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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yin and Yang: Chloe and Oliver Oneshot

Title: Yin and Yang
Pairing: Chloe/Oliver
Author: Genevieve
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Oliver decides to train Chloe
A/N: This little ficlet was inspired by manips made by kc_2009 of LiveJournal, aka Kryptochloe at Ksite , and used with her permission, cuz we make a great team like that. This is written a little differently, a bit quirky, but I hope you enjoy.

Yin and Yang

Day 1

She waits for him impatiently, not really wanting to do this. She doesn’t see a reason. When he enters the makeshift gym, wearing nothing but black sweat pants, she swallows. She wants to tell him to put a shirt on, then thinks better of it. She folds her arms over her chest and scowls instead to show her displeasure.

“Ready?” he asks with his charming grin, somehow knowing she’s not entirely displeased.

“I still don’t see why I have to do this.”

“I think the shiner you’re wearing is proof enough.”

She juts her chin out defiantly, well, as defiantly as she can with a black eye. “I handled it.”

“Right,’ he says, lifting her chin with his fingertips, inspecting her slightly fading injury, his brows knitting with concern she doesn’t want to see.

He tapes up her knuckles, his touch almost too gentle, and she notices for the first time how large his hands are in comparison to hers. He fits her with red boxing gloves. She feels ridiculous.

Until he stands behind her, and grasps her elbows. He’s only showing her the correct fighting stance after all. But his body is too close, and she’s eyeing the heavy bag warily. Good thing he can’t see her face, because she’s not sure if the uneasy expression is for the bag in front of her or the man behind her. Does it matter?

Day 5

They’ve been at this for five mornings now. In a row. Five mornings of torture. Stretches, yoga, meditation, Tai chi, mock duels. It’s not so bad really, and sometimes she enjoys it, more than she thought she would. Especially the first time she actually takes him down. She can’t help but gloat and smile. He laughs good-naturedly. Secretly, he’s proud of her. She’s sassy. He likes it.

Day 10

Maybe he can do handstands, but she can’t, and no matter how many times he’s grasped her ankles and held her up, her body eventually starts leaning in one direction or another as soon as he lets go. There’s a moment though, when she can hold herself up, and then she comes tumbling down like Humpty Dumpty, his hands grasp her upturned thighs in an effort to catch her, and he comes tumbling after, and somehow they’re laughing on the floor, and suddenly his face becomes serious and his eyes darken, and he’s looking at her with that look. Her heart flutters.

He clears his throat, blinks, looks away. “Maybe that’s enough for today, Sidekick.” He mutters, and leaves the room, heading for the shower.

Day 15

She’s sure she’s got this whole tai chi, fighting thing down by now, only now she’s fighting herself. He stands beside her in all his shirtless glory as they ease into the next position like a dance, and she wonders how she’s supposed to concentrate.

She doesn’t notice that he’s fighting too.

Focusing the mind on movements of the body is supposed to bring about mental peace and clarity.

Neither of them is feeling peaceful.

But maybe there’s clarity. Just a little.

She beats the crap out of the heavy bag later. He’s thoroughly impressed. But not enough to end their training sessions. Not yet.

She smiles at his praise. He melts a just little.

Day 20

“It’s called pushing hands,” he explains close to her ear behind her. His voice makes her entire body tingle. She closes her eyes, relishing the sound of it, the feel of his body at her back. Concentrate.

Pushing hands works to undo a person’s natural instinct to resist force with force, teaching the body to yield to force and redirect it. She’s wearing this skintight black workout outfit. It’s torture. And he wonders vaguely why he’s resisting, why he doesn’t yield and redirect the force of energy she has over him. His hands linger a little too long at her waist as he positions her. He pulls her just a little too closely against his body. If his hands had a mind of their own, they’d be going places he didn’t want to think about right now. His breathing is heavier, and he almost groans out loud. And worse, she notices.

She has to notice. But she’s not protesting, and he realizes that she hasn’t protested anything in at least a week.

Day 25

Training with a partner allows a student to develop ting jing (listening power), the sensitivity to feel the direction and strength of a partner's intention.

His intentions are not good. Well, they are, but.. not. He’s sure she knows. She doesn’t seem to mind though. She flirts with him over the comm later during a mission. He eats it up. And right there in the middle of a mission he thinks he just might have fallen.

Day 30

They are getting good at this. Yin and Yang. Male and female. She anticipates his movement, and redirects him. He knows her too, senses her now before she even begins to move. He knows her in a way he’s never known anyone else.

She saves his life. He saves hers. She guides him. He listens. She heals him. He protects her. Watchtower and Green Arrow. Oliver and Chloe. Man and Woman. Yin and Yang.

He stands behind her, arms coming around her, it’s almost an embrace, his hands gently push against hers. Eyes closed, mental peace, and then clarity. And it’s all so clear now, so loud in the silence, it makes them both wonder why they hadn’t seen it before. Why they resisted.

Yin and Yang. Female and Male. Watchtower and Green Arrow. Chloe and Oliver. She’s become the other part of him somehow.

Chloe knows him. So well it doesn’t even scare her anymore. When he moves again, she's right there, he redirects her, she moves with him then redirects him. Male and female. Green Arrow and Watchtower. Oliver and Chloe. He’s become the other part of her somehow.

He moves, she follows. She moves, he follows.

They’re standing face to face, bodies brushing from breast to hip. They become still, as still as the silence between them. He’s giving her that look. And this time she’s returning it.

Yielding to the force, he moves. She follows. And when their lips touch, meeting breathlessly for the first time, there’s clarity. There’s peace. Yin and Yang. The perfect balance. Oliver and Chloe. Chloe and Oliver. Friends. Lovers.

