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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anything But Ordinary Chapter 13

Anything But Ordinary
Chapter 13

Getting into the mansion was simple. Chloe disabled the alarm and rerouted the video system into a continuous loop. The only other obstacles were security personnel, and the possibility of coming upon other staff members in the mansion. There was also the chance that Tess would return from the Daily Planet office before they could make a clean getaway. They had to move quickly.

Clark dispatched two security guards below with a quick flick of a finger to the head, and then zipped the prone bodies some distance away after checking them. Yup. Just out old. The three of them made their way stealthily to Lex’s office, Chloe was able to hack the codes, unlocking the vault, and she and Oliver searched for the crystal as Clark kept watch from a distance. Knowing there was kryptonite stored there, he didn’t want to take any chances on exposure.

“I’ve got it!” Chloe’s voice, excited though whispered, cut through the silence.

Arrow turned around to see her holding the blue crystal aloft, triumphantly. The huge smile on her face was infectious.

He grinned back. “Let’s get out of here, Sidekick.”

They both exited the vault. Chloe handed Clark the crystal. “Go now, Clark,” she urged in a hushed tone. “Get that fortress of yours back, find out what you can from Jor-El.”

Clark held the crystal in his palm, eyeing it thoughtfully; it glowed momentarily, as though it knew its owner had come to claim it. He nodded lightly. “I’ll meet you two at the Tower when I know more,” he murmured quietly. He gazed up at Chloe and the Green Arrow standing side-by-side in front of him, some part of him afraid to leave them, anxiety over not knowing what might happen, whether or not the crystal would work, Chloe’s safety, all of it, shone in his expression. His eyes settled on Oliver. “Take care of her.”

“Clark…” Chloe began in protest; yet knowing the threat of Davis’s attraction was very real. Both men knew she’d say not to worry, that she could take care of herself.

Oliver placed a protective arm around her, a gloved hand settling on her waist, pulling her against his side, the action effectively quieting her. “I will,” he said, his words a solemn oath.

Satisfied, Clark breathed deeply, gave them one last look, and then in an instant he was gone.

Oliver took her hand, leading her toward the balcony doors.

“Where are we going?”

“We’re making our exit, Sidekick,” he said, sliding the doors open quietly.

“This way?”

“Faster,” was all he said, fastening the line to the stone parapet. He reached for her, helping her over the low wall. “Hold onto me.”

“My favorite part of the ride,” she quipped playfully, catching his wide grin before they descended, landing safely on the ground below. Oliver disconnected the line, and Chloe watched as it spun back into place, reminding her of an odd automatic fishing reel.

Oliver grasped her hand once more, and they set off quickly to where his motorcycle was stashed away just outside the Luthor Mansion gates, hidden in some shrubbery, among a stand of tall oak trees. “I want you to stay with me at the penthouse,” he whispered as he led her through the darkened grounds. “At least until Clark gets back, and we find out more information about what Davis is up to and how we can stop him.”

“Okay,” she said, rather surprised, not expecting him to say that.

“You can stay in one of the guest rooms,” he added, thinking her apparent unease at his suggestion might be about where she’d sleep. Though truth be told, he’d love nothing more than to share his bed with her, Oliver didn’t want to rush things between them. He’d promised himself that under the circumstances, he’d be patient. It was odd. He was the one usually scared off at the first hint of any deeper feelings lurking beneath the surface. But he knew what he wanted now, and nothing would keep him from having what he wanted with Chloe, not even his own eagerness to have it.

Just then, they reached his bike, and Oliver released her hand to retrieve it. Chloe tugged him back toward her, and when he turned to face her questioningly, she surprised him, pulling his head down, rising up on tiptoe, crushing her parted lips to his.

Being the Green Arrow, League missions, daredevil stunts, stealing the crystal – all of those things gave him an adrenaline rush, but nothing he’d ever done would compare to the taste of her lips against his, the soft curves of her body pressed to his, her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, wanting him. Instinctively, his hands spanned her waist, and then locked against her spine. Her nearness overwhelmed him, and he knew he would gladly lose himself in her, utterly and completely. Oliver returned her kiss, taking possession of her mouth, groaning under his breath when he felt her press against him, shuddering helplessly.

“How romantic.” Tess’s cold voice broke into the rising passion of the moment.

Oliver lifted his head, his pulse pounding at the shock of being discovered. Chloe’s eyes grew wide and he heard her soft gasp, as he shepherded her behind his body, reaching for his crossbow all in one motion. It was too late. Four armed men surrounded them; Oliver noting at least three more men stepping from behind nearby trees. Damn. He’d let his guard down, and now they were both in danger unless he could figure a way out of this. His mind worked as he aimed the crossbow at the various men in a sweeping arc motion, uncertain which to shoot.

“Very sweet. You’re losing your touch Green Arrow, to be caught so unawares. Must be love.” She laughed sardonically. “Or perhaps in your case, we’ll call it a severe case of lust.” Oliver’s crossbow still raised, he now pointed it at Tess as she approached casually, a smirk playing on her lips. His body blocked her view, and Chloe peered from behind his arm, her mind also working on a way out. She had no weapon, and though she was a scrappy fighter, she knew she was no match for a group of trained guards, even if Oliver could take a few of them out on his own.

“Not that you would know much about either,” he answered.

His words seemed to sting. Tess’s expression darkened dangerously. “Drop the weapon,” she ordered harshly. “Or you’ll both be shot. You’re trespassing on private property after all, and I’d be within my rights.”

Oliver had to weigh his options carefully. If he engaged one or more of the men around, he could possibly endanger Chloe. A movement of one of the guards caused Oliver to pivot, his crossbow aiming at the man. Tess took the opportunity at his momentary distraction to raise her own pistol. She fired, but the sound was not that of an ordinary gun.

