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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Poison Chapter 1

Title: Poison
Author: Genevieve
Pairing: Chloe/Oliver
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Adult Sexual Content and Violence
Spoilers: None
Summary: When The Green Arrow is accidentally exposed to potentially lethal doses of a drug designed to enhance human strength and aggression, he’s headed for self-destruction. His newfound happiness with Chloe, his friendships, and his very life are all at stake. Can Chloe help save the man she loves? And when all is said and done, can all that Oliver Queen holds dear, survive the damage he’s caused?

Chapter 1

“This is NOT like Project Ares! The Green Arrow and his terrorist friends destroyed all of our prototypes. Not only that, but we’ve lost all the necessary DNA required to replicate what we had with Ares.”

“Then what do you call it?” Dr. McClellan asked. “This is a drug that enhances aggression and strength in soldiers.”

Lex pressed his lips together, trying to regain his composure. “Doctor, in case you haven’t seen the evidence, there is every indication that this ‘Traveler’ isn’t alone. Our military is going to need all the help it can get against an invasion of our world. This isn’t science fiction. It’s real, and unless you and your team have this drug in its final stages, in two days, I’ll cut your funding for the other projects you’re working on.”

“Mr. Luthor, we’ve tested it already. It’s unstable. If the dosages are not time released in the form of a transdermal patch, the results could be deadly. High increases of drug induced aggression and strength could damage the nervous system as well as heart functioning. We need to get the exact milligram amount correct, for any kind of patch to be used on the skin. If not, you’re going to have perfectly healthy, young soldiers having strokes, or dropping dead of heart attacks!”

“The ‘Traveler’ is already here. How long before he begins to take over?”

“Mr. Luthor, with all due respect….”

“How certain are you of these side-effects?”

“Fairly certain. Uncontrolled dosages… well no telling how lethal they’d be, and a solider could go for days wreaking havoc on the enemy until he was either killed by someone, or the drug killed him.” Dr. McClellan stepped closer. “Just another week, Mr. Luthor and we should have a safer concentration ready.”

“Very well. I’ll see you at the end of the week, Doctor.”

* * * * *

”Hey, Sidekick.”

“Hey yourself,” Chloe grinned, her cell phone pressed to her ear. “What are you up to?”

“I’m flying into Metropolis this evening. Meet me for dinner?”

Chloe hesitated purposefully, teasingly. “Ohhh. Well, I don’t know… let’s see, hmmm." She paused, pretending to check an imaginary calendar. "Yes, I think I can squeeze you in.”

He laughed, hearing the smile in her voice and imagining how she must be lighting up the room with it right now, and wishing he were there to bask in it. “You’d better. Where are you?”

“I’m at ISIS, just finishing up some files for a few new visitors. We seem to get more every day.”

“Good. Your work there is invaluable.” He paused as though interrupted by someone. “I have to go, someone’s just arrived for a meeting I have. I’ll meet you at ISIS around 8:00? Clothing optional.”

“Very funny,” she quipped, her gentle laugh rippling through the phone. “Dinner at 8:00 sounds good, Mr. Queen.”

“Chloe,” he stopped momentarily, as though uncertain, which was an unusual thing for Oliver Queen, but somehow she managed to bring out the blustering schoolboy in him at times. “I miss you very much.”

“I miss you more, Oliver.” Again he imagined her smile. “See you soon.”

Two months. Two happy months. That’s how long they’d been together now, officially. After much denial of mutual attraction, the whole issue regarding his past with Lois, and the overt jealousy of Dinah, somehow someway something happened to make it all finally come together. It could have been the insistent, annoying urgings of their teammates that they should just stop all the flirting and longing glances and just get together already, or maybe it was the times she’d healed him of minor injuries despite his protests in the quiet of his room, or maybe it was all the time they spent together working on various Justice League cases, long hours spent in each other’s company. Or maybe it was the deep concern each of them had for one another when one or the other was in danger. He’d rescue her, she’d rescue him, they’d lost count between them.

Two happy months, yet it was still spent in a long-distance relationship and wasn’t always easy. They managed to be there for each other, and Oliver always cleared his schedule to spend time with her. But, Chloe wanted to take things slowly. Time apart did make the heart grow fonder, but it also didn’t allow for much physical intimacy, and Chloe simply did not want to rush that part. She knew she could easily get lost in him, but she didn’t want to wake up in his bed the following morning knowing he’d have to leave her again. She knew she’d want more, and this new change in their relationship, from friends to lovers was a transition she simply wanted to take one step at a time. Oliver understood, saying he’d wait, that it was all up to her, but it was becoming harder for both of them. Each time she saw him, it was more difficult not to take that final step and spend an entire night with him. It wasn’t as though they didn’t know each other well, and the reasons for not sleeping together were becoming non-existent every moment they spent together.

