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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anything But Ordinary Chapter 19

Anything But Ordinary
Chapter 19

Davis stormed out of the facility and headed for the nearest car. He promptly knocked both Tess’s waiting attendant and driver, tossing them aside as though they were weightless, and slid into the seat. He knew where Chloe was. How he knew didn’t matter. The sexual urge for her was overwhelming. No one and nothing would stand in his way. He would have her. Even now as he drove toward the place where she was, he could feel the beast overtaking him. Flashes of it appeared as he grew nearer to Chloe’s location. In this heightened state of awareness he sensed her arousal. He knew Queen was with her. It didn’t matter that Queen was the one responsible for her reactions. She was ready. The time was now for planting his seed, and from that seed would grow the vessel of Zod. Instinct. In the way that male creatures in the animal kingdom of earth knew when a mate was ready to reproduce. His mate was ready and he’d find her.

Tess spoke into her cell phone as she trotted through the facility, her heeled footsteps echoing from the corridor walls. “I don’t care what it takes! Stop him!” She found her way to the nearest exit, shoving the heavy door open, squinting as bright sunlight engulfed her. Shading her eyes, she watched anxiously, as her men scrambled toward vehicles in pursuit of Davis Bloom. She paused momentarily, listening. “What do you mean, you’ve lost him! Find him now! I want a team to head over to Queen Towers. Don’t ask questions, just get over there.” Tess snapped her cell phone shut and headed toward her own car, gravel crunching angrily under her feet. When she’d reached her parking space she’d found only her driver and her assistant lying unconscious. So infuriated over Davis’s leaving, and intent on finding him, she didn’t notice one of her men drive off in the opposite direction.

* * * * * * *

“Is everything ready?” Oliver spoke into his cell phone as he drove along the highway. He cast a glance at Chloe in the passenger seat. She was biting her bottom lip as she gazed anxiously out the window, not really seeing the rural countryside pass by before her. “And the samples?” Oliver listened patiently, his eyes returning to the road ahead. “Good. Remain on standby until we get there, we’re a few minutes away.” Oliver closed his phone, slipped it back into his jacket pocket, and blindly reached for Chloe’s hand over the console that separated them. Her hand was cold, and he squeezed it reassuringly, entwining his fingers with hers, pulling her closer.

“It’ll be all right, Ollie,” she said with more conviction than she felt. “If everything Jor El has told Clark at the Fortress is true, this is our only hope.”

Oliver gripped the steering wheel. “I can’t lose you.” The phrase had become a mantra in his head since the whole plan had been realized. He couldn’t lose her, he simply could not.

“Hey,” she whispered, leaning against him over the console, and resting her cheek on his arm. “As long as your team knows what we’re dealing with, and the transfer can take place, we should be able to stop Davis. And if not, there might be one more trick up our sleeves.”

“And if we can’t stop him?”

Chloe stretched up pressing her lips to his smooth cheek in answer. The truth was, she had no other answer for him. If Bloom was unstoppable, they both knew what the outcome would be. Oliver turned onto the gravel road leading to the Granville site. It had been hastily set up in an empty warehouse in anticipation of Bloom’s arrival. Chloe was using herself as bait, and then, it would take all she had, all her meteor powered and Brainiac induced strength to keep him there long enough for the transfer to take place. Oliver pulled into a spot near the entrance, turning off the car. They sat together for long moments, huddled close. He wished he could postpone the inevitable, and simply sit here with her forever.

“It’s called lateral or horizontal gene transfer. Recombinant DNA technology.” Chloe went over it with him again softly in his ear in an effort to sooth his anxiety. Her hand rose to his chest, sliding over his shirt, under his leather jacket, and up over his collar. “It’s common among bacteria, fungi and viruses, even unrelated ones. It’s recognized as part of the evolutionary process. Clark’s DNA should be of a similar structure to Davis’s. They’re both from Krypton. We infuse that with Davis’s using a carrier molecule called a vector to deliver Clark’s therapeutic gene, and when we genetically alter Davis; he evolves.”

Oliver turned slightly in his seat, taking her face in his hands, the pads of his thumbs brushing over her cheeks; her eyes so earnest, so hopeful. He couldn’t help but grin just a little, in spite of it all. “God, I love it when you talk dirty to me, Mistress Watchtower,” Oliver murmured huskily, in what he thought was a poor attempt at humor in an effort to hide his fears.