End Oneshot

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Signal Fire chapter 15

Signal Fire
Chapter 15

In a span of two weeks, there were three more murders with all indications pointing to the Green Arrow. Someone claiming to be the Green Arrow called in a bomb threat to the mayor’s office that had all of Star City at a standstill for an entire day, a bank robbery. Terrified bank tellers and patrons said a man wielding a crossbow, dressed in a hooded, green leather costume along with several accomplices dressed in black fatigues, their faces covered with ski-masks had demanded the money.

Lex noted that Queen had been silent and nearly invisible through these incidents. Chloe Sullivan continued her defense of the Green Arrow, through continued editorials and articles. She’d been making a name for herself in Star City over the past weeks with well-written rebuttals to criticism of the Emerald Archer, proving the crimes to be the work of an impostor and creating doubt among the citizens of Star City, rallying many of them behind the true Emerald Archer. But the public wanted to know where the real Green Arrow was hiding, and why he’d remain silent over an impostor hell bent on ruining him. A call rose up for him to defend himself publicly. Little did they know, he already was, through Chloe’s written words.

Philip entered Lex’s hidden Star City office, removing the dark glasses, and pulling the green hood down as he tossed the fresh copy of the Star City Gazette on top of Lex’s mahogany desk, over some building blueprints he’d been studying and marking up with red ink.

“Is it over now?”

Lex’s eyes swept over the headlines and fuzzy video camera photos from the bank heist. When his gaze lifted to Philip, still dressed in the Green Arrow’s costume, his blue eyes turned hard and cold. Philip had been out making mischief tonight. “Hardly. Queen is trying to ruin me. They’re finalizing the takeover of LexCorp.” Lex pushed himself up from his chair and stood, rounding his desk. “And preparing to celebrate my demise with a big party in Gotham,” he said, stepping over to the mini-bar in his office.

“Tess ruined you. Not Queen.”

Lex grasped the nearest bottle, smirking lightly. “Yes. And she’s dead.”

“When will this stop?”

“When I’ve achieved the complete and utter downfall of Oliver Queen,” Lex retorted, as if that were obvious.

“Mr. Luthor.”

“No one is indestructible, Philip.”

“Including yourself.”

Lex poured amber liquid into a glass. “I like that about you. You’re not afraid to speak your mind.”

“When,” Philip demanded.

“There’s one more thing I have in mind,” he gestured toward his desk, where he’d been working on the newest plan.

Philip’s eyes flicked briefly toward the building schematics on the desk; half covered by the newspaper he’d just tossed there. He waited. “Attack them at the party?”

A short haughty laugh escaped the back of Lex’s throat. “Come now, Philip. Wouldn’t that be too obvious?” Lex took a seat behind his desk once more; drink in hand. He swirled it around, gazing into the liquid as though it held all the answers. “How do you feel about visiting your old place of employment?” Lex lifted his eyes then, gauging Philip’s response.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, all those editorials in praise of the Green Arrow. Every time the he commits a crime, she seems to find all the inconsistencies in the evidence, all the mistakes, and she turns them around, thwarting our efforts, turning them into one big conspiracy theory against the Green Arrow. People believe what she writes. It’s a bit annoying, don’t you think?” Lex leaned back in his chair, lifting the glass to his lips, sipping quietly as he eyed Philip over the rim.

For all he’d turned completely to the side of darkness, Philip’s heart wrenched at Lex’s implication. Chloe was the only secret light that remained inside of him. Something precious he kept hidden away from the world, most times even from himself. Gone were dreams of a home and family and a quiet life as a reporter in Metropolis. He’d become someone else now. Someone he didn’t care to know, or consider too closely. “You want Queen, fine. Go after him. You don’t need Chloe Sullivan.”

“I do want Queen, I am going after him, and Chloe Sullivan is the best way to achieve my goal. You know that as well as I do, maybe better,” he intoned meaningfully. “Let’s give her one last thing to write about, shall we?”

“What are you planning?”

“Next week. Monday morning, the Green Arrow will call in a bomb threat from the Star City Gazette building.”

“Another bomb threat?”

“This one’s real.”

“Mr. Luthor…”

“You’ll need all the men we can round up. Rig the entire building with explosives, then swarm it, holding hostages, releasing them gradually over a period of time of course, with the exception of one; Ms. Sullivan. And then we barter for her life. Queen would pay whatever price the ‘Green Arrow’ demanded, I’m sure,” Lex nearly smiled at the twisted irony of it all, his eyes glazing over briefly, as he imagined the scene and how it would all unfold. “What do you think, ten million? That would be nothing to Queen, especially to save the woman he loved.” Lex took another sip of his drink, relishing the burn as the liquid warmed his throat.

“Mr. Luthor…”

“Once the drop is made,” Lex put his now empty glass down on the desk with finality. “You’ll have to kill her,” he went on unaffected, rising once more from his chair, and moving closer, stepping around Philip. “The ‘Green Arrow’ kills the one person who’s been his staunchest public supporter. I think that would put an end to the debate, don’t you?”

Philip’s lips pressed together, thinning in an anguished grimace; every part of his body and soul screaming to be released from this dark, inescapable prison. He’d gone too far, was in too deep, and now there seemed to be no way out. He shook his head, one simple word leaving him in a fervent rush, his voice deepening like gravel. “No.”

“Your concern for Ms. Sullivan is noted, and oddly, quite touching. But if you don’t kill her, one of my other men will,” Lex threatened smoothly, circling Philip, coming to stand behind him as Philip turned his gaze to the floor between his feet, his breath becoming erratic, the heat of the form-fitting, green leather costume suffocating him.

He continued to shake his head. “No,” he ground out with rough anxiety.

“Kill her. Kill her and get her out of your blood once and for all.” Lex lowered his voice meaningfully, taunting quietly close behind. “She’ll never be yours Philip. Not now. Not ever. You’ll never have her. How does it feel knowing that? Having to live with that knowledge?” Lex lowered his head, stopping momentarily, his voice hard and resentful. “I know what it’s like to love a woman you can never have. It’s not fair that a man like Oliver Queen has a woman like Chloe by his side. He doesn’t deserve her love. Not the way you do. But there is something you can do about the injustice.”

