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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Déjà Vu Chapter 16

Déjà Vu
Chapter 16

Her body lay sprawled, pleasantly exhausted atop his. Sheets a tangled mass around their feet. Hands intermittently skimming and sliding, over smooth skin. God it was so good, and only seemed to get better. Every time. He knew her body as well as his own, knew just how to touch her and bring her to the most exquisite heights. She knew her way around him too, and loved to witness his utter surrender to the touch of her hands and mouth and body. Oliver was a generous lover, catering to her every physical and emotional need. Chloe enjoyed returning his attention, marveling at her own ability to render this big, strong hero defenseless with pleasure. Chloe vaguely wondered… no, hoped it would still be half this good between them many, many years from now.

Her eyelids felt heavy and she let them slide closed as she snuggled against him. “I have to admit, that was pretty smokin’ cool,” she murmured out of the blue, her face buried against his throat, inhaling deeply of him. Soft fingertips floated gently over his shoulder and down to his collarbone.

Oliver too, closed his eyes at how she felt against his flesh, warm and soft against him. He was never more content than when they were like this, languid bodies lying pressed together after lovemaking, satisfied, drowsy lovers. His hands seemed everywhere on her body, soothing her heated skin, causing goose flesh to rise wherever he touched. “What was?” he asked softly.

“The way you burst in through the picture window and came up shooting. It was like watching some kind of edge-of-your-seat action flick.”

Oliver chuckled, deep in his chest. “So I did impress you after all.” One hand stroked the hair from her cheek, while the other slid lazily down her spine.

“Oh yes, definitely. You were amazing. Just don’t let it go to your head, green bean, or I’ll deny everything.”

He playfully squeezed the soft rounded flesh of her butt and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “See? That’s why I need you,” he spoke against her hair. “You keep me grounded. Besides, you weren’t so bad yourself.”

She moved her leg upward, sliding it more securely over his hip. Doubtful it was the movement, it was those darned hormones, but Chloe suddenly felt a rush of dizziness, worse than before. Nausea washed over her like a tidal wave this time, causing her to spring up from the comfort of Oliver’s arms, and make a mad dash for the nearby bathroom.

Wordlessly, Oliver was somehow there bending over her, threading his fingers into her golden hair, gathering it and lifting it away from her face, then clasping it in one hand, and rubbing her back gently with the other as she vomited. He felt bad for her. Part of this was his doing after all. This was a new experience for both of them, and here would begin his education in life lessons with a pregnant woman. His pregnant woman.

Chloe coughed and sputtered. Then it seemed to be over. She flushed it down. “Yes,” she ground out, bracing her hands on her knees, red-faced, her eyes watery, vision blurred as she focused on the swirling water in the toilet bowl in front of her, gasping for breath.

Oliver hadn’t recalled asking her anything just then. “Yes?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you,” she managed in a strangled voice, then without warning, Chloe heaved again. Apparently her stomach was not empty enough.

Oliver couldn’t help but smile, just a little. “Somehow this isn’t the quite the way I imagined you’d accept my marriage proposal.” When he thought she was finished, he handed her several tissues, then began caressing her back and shoulders once more.

Chloe wiped her face, and blew her nose, laughing in spite of her predicament. “It’s totally romantic, Ollie,” she said to the toilet, still hunched over. “It’s two o’clock in the morning. You’re standing here completely naked, holding my hair back and comforting me while I’m barfing my guts out. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.” Satisfied that this bout of morning sickness was over, she took a few calming breaths and straightened slowly, as though testing whether or not the movement would cause another wave of nausea. Finding that it didn’t, she turned, easing into the comfort of his waiting arms, clutching him about the waist, snuggling against his body, sighing contentedly as she pressed her cheek against his chest. “My own hero,” she whispered against his warm flesh. “I love you.”

Oliver held her tightly, burying his face in her hair. “And you’re mine,” he confessed. “You’ve saved me in more ways than I can ever count, Chloe Sullivan.”

* * * * *

Lex swiveled in his office chair, cell phone pressed to his ear. “And I’m telling you, it will have to wait. I’ve got investigators breathing down my neck…”

“You’ll have more trouble than that Mr. Luthor. The Green Arrow and his buddies delivered over half of my men to the authorities. Kidnapping is a federal offense. Now, I’ll forget about the Green Arrow as long as you make good on your payment. Consider it reimbursement for the loss of my men, and I’ll call it even.”