Their first kiss was nothing that either of them had expected. Chloe was covering a fund-raiser as part of her freelance work for the Smallville Ledger. It was for the refurbishing of an older wing of Excelsior Academy. Chloe knew that both Lex and Oliver would probably be there, and knowing that, she’d have to keep her distance from both of them. Lex, because she simply didn’t want to deal with him, and Oliver because no one could know that they knew each other as more than acquaintances. As it turned out Lex never did show up, thankfully. But Oliver did.

* * * * *

“Thank you,” she said to Mr. Brooks, a former student at Excelsior who’d come for the fundraiser. “I’ll be certain to get that into the story.” She gave him her best smile, holding up her small recorder. The man seemed flustered momentarily and returned her smile, nodding, and then walking away.

Chloe turned and saw Oliver Queen near the entrance of the ballroom, devastatingly handsome as ever in a black tuxedo, nearly taking Chloe’s breath away… and then, and then. And her heart sank. Well, it shouldn’t matter anyway, who cares if he has a statuesque, buxom brunette who’d just followed him into the room, taking his arm. No matter that she’s wearing a skintight burgundy satin dress, and looks as though she’d just stepped out the latest issue of Vogue, and probably did. It was no concern of hers. ‘Her cleavage has cleavage.’ Chloe thought, unconsciously rolling her eyes, then briefly stopping a passing waiter picking up her first flute of champagne of the night from his tray. She glanced briefly at her own chest, then shrugged noncommittally. ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it, sister.’ Chloe toasted them, downed the champagne in two gulps, set the glass down, wrinkling her nose, and then emitted a silent burp. How unladylike. But, she did have a story to write after all. And now she simply wanted to get a few more quotes, interview the headmaster briefly, and get the hell out of there.

Oliver had seen her as soon as he’d entered the room. He wondered if she wore the emerald green gown on purpose, knowing he’d be here. He couldn’t recall ever seeing her dressed in such a way. Something about the spunky, snarky Chloe Sullivan he knew and the elegant, off the shoulder, gown didn’t jive; yet she looked as though she belonged. His Watchtower was absolutely stunning, and evidently Todd Brooks thought so too, because one sweet smile from her lips apparently had the man sweating and blustering before he stepped away from her. Oliver had long ago discovered, that Chloe was a woman simply unaware of her own beauty and the effect she often had on men. He couldn’t keep from grinning.

“Oliver.” His attention was diverted by his date for the evening. Leila was a model he’d met a few times at other functions. She liked being seen on the arm of anyone with money. He needed a date. She needed exposure. He’d asked, she’d accepted.

Chloe did her best to avoid him. It didn’t bother her in the least when he took Ms. Vogue out onto the dance floor. They looked lovely together. Perfect. Too perfect, in that superficial plastic Barbie and Ken kind of way. In fact Chloe thought it was best that she leave soon, and stopped another waiter for a glass of champagne. Why not? One for the road. Besides her feet were killing her, and she needed desperately to get out of this dress and into some comfy sweats. She planned to curl up with a good book, and then go to bed.

She’d headed for the ladies room, thinking it would be a good idea before driving two hours back to Smallville. After she’d taken care of business, careful not to let her gown fall into the toilet, Chloe stepped to the sink to wash her hands. Ms. Vogue entered then, and Chloe looked up, offering the woman a small smile.

“Are you someone?” the woman asked.

“On most days.”

The woman chuckled lightly, lifting a manicured hand to her ample bosom. “I’m sorry, that didn’t sound right. I meant, are you someone I know? My date for the evening seems to be a bit distracted by you. I thought he might know you from somewhere.”

“Oh. Well, I’m a freelance reporter here covering the event. I’m sorry, I don’t know your date,” Chloe lied.

“Everyone knows Oliver Queen.”

“Yes, I know of him. But that’s it I’m afraid.”

“Wouldn’t you like to interview us.. I mean him? For your article.”

Chloe picked up her purse. “I’m sorry, but I’ve pretty much gathered all the information I need, and I don’t think Mr. Queen would take too kindly to reporters interrupting an evening with his lovely escort. If you’ll excuse me, I need to head home now.”

Chloe left the ladies room with as much grace as she could muster and headed for the nearest exit. She was furious and couldn’t pinpoint exactly why.

Oliver had seen her leaving. He couldn’t help himself. He followed her, watching her as she walked though the main grounds of the campus toward the parking lot. She stopped to lean against a tree, taking off her shoes. That’s where he caught up to her. He could swear she was muttering under her breath.