“Nooo!” Chloe screamed as a soft grunt escaped him. The crossbow slipped from his fingers and Oliver swayed momentarily, and then sank to his knees, his body falling sideways onto the soft grass-covered ground beneath him. It was then she saw the tiny dart protruding from his shoulder. She knelt at his side, removing the dart and tossing it away. “No!”

“Get her away from him!” Tess barked, watching as the men moved quickly. Chloe struggled against two guards who’d grabbed her up by the armpits and dragged her away from the Green Arrow’s prone form. “We don’t need any healing miracles. Make sure she’s nowhere within reach of him.” She turned to Chloe, who flailed about frantically against her captors’ grip. “Relax sweetheart,” Tess said, moving toward Arrow lying on his side. She nudged his shoulder with a foot, pushing him onto his back. “He’ll be sleeping peacefully for awhile.”

Tess knelt beside the unconscious Oliver, reaching out to run a slow, appreciative hand down the soft green leather covering his chest, moving lazily over his torso, stopping just before she’d reached the leather codpiece, her hand lingering there, fingers splayed low over his belly, her other hand caressing his thigh. “He is something, isn’t he?” She said in amazement, her gaze upon the man before her. She then lifted mocking eyes to Chloe, the corners of her mouth curved in a taunting grin. “Like a work of art. Michelangelo could have sculpted him. An Adonis, truly.” With those words, Tess looked down at him once more, this time her palm moved over the codpiece covering his groin; depraved intentions distorting her face.

Chloe’s breath came quickly, her blood boiling the moment Tess knelt next to him, fury pounding and rippling in time to the rapid beating of her heart. She lurched forward, emitting a growl, like an enraged tigress, but for the guards holding her back she’d have torn Tess’s head from her body. “Get your filthy hands off of him!” Anger and adrenaline gave her strength, and Chloe nearly broke the guards’ hold upon her.

Tess's smile turned triumphant, and she then stood, moving toward Chloe. “You know, I’d wondered what possible relationship you could have with the Emerald Archer over there,” she indicated him with a motion of her head behind her. “And now I have my answer.” Tess stepped closer, eye-to-eye with Chloe, whose green eyes burned with feral rage. Tess shook her head. “You love him, don’t you?” It wasn’t a question.

Chloe refused to give Tess the satisfaction of an answer, and lifted her chin defiantly.

“I told you, he’d be your weakness.” Tess glanced over her shoulder at Oliver, and then returned her piercing gaze to Chloe. “But now you’ll be his downfall.”

“No,” Chloe ground out between clenched teeth, throwing her body forward once more in an attempt to break free. She thought she’d claw Tess’s eyes out if she could.

“We had a deal, Ms. Sullivan. You broke it.”

“You didn’t keep your end of the bargain either, Ms. Mercer,” Chloe spat. “You knew about the creature that’s been terrorizing Metropolis, and you let it continue.”

“How could I stop such a creature? You give me too much credit, Chloe. But you’re right. I did know more than I let on. Just the same though, you’ve not given me any information on Lex.”

“Because there is none. He’s gone. Probably dead.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you? But I’m afraid you’re wrong. Lex is out there somewhere, and I will find him. With or without your help. And when your leather clad lover over there discovers that you were the one to reveal him, it won’t matter.”

Chloe said nothing, allowing Tess to think Oliver would believe for one second that she’d betray him in any way. He’d never believe anything Tess said.

“Enough conversation for now, I’m tired. Long day at the office.” Tess strode toward the other men who awaited her orders. “Tie both of them up, put them in the van. They’re taking a little trip. If she tries anything, show her no mercy.”

Chloe watched as she walked away, then turned to gaze back at Oliver, her heart aching for him as the men bound his ankles and knees together. They rolled him over tying his wrists behind his back. She had to do something, anything before they took them to another location. She had to help Oliver somehow.

The headlights of an approaching black van diverted Chloe’s attention, panic and anger rioting uncontrollably within her. She struggled once more, elbowing one of the men in the stomach, arching and squirming to slip from their grasp. One man clutched a handful of her hair, slapping her roundly, causing her eyes to water and her head to spin. She grunted, head-butting him in response shocking him, a string of curses left his lips, his ire rising, he slapped her hard, causing her head to snap back. He struck her several more times, until her mouth and nose bled, and she seemed to wilt in the other man’s arms. She wouldn’t cry out, wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

“The boss said ‘no mercy’, right? Well there you go,” he growled, and then slapped her one more time for good measure. Chloe’s knees gave out, her head lolled to one side, golden hair covering her face.

Only then were they able to tie her hands and feet. One of them tossed her over his shoulder like a sack, and she found herself dropped unceremoniously into the hold of a van. They strapped her close to the wall, too far away from Oliver to heal him. The taste of blood in her mouth, tears began to form in her eyes as she watched him, hoping he’d awaken. She closed her eyes, letting the tears come, her head pounding, on the edge of dizziness and nausea, her ears still ringing from the blows, her head felt too heavy to hold up. She pressed her cheek to the cold metal floor of the van, breathing through her mouth because her nose was now clogged with blood. As she lay there, all she could think was that this was her fault. She’d distracted Oliver by kissing him. How stupid, could she have been? She couldn’t have waited until they were safely on their way or back at the penthouse? She’d distracted him, and now they were captured. It’s all my fault. Tears mingled with the blood on her face, her hands tied as they were she was unable to wipe them away, the salt stinging the opened cuts on her lips.

Moments later, Chloe heard the start of the engine and felt the lurch of the van’s movement. She had no idea where they were being taken, and she could only hope that they’d find a way out of this somehow, or that Clark would return soon.

End Chapter 13

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