At this Philip turned around, anguished eyes staring at the man in front of him in disbelief. Killing Chloe would be killing the last decent part of himself that remained. “I can’t.”

Lex returned Philip’s gaze. “Take from Oliver Queen what you’ve been denied,” he urged, his voice was velvet, yet edged with steel. “Destroy that which you can never have; finally be rid of her. It’s the only way to keep her from haunting you forever, and wondering ‘what if’. You owe me Philip. You owe me your life, twice over. I own you. Chloe Sullivan dies on Monday. Would you rather she die by someone else’s hand, or yours?”

* * * * *

Every day he read the papers, news feeds, the Internet articles about the latest crimes the Green Arrow had committed. And every time, Chloe was right behind the scenes, getting information from police sources, the coroner’s office, investigators; completing her own research. She’d written some of the most amazing work he’d ever read, and though he anguished over the horrible things done by someone using one of his costumes and his gear, he couldn’t come out publicly and simply proclaim himself as the Green Arrow; he couldn’t defend himself. Chloe was his best chance of fighting back right now.

She’d watch him silently as he read the latest. Watched his face. The sadness, the anger, the frustration that crossed his features, feeling helpless to do much more than use the power of the pen to fight back. She’d go to him silently, and gently lay her hands on his shoulders, and he’d reach for her, accepting her comfort, and offering his own.

Until Lex made a grave mistake, until he made a move, it seemed there was nothing more they could do. They didn’t know where he was, or how he’d been orchestrating events, or where he’d strike next. They didn’t know who had been posing as the Green Arrow. Was it Philip? Chloe had her suspicions. Philip and Oliver were of similar build and height. The suit would probably fit him. She tried to remember any other guards who might be able to don the green leather, but they were a blur in her mind. She hadn’t paid close enough attention in the sea of nameless, faceless guards in black fatigues in their time at Black Creek.

It weighed heavily on both of them, but Chloe wasn’t going to give up. So when the final merger was completed, and Bruce had invited them to celebrate the takeover of LexCorp with a gala, meant mainly to create public spectacle as an insult to Lex, Chloe insisted that they go. Since they’d returned from Black Creek, they’d remained somewhat secluded in the manor. They had to put on a show, for the public, and most of all to show Lex that no matter what he did, he wouldn’t stop them. Besides, she’d said, as she’d wrapped her arms around his neck; it would be the first time they’d been out at such a swanky event in awhile, and it was a good excuse to enjoy themselves for the first time in weeks. Oliver’s answering smile, and the soft kiss pressed to her forehead lightened her heart.

Despite the recent turmoil, Chloe couldn’t help but be a bit excited. She’d never been to Gotham City before. The city was a mix of old and new, brick and glass, gothic and modern structures that said eclectic, if not confused. Somehow it worked, and Chloe found herself quite intrigued and fascinated by it all.

As soon as Oliver exited the limo in front of the Gotham Arts Centre, the camera flashes erupted, interspersed with those calling his name, and asking who accompanied him. Was there someone new? Had Ms. Sullivan left him after the rumors of his infidelity were published weeks ago? They quieted somewhat as he reached for her, waiting. Oliver winked at her as they shared a smile, then took her hand in his, giving her an affectionate squeeze. At once, a deluge of lights flashed rapidly, and the sounds of voices, whistles, catcalls, and a few cheers rose up at the sight of Ms. Sullivan dressed in a white halter gown. She was beautiful. Oliver’s eyes danced with amusement as he looked at her, and then he turned, presenting her proudly. Oliver stopped on the red carpet, pulling her close to his side, and they wrapped their arms around one another, Oliver leaning in, smiling for yet another photographer. A few paparazzi shouted out questions, which Oliver politely ignored, merely waving at the crowd, his smile genuine. He then whisked her away toward the entrance of the Gotham Arts Centre.

“Should they be so surprised?” she asked, as Oliver took her hand, tucking it beneath his arm, holding her close.

“We’ve laid low recently. I’m sure they were wondering.”

“I’m glad that’s over with,” she sighed, as they entered the building.

Oliver chuckled lightly. “Me too.” He looked down at her, mischief lighting his eyes. “They’re obviously happy that I haven’t traded you in yet.”

“Or that I haven’t dumped your rich, worthless behind.”

This time a genuine laugh erupted, causing Chloe to realize that it was a sound she’d missed lately. He stopped just inside the closed entrance doorway, reaching for her other hand and pulling her up against him, not caring who might be watching them. “How’d I get so lucky, Mistress Watchtower?” he whispered.

“Queen charm.”

Oliver kissed the smile from her lips. He’d have continued kissing her if a host hadn’t cleared his throat, welcoming them, and ushering them into the large reception room.

Chloe met Bruce Wayne once, when he’d come to Queen Manor to offer suggestions on the building of the Green Arrow room. That was months ago, and since that time, her curiosity had been piqued. She wondered aloud, “Are you going to ask him?”

“Maybe,” Oliver answered, covering her hand with his, absently stroking her fingers.

“I think he’d be a great asset,” she said, taking in the sight of the huge banquet hall, and the various occupants, all dressed for the lavish occasion. An orchestra played soft dinner music at the far end of the room. Waiters meandered about in white jackets serving drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

“I think he prefers flying solo.”

A passing waiter offered them champagne in gold-tipped fluted glasses. Oliver passed one to Chloe. “What should we toast to?” she asked feeling giddy just being out somewhere with him. She held her drink aloft.

He smiled at her, his brown eyes like warm chocolate as he regarded her. He raised his own glass. “To mergers. And I don’t mean the business kind.”

“The pleasurable kind?”

