just another casualty in his line of work, and there was no room for sympathies. Still, he couldn’t deny the growing attraction he felt for her. It was never a good thing to get emotionally involved in a case. He’d known this from the start. But soon it would all be over, and he could forget Chloe Sullivan.

* * * * *

Oliver took a sip of his martini, glancing at the clock behind the bar for the umpteenth time. 6:20. Chloe had called, telling him she was running late. He may have to abandon all hope of seeing her tonight if it got any later. He glanced around, expecting to see her walking toward him at any moment. Del Monaco’s hadn’t changed much. There weren’t many patrons at the dimly lit bar; the place usually didn’t get hopping until 8:00 or so when the late dinner and dancing crowd amassed.

“Oliver Queen,” a feminine voice sounded in recognition, soft and sultry.

Oliver turned in his seat, finding a buxom, statuesque raven-haired beauty. “Adriana.” She was the last person he wanted to see right now.

“Been a long time. What brings you here?” She stepped closer, her lips curving in a sensuous smile, a hungry look glittering in her blue eyes as they flitted over him.

Oliver stiffened, a small awkward grin reaching the corners of his mouth, as he recognized her look. “I’m meeting someone.” He didn’t feel he needed to share any further information with her. It was none of her business.

Adriana sidled in closer, her manicured hand moving seductively over the lapel of his suit jacket, momentarily taking him aback, distracting him as her other hand deftly slipped something into his suit coat pocket. “Business, or pleasure?” she whispered.

Oliver covered her hand with his in an attempt to remove it from his chest. “Listen, Adriana…” he mumbled.

“I’ve missed you, Ollie,” she interrupted softly, pressing her body against his, her face now mere inches from his, her lashes fluttered closed, and Oliver thought she’d kiss him. He held his breath, his eyes falling to her lips.

Chloe had seen enough. She couldn’t hear what was being said. She didn’t need to know. Their body language spoke volumes. Her stomach, tied up in so many knots, pulling at her chest, she could barely breath. She thought to speak his name, to ask him what was going on, but no words would come. She turned and fled blindly through the restaurant exit, her pulse pounding so hard it made her entire body tremble. Tess’s words came back to haunt her. ‘When he hurts you, and he will, maybe you’ll see things the way I do.’ No. There had to be some explanation. Oliver would never do this. Would he? They’d been too busy for each other lately. Was it that? Or had he been making excuses so that he could see another woman on the side? She knew him. ‘You’re the only one who knows me,’ he’d said once. It was true. He wouldn’t…. couldn’t do this. Chloe was used to the appreciative and sometimes outright blatantly sexual stares he received from women, but he’d proven to her time and again that he had no interest in any of them, that she was the only woman in his life, the only woman he wanted, the only woman he loved. But this. She’d never actually seen a woman throw herself at him like that. The way he grasped the woman’s hand, the way his eyes lowered as though he was about to kiss her. An ache so deep, it hurt to the very core engulfed her entire being. She ran, her legs numb, not really knowing where she was headed. Thoughts zigzagged, racing through her mind. Oliver wasn’t stupid. If he was going to cheat, would he meet the woman there at the same place he was planning to meet her? But what if the woman happened to show up, not knowing he was meeting Chloe? Ugh. None of it made sense! Chloe found herself back outside the Gazette building, flattened against the wall, her palms pressing against the cool brick. There had to be some mistake. She took several deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself. Her cell phone rang in her pocket, and she pulled it out. It was Oliver. She couldn’t answer the phone, not now.

Oliver pulled away from Adriana in disgust, glancing down at the hand he held away from him, noting the gold band on her finger. “Why don’t you go home, Adriana? I’m sure your husband is waiting for you. If you'll excuse me, I have someone important waiting for me.” He stepped away from her then, too uncomfortable to stay here and wait for Chloe any longer, he pulled his cell phone from the front pocket of his suit pants. Her voicemail message sounded in his ear. “Chloe? Hey, I’m not going to be able to meet you at Del Monaco’s. I’ll head home, maybe go patrolling, and see you later tonight when you get back. I love you.”

Adriana stood alone at the bar watching Oliver Queen leave in a hurry as he pulled out his cell phone, a faint, smug smile curving her mouth. She’d turned her head to catch a glimpse of a patron who sat along the wall opposite. He lifted his brows, showing her a digital camera, then pocketing it, he stood and walked out of the restaurant. She faced the bar once more, picking up the half-empty martini glass Oliver had left, her expression suddenly turning wistful as she remembered their short time together. Oliver had been an incredible lover, and she secretly envied Chloe Sullivan. Well, hopefully not for long anyway. It wasn’t hard for Phil to convince Adriana to take part in his little scheme. Some part of her never forgave Oliver for dumping her before their brief sexual affair could be splattered all over the tabloids. He hadn’t known she was married, and maybe it was just as well he’d ended their trysts soon after discovering her deceit. Still, it didn’t quell her hunger for him, and she’d sought him out at every opportunity, turning into some desperate shell of a woman. She practically stalked him, yet hating herself for what she’d become. Months passed. He repeatedly ignored her attempts to get near him, and then he’d left for a time, moving to Metropolis where he’d met Lois Lane. Now apparently, he’d moved on and was happily and completely in love with Chloe Sullivan.

