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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anything But Ordinary Chapter 10

Anything But Ordinary
Chapter 10

“A walking hormone?”

Chloe had no idea how long they stood outside in the cool night air, arms wrapped snugly around one another, huddled closely, her cheek pressed against the warm skin of his chest where the white shirt lay parted, his heartbeat pulsing softly against her ear. Chloe couldn’t help but feel safe and warm in the cocoon of his arms. Reluctantly, she pulled away from his embrace slightly to peer up at him. Her lips curved in a teasing smile. “Well, you have to admit your reputation precedes you…”

He cringed inwardly, remembering the morning she’d seen a disheveled, angry woman leaving his apartment, not to mention a few photographs of him with various women that graced the gossip pages not long after the attempt on his life. He took her face in his hands. “I know you’re different, I know you’re not like the others, and no I don’t think I can win you over that easily,” he spoke softly with a hint of earnestness. “You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever known, and I’d like to prove my intentions.”

“What are your intentions, exactly, Mr. Queen?”

“Be with me. Give me the chance to show you.”

“Ollie… it hasn’t been that long since I broke off my engagement…”

“You didn’t love him.”


Thumbs absently stroked her cheeks tenderly; easing away her slight indignation at what at first appeared to be a false accusation. “Not the way you should have, and that’s why you let him go,” he watched her expression soften, his touch reassuring her as he continued to speak gently. “You think I don’t know how it feels to let someone you love go, because they can’t share your life or because they don’t choose to? Do you think I don’t know how it feels to lead a life separate from someone I cared about? Having to lie, and hide, until it eats you up, knowing you’re hurting them every time your other life gets in the way?”

“No. I know you do,” she admitted quietly. She’d seen what the after-effects of his poisoning had done to him, sending him into an emotional tailspin.

“We’re more alike in more ways than you think, Chloe.” The pad of his thumb traced her bottom lip, the urge to kiss her overwhelming him once more. “I know… I don’t have the best track record, the life I live… didn’t allow for attachments, commitments… and you have every right to feel hesitant about becoming involved with me… just know that there’s no one else I want to be with, no one else I think of…”

“Maybe… what you feel is some misplaced sense of gratitude…”

He shook his head, then trailed his fingers down the pulse points on either side of her throat, over her shoulders, the warmth of his palms comforting her through her jean jacket, then moving to envelop her once more. “No. I started to feel this way before I ever knew you saved my life the first time. Hell, you’re the only person I put on the green leather for, after I vowed not to wear it again.” When he’d reached her shoulder blades, his hands moved lazily over her, massaging, caressing, and erasing her doubts.

“I… this, us… I just don’t know, Oliver.” There was a question in her eyes, as though she couldn’t understand how any of this was possibly happening.

He took a deep, calming breath. He wasn’t good at this kind of thing, but he had to try to explain himself. Clark had warned him that he’d have a lot of proving to do, and he knew it, was ready for it, she was worth it, but Oliver Queen was a man of actions, and though words usually served him well enough, when it came to matters of the heart, things proved a little more difficult. Perhaps it was best to lay it on the line, come what may. “You see the real me, Chloe… both the good and the bad, and you’re not afraid to bring either to my attention. I want to be a better man because of you… you challenge me, keep me grounded and humble, because you believe in me, even in those moments when I’m not half the hero you think I am. You make me laugh, and remind me that sometimes I’m just Ollie, and when I look at you I see all the things I never thought I could have standing right in front of me. But more than that… more than anything, for the first time in my life, I want to give of myself… something that doesn’t include money or a playboy reputation, or a bow and arrow… something unselfish and real, something I don’t have to hide, with no holding back… something just…for you.” He paused, swallowing tightly, seemingly uncomfortable with all the verbal outpouring, but relieved that he’d done it, surprised to find that it wasn’t as bad as he’d thought it would be.

It was too easy to get lost in the way he looked at her. There was something in his words and in his tone that touched a place inside her. He was baring himself, making himself vulnerable, telling her in his way, that what he wanted to give her was his love; the realization sending a powerful rush of emotion coursing through her, filling up her heart with hope. Lois’s words, not unlike the ones he’d just uttered, came back to her. Ollie just needs someone… someone he cares for, someone worth committing himself to, someone who grounds him, challenges him, like you, and you are not out of his league. Lois must have known how he felt about her, to offer her such words of encouragement.

He knew pushing her too hard, too fast would be a huge mistake on his part, so he reined himself in for now. Oliver blinked, looking away briefly. “I’ve probably said too much, and I’m not asking you to believe any of it right now, but if you’ll let me, I’ll show you.”

Chloe touched his cheek; soft fingertips bringing his eyes back to her. Green eyes searched his brown ones, his gaze expectant, hopeful. Chloe didn’t doubt his sincerity. “We do make a great team,” she conceded, smiling up at him, sliding her hands up to stroke the nape of his neck, brushing her fingers over his collar and the ends of his hair.

