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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secret Identities Chapter 10

Secret Identities
Chapter 10
*This chapter is NC-17

Chloe didn’t think twice. She wrapped her trembling arms around his waist tightly, clinging to him in utter relief, her cheek pressed against the muscled bicep of the arm that held her. She heard the metallic whine of the zip line above her, and watched with detached regret as her shoes lying somewhat haphazardly on the ground below, grew smaller as they ascended. Higher and higher they soared, over the tops of surrounding buildings. Neither of them spoke. Finally, they slowed, and hung suspended in mid-air above the city, hovering close to a nearby rooftop. The Green Arrow rocked them, swaying until they were close enough to land on solid footing. He released the line, and they landed, stumbling, but not falling. He steadied her, then released her. Finally he spoke, turning off the distorter.

“Are you crazy?!” he yelled.

“You’re only noticing this now?” she countered lamely.

“What the hell were you doing breaking and entering the Luthorcorp building, on your own?”

She lifted her chin defiantly. “It was a fact-finding mission.”

“It was reckless!” He paced in front of her. "It was reckless, and you know it, Chloe!" He stopped, whirling on her again, his voice taut with anger. “Do you know what it’s like to sit for hours, waiting for the person you love to come back from the dead? Feeling guilty as hell because that person sacrificed themselves for you?” he shouted. “Do you know how hard it was for me to see you dead? To think that I’d lost you? And then you go and do something crazy like this? What were you thinking?”

Chloe heard the anguish in his voice, and wished she could see his face clearly, his hood and dark glasses prevented it. But now it was her turn to raise her voice. “If you knew that you had the power to save my life, even at the risk of your own, would you do it?” She knew she had just conveniently glossed over her Luthorcorp break in.

“Yes! But that’s not the point!”

“Yes it is! Why should it be any different for you? It’s okay for you to risk yourself for me, but I’m not allowed to do the same for you? It doesn’t work that way, Archer. I don’t work that way! This is the kind of life we chose, there are dangers, but we either live this life or we don’t! Do you think it would be any easier for me to lose you?”

He was beside her now. “No, it’s not okay for you to risk yourself the way you did just now! Because I can’t protect you the way that he... I’m not Clark!”

So that was it, or at least part of it. “I never wanted you to be Clark!” she began.

All at once, a gloved hand tangled in the hair at the back of her head, grasping the golden strands in his fist, and tipping her head back. The strength emanating from his body overwhelmed her, making her forget what she was about to say next. His nearness, raw and male and sensual, somehow transforming her frustration and anger into an all consuming hunger for him. Chloe gazed up at him through hooded lids, her lips parting slightly, her green eyes darkening with desire. God, but she wanted him, and as if he could read her mind, the Green Arrow lowered his head, his sensuous mouth hovering dangerously above hers for a tenuous, breathless moment, before he suddenly crushed his parted lips to hers, covering them, tasting them, claiming them as his. Chloe whimpered.

His kiss was angry, passionate, his tongue demanding. But Chloe gave as good as she got, and dug her fingers into his biceps, returning his kiss with reckless abandon.

Groaning with impetuous need, the Green Arrow pulled Chloe roughly to him, and she clung to him, wrapping her arms around his neck behind his hood. They became lost in the kiss and as he roused her passion, his own grew stronger. Oliver couldn't remember ever wanting a woman so desperately, or so urgently in his entire life.

They were moving, and suddenly she felt the thud of a smooth hard surface against her back. A door? She didn’t know, didn’t care, not when his impatient hands slid up her skirt, caressing her thighs as he shoved it up to her waist. He grasped the panties at her hips, and his fists yanked at them violently, ripping them apart, and tearing them from her body. The action caused her to gasp against his lips as they continued to devour hers hungrily.

Chloe, aroused beyond belief, moved her hands over him, searching the leather frantically for a way to bare him. The Green Arrow did it for her, undoing the leather pants, and freeing himself. The bow gloves he wore exposed his fingers, and he slid one between her legs, sliding over her folds, wanting her to be ready for him, and finding that she already was.

“I want you inside me, Arrow,” she breathed, demanded between fiery kisses. “Now.”

He grasped the back of her knee, lifting her up against the door with one hand, and using the pressure of his body to keep her in position, he guided himself home in one powerful thrust. A cry of ecstacy mingled with shock and discomfort passed her lips as his body invaded her, and her body welcomed him.

Feeling her warmth surround him tightly, his body shuddered involuntarily, and he answered her cry, gasping the only thing that came to his mind. “Fuck...”

"Yes." She moaned, clutching him, showering his lips and cheeks with fevered kisses. "Fuck me, Archer," she panted against his lips.

There was nothing gentle about it. It was a raw act of possession, combined with a passion that raged in them both. And as if to prove that she belonged to him and no one else, Arrow drove into her over and over again, pounding, relentless, taking her to the edge, and beyond the point of no return. His name became a litany on her lips, and hearing her cries of release caused him lose all control.

“I love you, Chloe,” he ground out, panting, spilling himself inside her, his voice trembling with the shuddering force of his release. His head fell to rest on her shoulder, his breath fanning her neck. “I love you… love you.”

She lowered his hood, and stroked his damp hair “I love you, Oliver,” she whispered in his ear. "Only you," she added truthfully, thinking he needed to hear it.

He breathed raggedly against her skin. "I didn't mean to be so..."

"Cave man? " she finished for him, a small smile curving her lips. "No," she breathed just as raggedly. "I wanted it..., wanted, needed you just as much."

He lowered her, and she held onto him, her legs trembling and unsteady. Oliver pressed soft kisses to her forehead, and held her for long moments. Finally he spoke quietly. “I mean it, Tower. No unnecessary risks. That’s an order.”

“Pulling rank, are you?” she said lazily, too numbed to care at the moment, she’d argue with him about it another time.

He tucked her beneath his arm, resting his chin on the top of her head. “If I have to, yes. As it is, the Luthors may already be aware of this caper you pulled tonight. What about security cameras?”

“I took care of it. Disabled the feed.”

“What were you doing there?” he wondered.

“Let’s go home, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

“The penthouse?”

“Yes. Take me home, Ollie.”

“As you wish.” After they had rearranged their clothing, he moved to take her hand and lead her to the edge of the roof, then stopped short, looking down at her feet.

“Where are your shoes, woman?”

* * * * *

“Thank you for notifying me. Keep an eye on her,” Lex Luthor ordered smoothly, then closed his cell phone with a satisfying snap.

End Chapter 10

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