“The spend the rest of your life with me, kind.”

Chloe’s smile softened as his eyes searched hers, waiting, expectant, hopeful. Suddenly speechless, her heart fluttering wildly, she could barely breathe. She hadn’t expected him to… to….

He hadn’t expected it either. For a while now, he’d been waiting for the right time to ask her in the proper way. But there never seemed to be a right time. And now, the words simply left his lips without conscious thought, surprising even himself. He’d always been able to read her eyes. They betrayed her every emotion. He’d always known, since the first time he’d ever kissed her that cool, crisp night on the balcony of his Metropolis penthouse almost a year ago. He knew he would kiss her then, even as she sputtered her protests over why they’d never work; her eyes told him her true feelings. Her stunned silence now didn’t worry him. It was there in beautiful green eyes that gazed up at him. He knew what her answer would be.

A voice interrupted the moment. “Oliver.”

It took a few long seconds for the couple to tear their eyes from one another.

Oliver recovered first, turning to the man who’d approached. “Bruce. Good to see you again.” He shifted the champagne from one hand to the other and the two men shook in greeting. Oliver gestured toward the woman beside him. “You remember Chloe.”

Chloe blinked, regaining her senses, and lifted her own hand toward the dark haired man before her. “Mr. Wayne,” she smiled at him, and Oliver could see that even the brooding Batman was enchanted. Chloe’s smile did that to everyone.

Bruce took her hand, holding it in his. “Please, call me Bruce,” he answered, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly. “No need for formalities here.” Bruce squeezed her hand gently before releasing it. “I’ve been reading your editorials and articles in the Star City Gazette, Chloe.” He turned to Oliver. “You’ve got an amazing woman here, Queen.”

“I know,” Oliver grinned, slipping a hand at her waist.

Chloe felt the heat rushing to her cheeks at the compliments. Bruce was no doubt a charmer in his way as well. She wondered if it was a trait of all handsome billionaire crime fighters with secret identities.

Oliver lowered his voice. “We don’t know where he his, or who’s impersonating the Green Arrow.”

Bruce stepped closer to the couple, closing the gap in order to speak more privately. He cast a furtive glance around before speaking. “This takeover is hurting him more than we thought it would. He’s desperate. He’ll make a mistake, and when he does, we’ll be there.” He looked as though he wanted to say more, but cast a quick glance at Chloe, recovering a look of concern with a quick smile. He’d speak to Oliver later in private. “Enjoy the evening,” was all he said, before silently walking away.

After dinner, Oliver led her to the dance floor, where other couples whirled around them, as they seemed to stand still in comparison, bodies gently swaying in unison. Neither of them mentioned the earlier toast and talk of mergers, but each of them thinking of it. After their dance, one of the hosts came to ask Oliver to meet with Mr. Wayne. Oliver followed the gentleman out onto a veranda where Bruce waited.

After the host left, and Bruce was certain they were alone, he spoke, staring out onto the darkened gardens below. “She’s important to you,” he said without preamble.


Bruce nodded, then lifted his eyes to Oliver. “She’s a target.”

“She and I both know this. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“But it could be the last. Are you prepared for that?”

Oliver’s heart skipped a beat at the words, and he wondered what Bruce knew, but wasn’t revealing.

“He’s ruined. He’ll do anything now,” Bruce continued. “I’ve dealt with his brand of evil before.”

“So has Chloe.”

“She knows who you are, she knows who I am…”

“She’d never reveal that to anyone. She’s part of what I do, what my team does.”

“That makes her more valuable to him.”

“No different than any other member of the team.”

“You love her.”


“That’s the difference.” Bruce turned as if to walk away, then stopped, speaking over his shoulder. “Keep her safe. If you need me, let me know.”
End Chapter 15

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Signal Fire Chapter 14

Signal Fire
Chapter 14

“Ollie! Holy shit! Come look at this! Quick!” Bart’s agitated voice sounded loudly from the conference room in the Arrow command center. He rose from the overstuffed chair, remote control in hand raising the volume as Chloe, Oliver, Victor and A.C. trotted into the open space, eyes wide at the images appearing on the screen. The words, Breaking News: GREEN ARROW MURDERS? Emblazoned beneath the newscaster in large white letters.

“Oh my God,” Chloe gasped softly, reaching up to grip Oliver’s arm in shock.

The blonde anchorwoman spoke as they watched taped footage of emergency personnel wheeling a covered body from an abandoned warehouse. “It appears that Star City’s most famous vigilante may have inexplicably traded sides, as evidence implicates that either the Green Arrow, or a copycat may have committed more than one murder. The body of Adriana Spencer, ex-wife of former Star City Sanitation Commissioner, James Spencer was found last night in the warehouse district near the Oceanside Docks….”

“What?” Oliver’s astonished voice cut through the newscast, as gooseflesh raised the hairs on his arms.

“…. Preliminary evidence suggests an arrow, similar to those used by the Emerald Archer, was shot through the woman’s heart, killing her instantly. Police are conducting forensics, as well as trying to determine if there is any connection to another murder; the body discovered only this morning, identified an hour ago as Tess Mercer.

The image cut to that of a police official addressing the media. He spoke amid intermittent camera flashes, and reporters shouting questions. “The bodies of two women were found within a mile of each other in the Oceanside Docks area, each with similar injuries. Custom-made arrows, like those we’ve seen before, used by the Green Arrow were found at both crime scenes. We don’t know at this time, if this is the work of the Green Arrow, or someone attempting to implicate him….”

“Someone attempting to implicate him, you dumb-asses!” Bart shouted at the television.

“And we know who that someone is…” Victor murmured.

“Tess is dead?” Chloe could barely speak, unable to take her widened eyes from the screen as an image of Tess appeared behind the newscaster, before cutting to the next top story. “Adriana too?” Chloe gazed up at him worriedly. “Oh, Oliver!”