Lex hesitated, remaining silent on the line. He’d gotten himself in between both cops and robbers, and he was feeling the squeeze of each side. Lex tugged at the collar of his blue dress shirt to loosen it, as though suffocating from the pressure.

“I thought you were a smarter businessman than that, Mr. Luthor.” The man’s voice continued. “This Green Arrow is more trouble than he’s worth. But I get the feeling this is personal between the two of you, and that’s bad business. My advice? Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses while you’re still ahead of the game. Nothing personal, just business; that’s the way I like to keep it. Pay up, or you’ll have more to worry about from me than any cops sniffing around, got it? You want my guys to take the rap on a kidnapping charge for you, you gotta pay. Big time. It’s just business.”

The man hung up the phone, leaving Lex to sit defeated at his desk. He undid his tie, and loosened the top buttons of his shirt. Getting up, he stepped over to his mini bar, pouring himself a drink. Damned mob. He hated dealing with them, and realized his mistake too late. He’d have to pay if he wanted to keep his name out of everything. He’d have to lay low for a while too, until this whole thing with the Met U research wing blew over, he’d have to leave the Green Arrow alone for now. Damn.

Lex lifted his glass to his lips, taking a slow sip of amber liquid, relishing the burn as it slid down his throat. He could be patient when he needed to be. He’d find a way to get the Green Arrow eventually. Yes, it was personal, but that was his business.

* * * * *

The Green Arrow had to lay low as well. There was still a chance Lex could connect him to Oliver Queen and both to Chloe. All during the kidnapping trial he remained her invisible support, unable to show himself in public with her. Of course, Lex’s hands were clean, his name never mentioned, and Oliver knew he must have paid the mob dearly for taking the fall. And it was likely that a few bribes to officials and back room deals were made as well. After the trial was over, and what could loosely be called justice was served, Oliver secretly whisked her away. Only the League knew of their whereabouts.

At first she balked at the idea of leaving, it was probably their first real argument. But he’d convinced her to see it his way. She saw it as running away, and refused to hide from Lex or anyone else but ultimately, she knew it was for the best, for their safety. She had to promise Lois they’d return long before the baby was due. Most of their time away was spent in a furnished Italian villa in Tuscany. It was a peaceful two-story stone cottage, with bright, airy interiors, and living areas with terracotta floors that opened to sunny terraces and a lovely view of rolling farmlands. Oliver was still able to run his business, and delegated much of his work to his associates. He’d made certain that when he did have to make a rare public appearance that he was seen and photographed, but he was always alone, causing a bit of speculation and rumor about his love life, or lack thereof. Meanwhile, back home, in order to continue to keep Lex from connecting the Green Arrow to Oliver Queen, Clark and A.C. took a few turns donning the green costume, making some headlines in various parts of the country.

Chloe loved Tuscany, and her time with Oliver, but she was homesick. Nearing her fifth month of pregnancy, and just when she thought she’d go mildly insane, hormones raging, missing her home, her cousin, her life, Oliver surprised her after she’d returned from an afternoon walk to find her father there. She was ecstatic upon seeing him, and somehow she knew Oliver had sensed her melancholy, and arranged the entire visit just for her. Gabe Sullivan spent a week with them. Chloe didn’t know for certain, but she’d guessed that Oliver had asked her father’s permission to marry her when Gabe gave them his blessing, calling Oliver ‘son’ the morning he left for the states.

It was afterward, alone on the bedroom terrace, as they watched the Tuscan sunset, that he proposed to her in what he believed was proper fashion, presenting her with a diamond that was simple and elegant and beautiful. It was her, Oliver thought. She laughed at first, realizing her error at thinking he was about to tie his shoe, then, seeing the boyish, earnest sincerity and love on his face as he gazed up at her and asked the question, her hand flew to her mouth in shock. Laughter mingled with tears, and then probably like most newly engaged women, she gazed adoringly at the ring on her finger, turning it this way and that, admiring the way it sparkled, catching the remaining light of the setting sun through her tear-blurred vision. She loved it, it was perfect. Not gaudy or extravagant. He knew exactly what to give her.