Chloe understood him, offering him a sweet, comforting smile. “Don’t worry Ollie. When this is over, I’ll whisper all the dirty things you’d like.” Her lashes fluttered downward, eyes lowering to the tempting fullness of his lips.

“I’m holding you to that.” His parted lips then found hers in a kiss that was both soft yet demanding. Mouths met, sealing all the promises made and those yet to be fulfilled. The kiss deepened, tongues seeking and finding reassurance in one another. A vague thought entered his mind. This could be the last kiss he’d ever share with her. He dismissed the thought, yet it had already fueled the intensity of his kisses. He had to kiss her like there was no tomorrow. Chloe felt the same urgency, threading her fingers into the blonde strands of his hair, tugging on them, pulling him closer.

“Whoa! This is no time for making out!” A voice sounded from outside the car. Bart had been informed of the change in relationship status for Oliver and Chloe, but he’d yet to see them go at it the way they were right now. He rolled his eyes, they were worse than two horny teen-agers at some make-out point.

Oliver pressed soft kisses to her lips, before lifting his mouth from hers slightly, taking a moment to gaze down at her. They had to go. Oliver threaded fingers into her hair, whispering words he had to say one more time before they exited the car. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Hey, lovebirds. Car driving up the road. We need to get inside,” Bart called to them again, and reluctantly, they let each other go and scrambled out of the vehicle.

“Check it out, while we go inside. I need to gear up,” Oliver said, stepping toward the trunk of the car, removing his Green Arrow gear.

Bart was gone and back in seconds. “It’s that Luthorcorp dude. Belton.”

Belton had contacted Chloe days ago, saying he had valuable information about Davis. Oliver was wary of the man, knowing he’d worked for Tess. Belton claimed he was concerned about Tess’s methods and said he felt she’d gone too far. He knew the creature was more dangerous than anyone had originally thought, and so he decided to help anyone wanting to destroy it. Tess didn’t know what she was dealing with, he’d said. Oliver didn’t buy the man’s story at first. Belton came through, however, providing data on the tests being conducted in the facility, names of doctors, scientists, and a list of other meteor infected still housed there. He’d also informed Oliver of the creature’s growing strength, and ability to adapt and grow stronger from whatever injured it. He’d been there the night they’d escaped, he’d said, and witnessed Tess murdering her own guard over their departure. Oliver still didn’t trust the man completely, not knowing exactly why Belton would switch sides, but thus far, everything he’d said seemed to check out upon further investigation. Oliver waited until the black Luthorcorp sedan came to a halt in front of them.

Belton exited the car, his brow furrowed, his expression panicked. “Mr. Queen. He’s on his way. Not ten minutes behind me.”

Chloe and Oliver exchanged glances. “Get inside Chloe,” he urged quietly. She nodded, knowing where she had to go, and what she had to do. She turned toward the building entrance, glancing back only once to find Oliver’s gaze following her. He watched her enter, and the door closed behind her. Oliver turned to Bart. “Is everyone ready?”

“Clark and Vic are inside. A.C.’s running comm..”

Oliver hoisted his gear more securely on his shoulder. He nodded to Belton before turning toward the entrance. “Thanks.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

Oliver cast a backward glance at the man, indicating with his head that Belton should follow him. “Yeah. Don’t get yourself killed.”

* * * * * * *

“You okay, Sidekick?”

Chloe stood nervously waiting in the dim laboratory. Oliver’s distorted voice sounding in her ear. “Yeah.”

“It’s going to be okay, Tower, we’re all here,” Victor added.

A scream. Unearthly, ear piercing screeches and growls caused Chloe to jump out of her skin. Moments later she heard the sounds of thunderous footfalls as the creature tore down doors, and burst through walls. Chloe’s heart beat rapidly in her chest, her breathing stuttered, grew heavier. She glanced at the doctors waiting nearby. They too were frightened, but determined as well. Then silence. Long moments of silence.

“Arrow?” she whispered.

“Target approaching. I’ve got him.”

Oliver fired off a Kryptonite tipped arrow, piercing the beast. Chloe could hear the screams and harsh growls emanating from it, just outside the door.

Wounded thusly, the Kryptonite weakening him, the beast transformed, and Davis returned. His clothes were torn and tattered, revealing much of his body. Chloe. She was here. Davis pulled the arrow from his chest, and rose from the floor. He stood for a few moments as his body healed from the invasion.

“Looking for someone?”