Oliver had left an arrow embedded in Adriana’s dressing table mirror. And later, when he’d gone to Black Creek to trade himself for Chloe, they’d divested him of his weapons. They had his arrows, his compound bow, his costume, voice distorter, everything he’d brought with him; they’d taken. It would be easy to use them to fabricate a crime scene. His fingerprints would no doubt be on everything, his bow gloves allowing thumb and forefinger to be exposed.

Oliver ran a frustrated hand through his hair, still shocked at what he’d just seen and heard. “Lex can’t expose me. Not publicly. He has no proof, but he can try to ruin the Green Arrow… and me, in the process.”

“But why would they kill Adriana?” Chloe wondered, still in shock, unable to help but feel a bit sorry for the poor woman who’d simply gotten in over her head in her attempt at getting back at Oliver over a failed affair. She’d paid the ultimate price for it; unaware of the true evil she was dealing with.

“Maybe they were afraid of leaving loose ends; afraid she’d talk. I don’t know…” Oliver’s voice trailed off as he moved to sink into the place Bart had vacated. He was weary of a sudden, and rubbed his eyes, resting an elbow on the cushioned arm of the chair, his forehead in his hand.

“We can’t let him get away with this!” Bart’s voice again, shrill and defiant.

“Have you heard from Bruce?” Victor asked calmly, seemingly out of the blue, causing Chloe to glance from him to Oliver in confusion. Why he’d bring up Bruce Wayne at a time like this was a mystery.

Oliver sighed wearily, lifting his head toward Victor, nodding. “It’s going down.”

“What’s going down?” Chloe’s curiosity demanded that she have answers now, especially with the events they’d just seen on the television. “What aren’t you telling me?”

Oliver took a deep breath. He had intended to tell her, but with everything that had happened, and nothing finalized he wanted to wait. “Lex gave Tess control of Luthorcorp in his absence.”

“Yes, I know that, go on.”

Oliver’s palms fell to his knees. “Lex was gone, presumed dead, Tess missing...”

“I know that too. What are you talking about, Oliver?”

“Remember the meeting I had in Gotham?”

Chloe nodded, recalling the hand-written note Adriana left in his pocket about the phony tryst she and Oliver had. “Yeah.”

“It was all about luring board members into a deal with Wayne Enterprises. LexCorp and the subsidiary Wayne Tech have long been rivals. Bruce and I have been buying major shares on the open market. An easy thing to do when both heads of the company are unaccounted for. Bruce got a few of his own people on the board. Luscius Fox helped convince the rest of the members that a merger would be beneficial. When Tess suddenly reappeared, she thought she’d be able to maintain control, and make major decisions, even with Lex around; when in reality, she’d have none. What neither of them suspected was a complete takeover by Wayne Tech. It’s in motion. We’re taking over a subsidiary of Luthorcorp.”

“And now she’s dead.” Chloe pointed out. “Lex saw her as competition.”

“No doubt,” Oliver agreed.

“Yeah, but now Baldy is framing you for her murder,” Bart interjected. “And that other chick too. Who was she?”

“She unknowingly had a small part in Chloe’s abduction,” was all Oliver said, not wanting to go into all the details.

Bart was insistent. “How can we clear the Green Arrow’s name?”

Everyone was silent at that.

Chloe thought for a moment. “Maybe we shouldn’t try,” She spoke softly, taking a seat across from Oliver.

He looked up at her, surprised.

“What do you mean?’ A.C. asked.

“I mean, no matter what we try, it will only bring more unwanted attention to the Green Arrow. Even if Oliver goes off on some saving the citizens of Star City spree, it won’t change the fact that two women are dead, and he’s a possible suspect. Anything he does now will only call more attention to him.”

“What about fingerprints and DNA evidence they might find? If they have my gear, and they’re planting evidence…” Oliver wondered aloud, leaving the rest unsaid.

“Still untraceable to you,” Chloe interrupted. “But if you go out patrolling, there’s a chance they’ll be looking for you, and not only the police, but the average Joe on the street might try having his fifteen minutes of fame by catching the Green Arrow. Besides, you do have a few other enemies aside from Lex, you know.”

Oliver rose from his chair, stuffed his hands into his pockets and began to pace. “We can’t wait until Lex ups the body count. How many will be killed with evidence conveniently implicating the Green Arrow before he stops? Who will be next?”

“You can’t go out, Oliver. You can’t possibly be everywhere at once. And they could catch you.”

“I can’t let more people die either Chloe.”

Chloe stood up and moved toward him, placing a hand on his bicep, soft fingers absently stroking his arm, her expression pleading. “Don’t do anything yet. Let me do some digging. Contact a few of my connections in law enforcement for more information.”

Oliver gazed down at her for long moments, uncertainty and worry in his eyes. This was a new kind of torture Lex had orchestrated. Oliver nodded finally in agreement.

Chloe immediately took up her place at the computer console of the command center. Oliver knew well enough to stay out of her way unless she needed him, and trusted her to do her job. She was good at this. If anyone could get to the bottom of this, and find information that would exonerate the Green Arrow, Chloe could.

A few days later, Chloe entered the Star City Gazette offices for the first time since her abduction, slowing in her steps as she reached Philip’s desk. It was empty. It appeared as though someone had cleared it out. Chloe couldn’t help the prickle that crept up her spine as she stood in front of the desk, staring at it. A copyboy passed by her, and Chloe turned abruptly, stopping him up short. “Tommy, what happened to Philip?”

The young man simply shrugged. “Don’t know, I think he just quit. Came in yesterday and got all his stuff.”

Anxiety crossed her features. Philip had been here only yesterday. Some nerve he had showing up here in the first place. She was silently grateful that she’d taken a few extra days off. She couldn’t face him again. Did he kill Adriana? Tess? Chloe couldn’t be sure, but it was a possibility she couldn’t deny and another shiver coursed through her. Yes, he’d let them go, but Philip was no better than Lex’s dog. One that could seem tame in one moment, and attack you without warning in the next.