He touched his forehead to hers, his caressing hands stilled on her back, muscled arms tightening, gathering her up more snugly against the warmth of his body. “That we do,” he murmured, dark, smoldering eyes peering down into hers. “So what do you say, Sidekick? Think of all the adventures we could have together,” he intoned, husky and sensual, his expression leaving no question as to what kind of adventures he meant, among others. Chloe couldn’t deny the spark of nervous excitement fluttering in her stomach at the prospect of learning him more intimately, a brief shiver rippling through her, heady and intoxicating.

Truthfully, she had her doubts. A relationship with Oliver could turn out to be perilous to her heart, and after the mess with Jimmy, she wasn’t certain her heart could take much more. But here he was, asking for a chance to prove himself to her, give himself to her. It had to be a great risk for him too. “Gear up, Arrow. This is going to be one hell of a mission. You may need to have everything in your arsenal at your disposal. Are you ready for that kind of challenge?”

Gently he rocked her back and forth. “If it means you’re mine, lead the way Watchtower. I’m all yours.”

* * * * *

Tess palmed the ice-blue crystal, holding it aloft so that the light filtering through the stained glass windows of Lex’s mansion office cast the object in an ethereal glow. There was something quite mesmerizing about it, and it was either something vitally important, or it would make a great paperweight. If she couldn’t uncover the secrets it held, its occupation would become the latter.

“Ms. Mercer.”

Tess quickly lowered the crystal, her gaze turning back to the woman who’d just entered her office.

“Mr. Bloom is here to see you.”

“Send him in,” she said, placing the crystal back inside its case, and closing the lid with a soft click.

Davis entered the room somewhat wary and suspicious, his eyes taking in the expanse of wood and stained glass, finally settling on the woman who stood and rounded the desk.

She extended her hand. “Mr. Bloom, so good of you to come.”

Davis took her hand in greeting, still unsure. “Ms. Mercer.”

“I know you’re wondering why you’re here,” she said, moving toward her desk once more to retrieve a large envelope. “I think I have something that might interest you.”

Davis’s eyes thinned questioningly. “I’m sure I don’t know…”

Tess slipped several photographs out from the envelope. “These were taken just over two weeks ago outside the Luthorcorp building. We had a break-in, it was unfortunate, but did wield some interesting photographic evidence. Took some time to track you down.” She handed him the photos, awaiting his reaction.

Davis stared at her a moment, hesitant. “If you’re trying to accuse me of breaking into Luthorcorp…”

“Relax, Mr. Bloom. I know it wasn’t you.”

Finally, he glanced down at the photo in his hand. “What the hell is that thing?”

“That, Mr. Bloom, is you.”

He lifted his eyes from the photo. “You called me here for this? Is this your idea of some sick joke? You’re crazy.” he blurted, attempting to hand back the photographs, intending to leave.

“Oh, but you aren’t finished. Keep looking through them.”

Davis had half a mind to toss the photos on the floor at her feet and turn on his heel, leaving Ms. Mercer to her own delusions. Instead, some morbid curiosity compelled him to flip through the photographs. One by one, as though watching some time elapsed images unfold, a creature slowly transformed, appearing more human with each photo not unlike some bad werewolf movie he’d seen as a kid, until the final photograph showed an image of a man lying naked in an alley. The face was unmistakable. It was him.

Now the photographs did land in a scattered heap on the floor. The face of Davis Bloom registered his complete horror. “No,” he shook his head. “You’ve manipulated these photographs. Anyone with Photoshop could have done this.”

Tess approached him, a confident sway in her step. “You mean to tell me that you’ve never awoken, cold and naked in a dark, strange place, not knowing where you’ve been or what you’ve done?”

“This is bullshit,” Davis ground out through clenched teeth.

“A bit of temper, Mr. Bloom,” she chastised. “But it could serve you well. Once you’ve come to terms with what you are, I’d like you to think about joining me.” Tess made a move toward him; intimately close, purposefully invading his space. Her fingers lifted to stroke his cheek. Davis flinched at her touch, but she did not relent, whispering in his ear. “I think I know how to tame the beast, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself quite at home with the team I’m assembling.”

Davis removed her hand from his face, backing away from her in disgust. “Go to hell,” he growled, then whirled and stormed away, heading toward the exit, visibly shaken.

“Think about my offer, Mr. Bloom,” she called after him. “We wouldn’t want these photographs released to the public, now would we?”

He turned back to gaze menacingly over his shoulder. “What part of ‘go to hell’ don’t you understand?” he snarled, and then left, slamming the door behind him.

Tess folded her arms across her chest, staring at the closed office door, a wickedly satisfying smile spreading on her lips.

End Chapter 10

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