Davis turned to find the Green Arrow blocking his path; the path to Chloe. Arrow’s crossbow was poised, more Kryptonite tipped arrows nocked and ready to fire. A slow, mocking smile spread on Davis’s lips. “You can’t keep her from me. You know that, right?” His voice was low and smooth, casual, too confident.

“You’ll have to get through me first.”

“Oh, I plan on it.” Davis nearly laughed, his eyes raking over Oliver, taking in his costume. “She doesn’t love you. You’re nothing, Queen. Look at you, dressed up like some comic book character. You’re pathetic. You’re no hero. You’re just a man…”

“And you’re not.” Oliver finished for him.

“Chloe’s mine.”

“Says the intergalactic beast.”

Davis ignored the comment. “In the grand scheme of things, you’re simply a minor obstacle in my way.”

“Get past me then,” Oliver dared, unflinchingly.

Davis charged forward, eyes flashing red. Oliver fired his crossbow, three arrows piercing Davis’s chest at once. The impact slowed Davis, but not enough. With a feral, unearthly growl, Davis plowed through Oliver, taking him with the force of his body, crashing through the door, chunks of the walls and debris crashing down on top of them both. Chloe screamed, attempting to run toward them, as they fell into the lab, but Clark, Victor and Bart. appeared, blocking her path. Davis rose up from the rubble, transforming into the monster before their eyes. It was then that Chloe saw Oliver lying sprawled on his back on the ground beneath the chunks of wall, motionless, his face bloodied, his body broken.


The creature sent Victor through the concrete wall with one powerful swipe of a hand, causing the supporting joists to creak ominously, and leaving a jagged, gaping hole in the side of the building, a flood of light casting it’s glow on all. Chloe wanted desperately to run to Oliver, but before she could move, the creature had swatted Bart away as though he were a pesky fly buzzing around, and had begun to wrestle with Clark.

Chloe watched in horror as the two fought one another. The beast was tossing Clark around like a rag doll. Clark with all his strength was no match for Davis as the creature incarnate. He tossed Clark aside, making his way toward Chloe. Clark recovered, leaping onto his back, breaking one of the bony protrusions from the creature’s body, causing it to scream out in pain. The beast thrashed about, throwing Clark from his back, causing him to land heavily against another wall creating a huge dent in the concrete, pieces to fall and crumble atop him. The beast then thundered toward a prone Clark before he could recover, grabbing him by the throat with one monstrous hand, picking him up and tossing him toward the fallen debris where Oliver still lay unmoving. The entire building shook. Clark was astounded by the creature’s strength. He couldn’t recall ever encountering an adversary with such power. He felt himself weakening, but wouldn’t give up. They had to stop this creature before he destroyed or killed again. Clark rolled, blood flowing freely from his nose and mouth, leaning against the broken wall not far from Oliver’s body. Though weakened, he reached inside of himself, finding what strength he had left, two glowing beams streamed from his eyes as his heat vision activated, severely burning and incapacitating Davis. Clark felt himself falling into oblivion, as he used the last bit of himself, hoping it would be enough.

The screams were coming from everywhere at once it seemed. Chloe, the doctors hunched behind damaged equipment, and the creature emitting ear piercing screeches as flames engulfed it. Soon the flames died down, the creature’s body lying in a heap, turning ashen, smoldering. Chloe had to act before he recovered. She cast a glance at Oliver who had not moved at all. Her heart wrenched, fearing the worst. She turned her terrified gaze toward Clark who lay not far from him.

“Go,” he gasped, his strength ebbing away, his eyes glazed over, closing. “Do it.”

Chloe stepped cautiously toward the creature, standing over it and extending a tentative hand to hover over him. She closed her eyes and summoned all her meteor induced healing powers, her Braniac induced powers, concentrating every ounce of energy she could. After some moments, her nose began to bleed, and when she opened her eyes, they were stark white. Slowly the creature transformed, and Davis Bloom began to reappear.

“Chloe,” he gasped, writhing on the floor under her hand. “Please…”

The doctors moved in and began their work.

Chloe, now severely weakened, lowered her hand. Her knees nearly gave out, and when she recovered she knew she was changed somehow. A.C. was suddenly there holding her up, telling her everything was going to be all right, but she didn’t hear him. Lifting her eyes, she sought both Oliver and Clark; both of them still collapsed and unmoving. She moved away from A.C. slowing in her steps as she approached the two men who meant more to her than anything, not wanting to believe, too shocked to even think it… no. No. They couldn’t be, but they looked… they looked… cold and lifeless, and … dead.

End Chapter 19

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