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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Déjà Vu Chapter 1

Title: Déjà vu
Author: Genevieve
Pairing: Chloe/Oliver
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Adult Sexual Content/Violence
Spoilers: None
Short summary: When Lex discovers Chloe’s ability, she's kidnapped, but experiments cause her to lose portions of her memory. Lex convinces her that they are friends. Gaining her confidence, she uses her skills to hunt down one of Lex’s greatest enemies. The Green Arrow. What Lex doesn’t know, and Chloe doesn’t remember, is that she has a few secrets of her own regarding the Emerald Archer.

Déjà Vu
Chapter 1

“Ollie. Wake up.”

“Mmmm. Not yet,” he murmured behind her above her head sleepily, pressing his lips against her hair, pulling her closer, his grip tightening around her.

“Everyone will be here soon,” she wiggled around, her bare bottom wedging against him, in an attempt to get up from the bed. She soon realized it was futile when his morning condition became more evident against her backside.

“Keep doing that,” he chuckled deeply. His hand moved down over her, fingers splaying low over her flat belly, then lower still over her mound, flexing his hips, his growing erection prodding her, seeking entrance between her legs. “We have time,” he whispered.

She wiggled enough to turn in his arms, smiling up at him. “Do you want them to catch us?”

He smiled lazily. “Maybe.”

“Are you ready for that? All the explaining we’ll have to do?”

“I think they’re already suspicious,” he whispered, lowering his head to nuzzle her, and kiss her just beneath her ear, his hand cupping and caressing her breast.

Chloe shivered. “Maybe.”

“Maybe I don’t care if they find out that we’re together.” But he did care. It was for her protection. The less people that knew of their relationship right now, the better. Her increasing involvement and connections to the League and to him could prove dangerous for her.

“Not yet. Soon we’ll tell them.” Her smile was like sunshine. “So, good morning, Arrow. Now go shower,” she whispered playfully, attempting to push him away half-heartedly.

“Good morning, Sidekick,” he whispered, soft lips against her throat.

“Ever think that maybe you’re my Sidekick?” She resisted the temptation to slide her leg up over his and wrap it around his hip. They needed to get up before the rest of the team arrived at the penthouse.

He kissed the curve of her neck. “Yes, but I’d never admit it to anyone.” He smiled, getting up from the bed and making his way toward the bathroom completely naked.

She admired the amazing view. “I thought so.” She rolled her eyes. “Men.”

“You know you love me anyway.” He paused for effect. “Sidekick.” He ducked in time as the flying pillow aimed at him, just missed his head.

Chloe squealed with laughter as he dove back onto the mattress, reaching for her, pulling her across the sheets toward him, pinning her hands down on either side of her head as he moved over her, covering her, soft curves against his hard body, skin pressing and sliding deliciously against skin.

“You are so going to pay for that,” he murmured seductively in her ear. Kissing her everywhere until her laughter subsided, turning into soft moans and cries for him.

They showered together afterward to save time.

For six months they had managed to hide their relationship from the rest of the world. It had seemed like a good idea to keep the secret between them at first, but now Oliver wasn’t so certain. It was becoming increasingly difficult to hide his feelings for her. It wasn’t something either of them had expected to happen, at least not in the way that it did. If anyone had told him two years ago that he’d become romantically involved with Lois Lane’s cousin, he never would have believed it.

He had loved Lois, but two years ago they had parted ways. It was painful, yet each of them had come to terms with it. It was difficult at first, and eventually they had grown from it, and though they weren’t very close now, they could maintain some semblance of friendship. Oliver knew that she and Clark had been spending a lot of time together since they’d become partners at the Daily Planet. He’d often wondered what they would think of his involvement with Chloe. Lois knew that Chloe worked with him occasionally in some capacity, but of course she didn’t know anything about the League. Some part of him thought that Lois might understand, or at least he’d hoped she would.

Working together, being in constant communication through various means over time meant that he and Chloe grew closer, cultivating a friendship naturally. And then one night six months ago, after an intense mission, it just happened. It was supposed to be an easy night, something he could do alone without the help of the entire team. He’d asked Chloe to assist him, since it was merely a reconnaissance mission, but he’d nearly been killed, getting into several physical altercations and narrowly escaping gunfire on the way, being fired upon as he rode his motorcycle back to the tower. He’d eventually lost his pursuers speeding through several shortcuts and an alternate route home.