He carried her to their bed, undressed her with tender hands, and made love to her, all at once both passionate and sweet. Afterward, he touched and stroked and soothed her. His hand palmed her breast gently. “It’s amazing,” he whispered against the curve of her throat, as he lay nestled beside her, breathing a soft kiss under her ear, making her shudder and sigh. Oliver’s hand slid softly down between her breasts, and over the small rise of her womb. Gradually, he’d noticed the changes. Her breasts felt fuller, her belly beginning to protrude. “The way your body is changing.” Oliver slid down the length of the bed, moving over her. His head came to rest over her belly, pressing his cheek softly against her stomach, and then touching his lips there reverently. “You’re beautiful, Chloe,” he whispered, continuing to move his hands over her intimately, his eyes lifted to hers, darkening with renewed desire. Her heart nearly burst with love for him. Only Oliver Queen had ever made her feel beautiful.

Chloe rose up on her elbows, smiling down at him. “Let’s see if you still think that when I’m at nine months, huge and waddling everywhere and about to pop,” she laughed lightly, reaching for him, and threading her fingers into the soft, spiky strands of his hair.

Oliver addressed her stomach, his fingers splayed over his unborn child. “Tell your mom I’ll always think she’s beautiful,” he said to the small rise of belly next to his face. “I don’t think she believes me.” His brows knit, his head tipping to the side as though listening for some sound. “What’s that?” He pressed his ear to her stomach.

Chloe giggled.

“He… uh, or she… says you’re quite stubborn, but that I shouldn’t give up.”

“You’re dad is crazy,” Chloe playfully warned her belly.

Oliver slid up slowly, his skin whispering seductively against hers, as he gently covered her body with his, easing her back into the mattress. “Crazy about you,” he whispered, taking her mouth urgently, fitting himself snugly into the V of her thighs, already fully aroused for her, desire pulsing through his rock hard, velvety flesh, wanting, needing her again. His thick ridge nudged against her clit with delicious friction. Moaning softly against his mouth, Chloe tilted her hips to receive him, rocking her lower body against his. Oliver lifted her as he entered her, sheathing himself inside her silken heat, giving her more, giving her all of himself. How could she doubt him? This was her Oliver, and once committed to something, he never did anything halfway, and Chloe knew in her heart that he’d always give her all of himself.

They spent three more months abroad before returning quietly to Metropolis for the wedding. Looking back, Chloe was glad they had spent time away and experienced some semblance of a normal life. It had given them a chance to live together and grow closer, more accustomed to one another without the craziness of their usual lives as Green Arrow and Watchtower. Everyone noticed the change in them. It was nearly impossible to hide. So in-sync and in tuned with one another, anyone could see they were a couple in love, causing Lois to joke that they acted as though they’d already been married for years.

Oliver had been right. The tabloids were not kind. Surprisingly they could also do the math, and estimated the timing correctly. A reprinted picture of them from their date at Le Bistro was slapped onto the gossip pages of the Inquisitor, with a blurb that contained rumors of an upcoming hushed, rushed shotgun wedding.

“My dad doesn’t even own a shotgun,” Chloe wrinkled her nose at the one paragraph mention. “At least I don’t think.” She said, tossing the paper onto the counter in front of her.

Oliver did his best to squash any gossip columns before they ever made it to print, and they had done a fairly good job of staying out of the public eye. This short piece showed up, claiming the playboy billionaire was literally caught with his pants down, and was being played by an out of work reporter.

Oliver had been sitting next to her after breakfast, reading over her shoulder, his hand placed on her stomach, waiting to feel the next kick or roll against his palm. He would swear his baby was either a gymnast or a kick boxer in the making. The buzzer sounded, and Oliver rose from his seat at the counter. He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You can play with me while my pants are down anytime, Watchtower babe,” he said, waggling his eyebrows comically as he stepped toward the security monitor, making her roll her eyes and laugh. “Chloe, I think this visitor is for you,” he called to her.

Chloe slid from the stool, placing a hand at the small of her back, stretching briefly, then stepping over to his desk. She really needed to stop sitting in those for longer than a few minutes. “Oh my God!” she cried peering into the screen over his arm. “Let her in!”

Chloe hastened to the elevator door and as it opened, she squealed with delight, and threw her arms around Marianne. She looked different, Chloe thought. She wore a bit of make-up, had lost some weight, her brown eyes sparkled, her dark brown hair was different, long and loose instead of pulled back into a bun the way Chloe was used to seeing her. She looked youthful and happy.

“It’s true then,” Marianne said smiling over Chloe’s shoulder as they embraced warmly, Chloe’s belly coming between them. “What are you now? Seven, eight months?”

Chloe beamed at her friend, patting her belly. “Not quite eight.”

Marianne touched Chloe’s chin in motherly fashion. “You okay?” she asked quietly, searching Chloe’s eyes.