Whatever stares and gossip she’d endured the week before over the article about Oliver’s love life had died down, replaced by the latest new shiny story. The public’s attention span could be short, she’d discovered. The newsroom was abuzz with the latest Green Arrow stories. People claimed to have seen him as recently as last night, something Chloe knew was not true; it wasn’t Oliver dressed in green leather. But if someone had his costume they could use it. And a debate began rising among the citizens of Star City over his guilt or innocence. Some were staunch supporters, others condemning him.

Chloe had discovered through her connections at the coroner’s office that Tess Mercer’s body had apparently been moved after death, and that the fatal wound she received was inflicted by a sharp knife, not an arrow. Yet an arrow had been shoved into her body, post mortem. When this information was released it fueled the debate, some claming the arrow placed after death proved that the Green Arrow was indeed being framed. Others claimed he must have stabbed her, then moved her body and shot her as a way of leaving his calling card.

Adriana Spencer however was a different story. She had apparently been bound and gagged, taken to the Oceanside Docks and was killed at the scene; a custom-made arrow piercing her heart.

Chloe’s lips thinned in a grim line as she sat at her desk, brow furrowed, eyes scanning the coroner’s report on her screen. Various fingerprints had been found as well as other DNA evidence, but thus far all untraceable. Still the Green Arrow was considered a person of interest in both deaths. Chloe blew hair out of her eyes and cleared her screen. Maybe she was wrong about not trying to do anything to exonerate the Green Arrow.

She squared her shoulders. “Time to fight fire with fire,” she murmured to herself, opening a new document; the blank page staring back at her. She’d play Lex’s game, and fight back the only way she could. It seemed fitting. She began to type:


Her editorial began by cataloging the major good deeds of the Green Arrow that had been reported and documented in the past year alone. She compared him to every day heroes; police, firefighters, EMTs, teachers, caregivers, any person who worked for the greater good or helped to better their community in any way. She compared him to Batman, and the Red Blue Blur. She rounded out the editorial by stating that we all needed heroes, and people to look up to, people who give us hope, and that the Green Arrow was just one of many. It was unfair to label him a murderer, and the evidence showed obviously, that the crimes committed were the work of some deranged mind seeking to destroy a true hero of Star City.

An hour passed, maybe two. Chloe lost track of time. Satisfied with her work, she printed up the rough draft, and headed toward the floor editor’s office. They gray-haired Mr. Byrne pushed his glasses back up as he talked on the phone, and gestured for her to hand him the paper she held, then waving her away. Leaving his office, knowing it was better not to press him, since he was more agreeable that way; she sat at her desk once more.

She busied herself with other things, stories she’d been working on. She waited.

And waited.

Two hours later the floor editor approached her desk. “What’s the meaning of this Sullivan?”

“I wrote the truth. Facts checked and all,” she defended simply.

“Do you know Adriana Spencer’s funeral is tomorrow?” When she didn’t answer, he crossed his arms over his chest as though considering this fact. A slow smile spread on his face. This would be perfect timing. “I like it. Best work you’ve done yet, Sullivan!” He walked away from her, paper in hand, waving it around, and tossing words over his shoulder, a grin so wide she thought his face would split. “It goes in tomorrow’s editorial column! As is!”

Chloe sank back into her chair, relief flooding her. She picked up her cell phone, excited to share her news with Oliver.

The following day, as promised, her editorial appeared. The paper received hundreds of calls regarding it; most of them positive, and Chloe was quite pleased with herself. Oliver was proud of her too, and appreciated her efforts to gain public support for the Green Arrow. Maybe they could fight this after all. In the mean time, they’d have to try to be one step ahead of Lex, yet he was a master at disappearing at will, and his whereabouts were unknown to the team, making surveillance impossible. Just one false move. He needed to make one move, one mistake and maybe then they’d be able to stop him.

Her desk phone rang the following morning.

“Sullivan speaking, how can I help you?” she answered, her voice cheerful.

“A deranged mind. Interesting choice of words, Chloe.”

Chloe’s blood ran cold.

“Do you really think your insignificant editorial is of any consequence to me? People will have forgotten it by tomorrow.”

She swallowed harshly. “Lex.”

“I’m not finished yet. But by the time I am, the Green Arrow’s name will be synonymous with terror. The murder of two women?” He made a sound of derision in the back of his throat. “This is only the beginning.”

End Chapter 14

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Signal Fire Chapter 13

Signal Fire
Chapter 13

Somehow, though he knew she was long gone, she was still there. He felt her deep in his bones. It was inexplicable, but there she was, seeped within him. And he wondered if she would always haunt him, or if this was merely an after effect of the serum they’d given him. He couldn’t believe it. The serum had worked, just as it had on Tess, and several times during his shower, he’d had to examine himself searching for signs of a bullet hole. Each time he checked the spot on his chest, there was nothing. It was as though he’d never been shot. And the swollen features from Oliver’s fists. Gone, as though he’d never been beaten.

Philip, freshly showered and dressed in black fatigues once more sat on the edge of the bed, hunched over, tying up a bootlace as Lex stepped into the infirmary room. He sat up straightening, lifting his head in acknowledgement at the man who probably now owned his soul. The knowledge was not comforting, not like the comfort of Chloe’s presence that still seemed to flow in his veins, but was fading gradually with every new beat of his heart. It was useless to hold onto it and he vaguely wondered how many times Chloe had healed Oliver Queen of injuries, and if that had anything to do with their connection. No, that wasn’t entirely it. She was in Queen’s blood, in his soul, and probably always would be, never to fade.

Philip felt no dread as Lex stepped into the room, eyeing him. It was more like resignation. Facing your lot, and living with it, even if it wasn’t what you wanted. Acceptance of something you had no control over.