“Are you someone?” she mimicked Leila’s voice. “Am I someone?! What the hell!”

“Hey Sidekick, you’ve been avoiding me all night. I’m hurt,” he teased.

She turned to him, shocked to see him standing nearby, all gorgeous and grinning. “I’m someone. And that’s Ms. Sullivan to you.”

He stepped closer, a playful grin still on his handsome face. She had the urge to wipe it off. “Take it easy. How much champagne have you had?”

“Apparently, not enough!”

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? I mean, really Oliver. Can’t you do better than that one?” she gestured toward the main entrance where the fundraiser was being held.

He looked backward toward the building, confused. Then back at her. His gaze roved over her lazily, appraising her.

“Eyes up here," she ordered. "My face is up here, not down there, haven’t you seen enough cleavage for one night?”

He blinked, as realization dawned. “You’re jealous,” he said, pleasantly surprised. This caused his smile to widen, and angered her more. He quite enjoyed the thought that she’d be jealous, and couldn’t hide the fact.

Chloe’s breath quickened, her cheeks became warm. “Ha! Jealous? Please. Don’t think so highly of yourself. This may come as a surprise, but not every woman in the world swoons because you smile at her.”

He stepped closer, grinning mischievously. “You think I have a swoon-inducing smile?”

“I-I… didn’t say that, stop twisting my words!”

He stepped closer, so close now that Chloe had to tip her head back to look up at him. There was a tingling in the pit of her stomach. “You think I can do better?” he asked softly, as one hand slid to her waist, pulling her closer, his other hand cupping her cheek, then moving slightly to thread his fingers into the softness of her hair behind her ear.

She must have had too much champagne, because suddenly she felt light-headed. Yes, it was the champagne, it must be. “Yes,” she answered breathlessly, watching as his head descended. He was about to kiss her, and she was about to turn into a puddle of goo, and she wasn’t going to stop it.

“So do I,” he whispered, his words smothered on her lips. His tongue traced the full softness of her lips, and explored the recesses of her mouth. Chloe wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, reaching up to caress the nape of his neck and slip her fingers through his hair. She thought she heard him moan, or maybe it was her moan, she couldn’t tell, when he pulled her closer yet, fitting her body against his. The kiss deepened and seemed to go on and on. And if it had never ended, Chloe wouldn’t have minded in the least.

Finally, he raised his head slightly, smiling down at her. “It’s okay. I was jealous too,” he said, regaining his breath.

“You were? Why?”

“You didn’t notice all the heads you turned in there? Or the way Todd Brooks was drooling and stumbling all over himself in front of you?”

“Maybe,” she grinned. “What are we doing, Ollie?”

He touched his forehead to hers. “Something we should have done a long time ago.”

“What about Ms. Vogue?”


“Your date?” she reminded, as though he were dense.

“Leila. I suppose I should see that she gets home.”

“It would be the gentlemanly thing to do.”

“I’d rather be here with you in your bare feet, standing under a tree and in my arms.”

“You’re such a charmer.”

“You’re not going to swoon are you?”

“Only if you smile at me.”

“ It’s the same for me when you smile. Except, men don’t swoon.”

* * * * *

Oliver couldn’t get to Metropolis fast enough. He hadn’t seen Chloe in almost a week. Each time he was with her, it was harder to leave her. Since they’d been together, he was happier than he’d been in a long time. She was intelligent and trustworthy, she knew his secret, she guided missions, she shared in his cause, and she was beautiful. He knew that he was falling in love with her, and unlike any other time he’d start to become close to someone, this time, it didn’t scare the shit out of him. Instead, being with her felt right. The way it should be, with no drama, and nothing to hide.

When he entered ISIS, she was sitting behind her computer. The look of surprise and delight on her face as she rounded the desk to his waiting arms caused him to emit a sound of contentment as he swept her up.

And then he was kissing her. A week’s worth of kisses that had built up between them, frantically placed over her lips, her cheeks, her eyes.

His cell phone rang.

“Don’t answer it,” she murmured between kisses, as she clung to his neck. He had to glance though, and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

“It’s Vic.”

“Oh fine,” she grumbled playfully, grinning as she continued to hang onto him and press soft kisses to his cheek and chin and neck. Oliver kept his arm around her waist, holding her close as he listened.

Chloe stopped kissing him when she felt his body tense, and his facial expression turn grave. He closed his phone. His brows knit. “What is it?”

“We have a mission tonight. Lex is at it again. Supersoldiers.”

End Chapter 1

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