Chloe listened to the entire exchange in her earpiece, until she’d lost communication with him somehow, causing her to become increasingly frantic with worry over him. Adrenaline was rioting within them both by the time he’d entered the watchtower. The next thing he knew she was running to him before the elevator doors closed behind him, and he was sweeping her up weightless in his arms. Suddenly without thought, lips and tongues sought out one another’s blindly, meeting in mindless frenzy, and hands were touching, and groping, and clinging to each other, breathing each other’s breath, moans and sighs escaping them both. And they were moving, knocking over a lamp and an end table, tearing at each other’s clothes, gloved urgent hands popping buttons torn from her blouse, small eager hands hastily peeling away green leather, hungrily seeking skin. And then they were on the floor of the penthouse living room, desperate for one another, and he was inside her, and he still wasn’t close enough to her, and it was frantic, and incredible, and hot, and God it was heaven. And she was calling for him, and coming for him, and he lost himself in her utterly and completely.

They would lie to each other afterward, and say that it was just a heat of the moment thing, and that neither of them expected more. They continued to lie to each other for a few more months, until kisses and touches and pleasantly exhausted tangled limbs in bed sheets became ever more frequent. Until neither of them believed their own lies, until neither of them could stand to be without the other. Until now, when Oliver wasn’t so sure that he wanted to hide their relationship anymore, because the truth was that he was in love with her, and probably had loved her before she’d ever thrown her arms around him that first night.

They dressed quickly, and Oliver pressed his lips to her forehead before making his way toward the kitchen to start her favorite brew while she finished getting ready. She claimed to be unable to function properly without her coffee, and he’d always made sure the shelf was stocked with her favorite brand.

Bart was the first to arrive as always. “Wow, Chloelicious isn’t here yet? She’s usually the first one.”

Oliver grinned as he placed the coffee maker lid down, and steaming dark brew began a thin stream into the pot. “She’s here.”

“Cool. What’s our mission about?” Bart asked making his way toward the refrigerator, opening it and sticking his head inside.

“Not sure yet,” Oliver opened the cabinet above him, pulling out mugs and setting them on the counter. “Victor’s found something about possible human experimentation starting up again around Metropolis, but we aren’t sure of much more than that. Thought we’d check into it further. Pass me the cream while you’re in there, Bart.”

Just then, the elevator opened and both Victor and A.C. stepped inside.

“Hey guys,” Chloe beamed up at the group of men as she entered the room, they returned her greeting, their eyes following her as she moved toward Oliver watching as he handed her a filled mug of coffee fixed exactly the way she liked it. “Thanks,” she whispered, smiling up at him, and then taking a sip. It was perfect. She turned her attention to the others. “What have we found so far?”

“New doctor in town,” Victor began. “Name’s Benson. Apparently he’d had his license revoked by the state, and then was mysteriously reinstated a month ago.” Victor handed her the hard copy of the file he’d printed out, and Oliver read over her shoulder.

“Why mysteriously?” Oliver asked.

“Read further. I checked out his bank statements. Look who signs his checks.”

Chloe turned the page, finding the information. “Luthorcorp.” She looked back at Victor.

“He’s been working at the new wing of the Met U Hospital which is a medical research facility. But he’s not on their payroll, he’s being paid directly with Luthorcorp money.”

“And Luthorcorp funded the renovation of that wing,” Chloe added, her expression thoughtful. “What could be going on there that the University wouldn’t know about?”

Victor shrugged, “Money talks. They needed it badly to renovate the wing, and maintain their status as a research facility; maybe someone on the University board is willing to look the other way.”

“I don’t doubt it,” Oliver said.

“That’s not all,” Victor continued. “Several people with meteor abilities have been missing in the last month, since Dr. Benson’s been on the scene. I cross-referenced the names with others on our lists of known infected victims, and sure enough they are on it. Coincidence? Maybe.”

“Lex is collecting the meteor infected again?” Chloe looked up at them, her eyes revealing her fear. Oliver put an arm around her shoulder in a gesture that was both comforting and protective.

“Don’t worry Chloelicious, they won’t get close to you,” Bart encouraged.

“It’s not just me I’m worried about,” she bit her lip, then looked up at Victor. “What about these others?”

Victor shook his head. “No record of them anywhere, not at the Met U wing, not anywhere that I could find. My guess is, there’s another unknown facility somewhere, and the University wing is a front of sorts.”

“We have to find a way in,” she said, her voice urgent.

Oliver turned her to face him, placing both hands on her shoulders, watching her face. He could see her mind working. “No. You’re not going in, Chloe.”

She looked up at him. “But…”

“Let’s wait, we’ll check it out first. Then we’ll decide what to do, okay?”

“Okay.” She looked down at her hands and nodded reluctantly.

Oliver cast a knowing glance at his friends, unspoken communication passing among them. None of the men in the room believed she could keep her promise to wait for long.

End Chapter 1

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