“I’m glad to see you’re well,” was all Lex said as he scrutinized Philip with an expression that dared him to defy. Lex knew he had Philip exactly where he wanted him.

“Better than ever.”

“This isn’t over, you know.”

Whether Lex meant for Philip, or for Chloe and Oliver, he wasn’t certain. Either way, it didn’t matter.

“What about Tess?”

Lex’s eyes turned steely blue, narrowing, his shoulders lifting in a near shrug as though she were of no consequence. “You did me a favor. I returned it.”

“You could have saved her instead of me.”

“Let’s just say, you’re more valuable.”

“How so? This entire scheme was orchestrated for her.” Philip rose from the edge of the bed now, his frustration evident. Chloe’s kidnapping was designed in part, to restore Tess to health, and yet, Lex had ultimately allowed her to die. It made no sense, and seemed a waste of resources and time.

Lex turned away from him, to stare through the opened doorway of the infirmary, his gaze not particularly focused on anything. “Tess forgot her place among the ranks,” he spoke with a quiet coldness. “She didn’t know the meaning of discipline. Tess was power hungry. Thought she could control me.” He turned his head in Philip’s direction, speaking over his shoulder. “She’d been making decisions about Luthorcorp in my absence that were contrary to my wishes, behind my back. She wanted it all for herself.” Lex turned fully to face Philip once more. “And now I have to clean up her mess.”

“By getting rid of her.” Philip never liked Tess, but taking her life was not what he’d planned, and that he’d unwittingly done Lex’s bidding by disposing of her, did not sit well with him. Had he once again been Lex’s puppet, controlled by invisible strings?

“It’s a start. Unfortunate, but necessary.”

Somehow Philip didn’t believe Lex thought it unfortunate at all. He swallowed visibly, wondering if Lex knew he was the one to let Chloe and Oliver go. “So now what?”

“We carry on,” Lex stated matter-of-factly. “We know the true identity of the Green Arrow. That’s a victory in and of itself.”

'He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight,'” Philip retorted. “'If your enemy is in superior strength, evade him,'” he continued, quoting the passage from memory.

The corners of Lex’s mouth curled up slightly at the reference as he took a step closer. “Sun Tzu also said, ‘The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.’

“I’ve seen them together; I’ve had a chance to observe them more closely than you have. Their bond is stronger than you think.”

“There will be another opportunity, Philip. I’m not worried.” And he wasn’t. He knew despite whatever misgivings Philip might have over the entire situation, that Philip would follow him. He owned Philip body and soul as surely as he owned Luthorcorp down to the last brick.

Philip knew it too. And as this realization dawned, the reluctant acquiescence that appeared on his face spoke volumes, as he watched Lex turn away, leaving the room, victorious even in this.

* * * * *

They slept the entire night through, too exhausted to do much else once they reached the manor house. Light filtering into their bedroom caused them both to awaken moments apart from one another, and though each knew the other was awake, neither of them spoke, simply holding one another, eyes closed, unwilling to leave their bed. They shifted, Chloe lay her head, cheek pressed against his chest, as strong arms moved to cradle her.

They lay there naked together, each of them lost in their own thoughts as the dreamy, comforting fog of sleep lifted, and they had to face the harsh reality of the events of the past few days. Chloe didn’t think the visions of Oliver’s mutilated body strung up before her, would ever leave her for as long as she lived, and her hand rose once more to caress the smooth skin of his chest, over the hard contours to trail down his sculpted torso, as though to reassure herself for the umpteenth time, that there were no marks or injuries.

Oliver divined her thoughts, taking her hand and pressing it against his ribs, holding it there, his hand large and warm covering hers. She had checked him over a least a dozen times, running her hands over him, making him turn around for her inspection. She’d even healed his bruised knuckles against his wishes. He wouldn’t fight her over it, knowing how tortured she’d been after she bore witness to what was done to him. But he had endured it too, and thoughts of Tess tormenting him with words, the slice of the blade, against his flesh, the plunging of her knife into his gut and then his chest, made him grimace at the thought of it. And Lex. His face swam before Oliver’s closed eyelids, taunting him with threats against Chloe, lashing him with the whip so that his entire body was flooded, engulfed in a shock of pain. Oliver pressed his lips to Chloe’s hair, nuzzling her in an effort to rid himself of the visions.

Tess. He should have killed her while he had the chance. After all she’d done to him and to Chloe, he’d have felt no remorse over it. Chloe moved against him in answer to his kisses, snuggling closer, her leg rubbing up and down over his. She made a sleepy sound of contentment. He could have killed Tess, but would Chloe have forgiven him for it? Maybe she would have, but Oliver couldn’t take that chance. She was always the voice of reason, whenever he’d acted impulsively, yet he knew that she had attacked Tess as well, and maybe she would have understood. She’d reminded him once that it wasn’t up to them, that it was what separated them from people like Lex. If he had killed Tess, he’d have become what she was.

Lex was alive. Where he’d been, and what he’d been doing for the past year was a complete mystery. They’d tried to find him, and even when Chloe had once possessed Brainiac’s intelligence, she could not locate him. Lex knew. He knew the identity of the Green Arrow. What would he do with this knowledge? Now more than ever, he and Chloe would be targets. Oliver didn’t think Lex would go public with the information. It would be too difficult to prove, and unless Lex was prepared for a lawsuit of libel or slander, he’d have to keep his knowledge of the Green Arrow’s true identity to himself. But that made him more dangerous.

Maybe there was a way out of this, a way to buy them some time, and lots of it.

“If your thoughts were any louder…” she murmured playfully against his skin.

“You woke me up with yours,” he teased softly.

There was a long pause before she spoke. “Ollie…I can’t… I can’t get it out of my head. I can’t stop picturing you…”

“Shhh…” he soothed, stroking her hair, pressing more soft kisses to the top of her head.