Adriana lifted the glass to her lips, finishing off Oliver’s drink. She plucked the olive from it, taking it from the pick between her teeth. It had been almost three years since she’d seen him last. She’d gotten over him, and now all that remained was the desire to see him hurting and desperate for someone, the way she’d been for him.

Chloe, somewhat calmed now, flipped open her cell phone, checking her voicemail messages. There was only one. ‘Chloe? Hey, I’m not going to be able to meet you at Del Monaco’s. I’ll head home, maybe go patrolling, and see you later tonight when you get back. I love you.’

“Not going to meet me at Del Monaco’s, because you’re already there, right? Ugh!” He was lying to her. Dear God, he was lying. ‘I love you.’ The words made her eyes sting with unshed tears. He was lying. Probably making up some excuse so that he could be with that dark-haired witch for the rest of the night.

“Hey, Chloe. Are you all right?”

Chloe straightened abruptly, blinking up at Phil. She composed herself quickly. “Yeah… yeah, I’m fine. Is it time to go yet? Let’s just get out of here.”

“I thought you were going to meet Oliver at the restaurant,” he asked, confused.

“I did. You were right. Nice place. Can we go now?”

Phil placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, slipping his arm around her. “You sure you’re okay?” he asked softly, his soothing masculine voice laced with concern.

Chloe merely nodded, fearing that if she spoke, she’d begin sobbing uncontrollably.

Phil hugged her against his side, giving her shoulder a squeeze before he released her. “Come on, Sullivan. We’ve got work to do.”

They took a cab; heading back toward the restaurant Chloe had just left. The meeting place was four blocks away from it. Chloe stood pacing the alley behind some old, closed down department store, still unable to calm herself, yet unwilling to say anything to her partner about the incident. She really just wanted to go home, talk to Oliver when he returned, and find out what was going on. Maybe she’d misunderstood the entire exchange, replaying the scene of Oliver with the woman over and over in her mind. The way she rubbed herself against him, and gah… stop it!

“When’s this guy supposed to show up?” she nearly snapped. It was growing dark, they’d been waiting for more than half an hour, and she just wanted to go home, didn’t even want to finish writing the story. Somehow, it didn’t seem important anymore.

“Anytime now, Chlo,” he chuckled over her impatience. “Relax.” Philip eyed her carefully. He’d noted her distress since he’d seen her outside the Gazette building. “Hey, listen,” he waited until she’d stopped her pacing to gaze up at him with anguished green eyes. His heart clenched at seeing her pain, and the worst part was, he’d known why. Hell, he’d been the one to orchestrate it. She was being strong, putting up a front, but Philip was well aware of what she’d seen. The digital photographs had already been emailed to him. Unfortunately, Queen was no sap, and didn’t fall for Adriana’s play, but the photos were good enough to be considered incriminating. A picture spoke a thousand words, even the wrong ones if you wanted to spin them that way. “Tell you what. Once this is over, why don’t you go home? I’ll finish the story, slap both of our names on it, and call it a night.”

“Are you sure? I mean, you’d do that for me?”

“Of course. Come on, Chloe, you’ve helped me plenty of times.” It was true; she’d covered his butt more than once in the last five months he’d known her, and never once complained about it. “I know you want to get home.”

The way her eyes lit up and her face relaxed in an easy smile had his insides stirring. He forced away the feeling. “Really?”

“Really.” He smiled.

“Thanks, Phil.”

Just then the headlights of a dark sedan appeared, the car moving slowly up into the alley.

“That’ll be Mr. Ambrose now.”

Chloe turned to watch the vehicle’s approach, stepping closer to Phil.

The car stopped, and every door opened at once, causing Chloe’s brow’s to furrow in confusion. There was only supposed to be one man. Four armed men in dark suits stepped out almost in unison, pointing their weapons at both Chloe and Philip.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Philip, startled, raised his hands. Chloe’s first urge was to run, but Philip grasped her arm, pulling her against him protectively. “It’s okay Chloe.”

The men didn’t answer; they simply kept coming, forming a semi-circle around the pair.

“Where’s Mr. Ambrose?” Chloe asked them. Glancing quickly from Philip and back to the men once more, her green eyes panicked.

One of the men pointed his gun at Chloe’s head. “Get in the car.” She merely stood frozen in stunned silence, forgetting every self-defense maneuver Oliver ever taught her.

Chloe didn’t see the look that passed between Phil and the man wielding the gun against her head.