“Lex and Tess. They aren’t finished with us. You know that,” she whispered. “And the Green Arrow…. They know, and…” her voice began to rise in panic. “What should we do? We have to do something, Ollie…”

Oliver rolled them, effectively quieting her, moving her onto her back. Large hands encircled her wrists, holding them captive against the mattress near her head, he pinned her with his body. His head descended, pressing soft kisses to her cheek, lips trailing softly down over her jaw line and throat, where he stopped to nuzzle at the curve of her neck. He breathed more kisses there. Oliver didn’t want to think. Not right now. He wanted to forget Lex, Tess, Philip, his torture; Chloe’s tear streaked face as she wept over his broken body. She’d suffered, probably more than he had. She not only had to witness his torture, she’d endured his physical pain as well, upon healing him. And then there was Philip, with his hands all over her, creating a jealousy Oliver could no longer pretend he didn’t feel… and now all Oliver wanted was to make her feel good, make her forget for awhile, give her some pleasure in the only way he could at this moment.

They both needed to forget, right now. God, he needed her. It was an admission he could no longer cast away. She did things to him – made him feel things that he’d never felt for another woman, ever. Made him dream of a future he never thought he could have. A family. A home. Some semblance of a normal life. He needed her like he needed the air to breathe, and now his need to show her how much he loved her grew more desperate with every kiss he pressed to her warm skin.

“Ollie…” she whispered, vaguely wondering what had come over him.

“I love you, Chloe,” he breathed against her flesh. “Love you,” he whispered, over and over again, the words leaving him repeatedly between kisses as his mouth traveled, lips grazing her skin with heart-rending tenderness. He’d bare himself completely, without fear because right now, she was the only thing worth clinging to, worth having, ever his anchor, his signal fire.

Chloe was nearly surprised at his gentle assault. The air suddenly grew thick with emotion, and she found herself helplessly swept up in him. He’d told her he loved her before this, but Oliver could be quite stoic, and his actions spoke louder than his words. Something about him in this moment was different. He was humbled, exposed, raw, and open after all they’d endured. It wasn’t as though he hadn’t meant it those other times, but now the power and purity of his words, spoken softly and fervently, not once, not twice, but over and over again, whispered like a litany, tingling against her flesh seemed to hit home with new clarity and realization. The ache in his voice telling her all she needed to know.

“I love you…”

A knot rose in her throat, her heart swelling in her chest at the depth of feeling this man had for her, and she wondered how she could ever have doubted him. She shuddered beneath him; his voice and his lips sending a whirl of sensations as one lone tear escaped the outer corner of her eye. “I love you, Oliver,” she returned his words on a near sob, meaning them every bit as much as he did.

His body grew hard with wanting, pressed against her. “Mine… only mine,” he breathed the words harshly as his ardor increased, a low growl in his throat, and Chloe wondered if he’d been thinking of Philip, and what he’d done, how he had touched her. Oliver released her wrists; fingertips sliding down her arms, sending shivers through her. He moved over her, mouth grazing, breathing a path between her breasts, and over her belly, his hands following, caressing her body, until he reached the juncture of her thighs. Fingers spread folds of soft pink flesh as the first swipe of his tongue sent her senses reeling, her breath catching in her throat in a soft gasp. His tongue swirled around the sensitive nub before suckling it gently. She writhed against his mouth, tongue laving her with increasing intensity. Sweet-musky, feminine, he loved the way she tasted.

He shook her to the core. Her hands balled into fists gripping the sheets beneath her as her body arched. “Yes…,” she managed to hiss breathlessly. There were a thousand questions and concerns to worry over, but in this moment, Chloe didn’t care about any of them. She was with the man she loved, safe for now and his mouth was making incredible magic, making her forget the pain of the past few days. “Yours… only yours.”

A moan escaped her. Oliver felt her convulse with pleasure, listened as she cried out softly from the stroke of his fingers at the place he’d been kissing her.

She reached for him, desperate with need of him, an urgent groan of want passing her lips as he moved across her body. Oliver cupped his hands beneath her bottom, tilted her hips, and let her take hold of him, her small hand guiding him to her. The force of need pulsating through his blood urged him to take her, possess her, sink himself so deep inside her, and find the comfort and ease of his soul that only she had ever given him. A rush of air escaped him as he slipped past the folds of her slick entrance, impaling her. Her hands gripped him the way the tight heat of her body gripped him. His hips began to move in delicious rhythm. Familiar, comfortable, and nothing on earth could be more right than this. The past didn’t matter, there was only now, and whatever the future would bring. Each of them knowing that no matter what tomorrow held for them, they would face it together.

Sensations rolled over her like a tidal wave as he pushed her into rapture, immersing himself deeper and harder with every thrust. Shudders wracked her body, until he knew she was so far gone, the last vestiges of his control shattered, and sweet release flooded them both in prolonged ecstasy.

Oliver dropped soft kisses on her face and throat as each of them struggled for air. But he wouldn’t leave her body. Not yet. He sank down upon her gently, his heart hammering in his chest. It was her turn to cradle him, stroke his heated skin, caress him. After a time, he slipped out of her warmth, and she pulled him to her breast, closer. Oliver’s eyes closed over; languid as her comfort surrounded him like a warm blanket, and for a time at least, they let the world fall away.

There was hope. Maybe. The slightest bit of hope that they could stop Lex or in the very least, cripple Luthorcorp. It was something that had been in the works for weeks. He’d been waiting for the phone call that would confirm it. “I love you, Chloe,” he murmured sleepily against her breast one more time.

“I won’t ever doubt you again, Oliver,” she whispered softly into his hair, knowing now, that after all that had happened, they’d never be the same again, and that no matter what Tess or Lex or Philip or anyone could do to them, no one would ever tear them apart.

End Chapter 13