“Wait now, whatever you want, money… anything, I’ll give it to you, just don’t hurt her.” Phil said, trying to insinuate himself between Chloe and the suited man. He shoved Phil away, causing him to back into one of the other suits, who grabbed him in a chokehold, holding a gun to his head.

“Philip!” Chloe screamed, then heard the click of a pistol being cocked, and felt the hard metal of the barrel against her skull. She remained still, her eyes wide, darting to the side in a vain attempt to see him clearly.

“Get in the car,” her captor repeated coldly, gripping her shoulder with his free hand, and nudging the back of her head none too gently with his pistol.

A whir, a whizzing sound passed her ear, and the man at her side grunted in pain, falling backward. She looked around frantically in the growing darkness, nothing but dim lamplight illuminating in the alley. An arrow protruded from his shoulder as he continued to writhe on the cement. Oliver! The men were panicked now; shouting, searching the rooflines, and looking for any sign of the mysterious archer. A few more arrows hit their targets, this time from a different direction. The man holding Philip screamed as an arrow pierced his thigh, and having no choice but to release him, fell backward, grasping onto it, pulling it out, a sound of pain echoing in the alleyway. Phil ran to Chloe, moving her away, wrapping her in his arms protectively as they watched the injured men scramble back toward the sedan. A dark green blur swooped down, his feet knocking the final straggler down onto the ground. He barely crawled into the car as it took off, tires screeching, bumper hitting the curb as it squealed away at breakneck speed.

Arrow did a cursory search of the area before coming to stand in front of the couple. Philip had been gripping her tightly against him, unconsciously stroking her hair in a calming gesture.

She pulled away from him, having to nudge against his chest. “I’m okay, thanks,” she whispered.

“Are you all right?” The Green Arrow asked, his nearly monotone voice synthesized by a distorter.

“Yeah, thank you… wow, so you’re the Green Arrow,” Philip bumbled about wide-eyed as though meeting his favorite rock star. “Thanks. I-I don’t know what we’d have done if you hadn’t come along.” He looked at Chloe. “I have no idea who those guys were, or what they wanted.”

“Miss?” Archer turned his attention to Chloe.

“I’m fine, thank you.” She offered gratefully, for no matter how angry she was with him right now, she was glad he was here. She couldn’t imagine why a source for a story would want to take her at gunpoint, but her mind was too stunned at the moment to think further.

“You really shouldn’t be out here,” he admonished. His face, what she could see of it, remained stoic.

“I was… just… heading home.”

His gaze never left her. “Good.”

Arrow tugged on his hood in salute as he bid them goodnight. Shot an arrow into the sky and then was lifted, gone up into the darkness before they knew it.


“Did you get a license plate number? Maybe we can find out who they were.”


“I’m going home, Phil. Let’s just forget this source. We can write the story without this Mr. Ambrose. I’m too shaken right now to even think about this story or why those men were here trying to kidnap us, or whatever they were trying to do. What if they come back? I need to get home, get some sleep. We can figure this out in the morning; see if we can’t track those guys down.”

Damn it all. The Green Arrow had ruined everything! This was supposed to be the end of it. They’d pick her up, take her to Luthor, and it would be over. He could get out of Star City, go back to Metropolis. Damn the Green Arrow for pulling his heroic act!

“Phil, are you okay?”

He lifted his head, schooling his expression. “Yeah. Let me get you a cab at least. I’m sorry this whole thing happened, Chloe. I’m wondering if those guys aren’t part of the political underground. Star City is known for its corruption. I’m guessing they wanted to send us a message; scare us so we wouldn’t finish our story.” He shrugged apologetically. “I’m really sorry I got you into this.” He had to feed her some line of bullshit, something she’d believe, and up to now he’d been proud of his acting skills, pulling off the entire scared reporter bit to the hilt, pretending not to know the men who attacked them. Maybe he should be on Broadway.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll call for the limo.”

“Yeah, right. I forgot. Rich guy’s girlfriend.” It was true. Sometimes he did forget she was someone’s girlfriend. The richest man in Star City’s girlfriend to be exact.

“Do you need a ride home?” she offered.

“No, I’m good. I’m actually going to head back to the Gazette and finish up. You go on home. I’m sure your man is waiting.”

“Thanks, Phil.” Chloe watched him walk away.

She waited a few moments before heading up the alley, and crossing into the next one turning a corner. She stood there for a few moments, next to a dumpster. She didn’t have to wait long. The Green Arrow dropped down in front of her. And before she could speak, and rant and rave and carry on like a madwoman over what she’d seen earlier at the restaurant, never mind that she’d just been held at gunpoint, she found herself swept up in his powerful arms, pulled hard against his body. His lips descended, his mouth crushing hers with such fierceness and yearning and anguish, she’d almost forgotten why she was so angry with him. Almost.

End Chapter 2

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