Chloe’s smile was genuine. “Never better.” She clasped Marianne’s hand, leading her toward Oliver, who stood watching them from behind his desk. “Ollie, this is Marianne, she’s my fairy godmother.”

Oliver smiled warmly, taking her hand. “It’s nice to meet you. I’ve never actually met a real fairy godmother before.”

Marianne blushed. “Oh well, you know we don’t like word to get around about us. Takes away all the fun.”

“If it weren’t for Marianne, we wouldn’t have had our date. She sort of snuck me out of the mansion that day.”

“I can’t thank you enough,” Oliver said.

Marianne waved it off. “Pfft. It was nothing a little fairy dust couldn’t handle, and okay a few little white lies.” She shrugged. “I just wanted to see Chloe happy, she deserves it. She’s a good girl, Mr. Queen.” She turned to Chloe. “Lots changed after you left. Everyone missed you. I hope you don’t mind my visit, but after I saw the paper, that whole kidnapping thing, then you disappeared, well… I had to see that you were all right. You know me, I can be nosy. Can’t help myself sometimes.”

“I’m thrilled that you came to see me, and I’m very happy, Marianne.”

“I can see that, and I know I talked about blonde babies, but goodness, I didn’t think it would happen after one date.”

Chloe glanced at Oliver, a question in her eyes, and he simply nodded. It was okay to tell her. She pulled Marianne over to the sofa, offering her a seat and some refreshment, and began to explain the whole thing, minus the experiments, and Green Arrow and Justice League bits. Chloe told her that she and Oliver had been together for six months before her memory loss. Told her about Lex taking her in, Oliver trying to get her back, trying to get her to remember him.

“That explains a lot, actually,” Marianne mused after Chloe had finished her story. “Mr. Luthor seemed to go downhill after you left, worse than before. I thought maybe he had a thing for you or something, but now I think he became involved in some bad deals. Money troubles. Let a lot of us go, budget cuts he said.”

“Oh no, you were fired?”

Marianne smiled. “Yes, but it’s fine. I’ll find another job. Besides, while you were off elsewhere, Cinderella, I was having some kind of fairy tale of my own.” Her cheeks colored slightly. “After you left, Mr. Luthor hired some new security men. One particularly handsome young man was always making excuses to come into the kitchen.” She laughed girlishly. “Well, you know… I thought… wow, Michael… that’s his name, must really like my cooking. He would come in for a snack, and we’d talk for hours after his shift was over, and well it turns out he liked me. I thought… gah, what is he, like 28? 30? I must have a good fifteen years on him, he’s young, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.” She shrugged. “But he convinced me to go out with him once and well, here we are six months later, and he insists he’s crazy about me. Who am I to argue? It worked for Demi and Ashton, right?”

Chloe laughed with her, squeezing her hand, happy for her friend. “Why not? Go for it,” she encouraged. “You deserve to be happy too.”

Marianne’s smile faded for a moment, as she looked away. “Life throws us all kinds of curve balls. You know, I never told you. My husband died after we’d only been married five years, and after that, I thought I’d be alone forever. And I was alone for a long time.” She looked up at Chloe again, her eyes bright. “After all these years, I never expected to find love again.” She squeezed Chloe’s hand in return. “I’m glad you’ve found yours.” Marianne stood up, readying to leave. She gazed fondly at both of them. “I see you’re in good hands here, and I feel better knowing that.”

Marianne hugged Chloe goodbye, and didn’t let Oliver off the hook, giving him a bear hug as well. “Take care of each other,” she said as she left.

When the elevator doors shut, Chloe turned to him.

“I like her,” he said with a grin.

“She’s wonderful, isn’t she? And she’s a fabulous cook.”

They gazed at each other for a long moment in unspoken communication.

Oliver took a few steps, closing the distance between them, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. “You want me to hire her,” he stated simply, divining her thoughts.

“If she’d move to Star City.”

“I suppose I could use a new member of the security team at Queen Manor. I’d have to meet him, and have the guy thoroughly checked out first. If he was working for Lex, I can’t be too careful, you know.”

Chloe gave him an affectionate squeeze, as much as she could with her stomach wedged between them. “I know. And thank you, Ollie.”

The buzzer sounded again, and Oliver grinned. “That’ll be Lois, right on time. Ready for our exclusive coming out story?”

Chloe smiled up at him. “I’m ready.”

* * * * *

“I’m disappointed in you, Chloe.” Lex dropped the latest edition of the Daily Planet onto his desk. She’d disappeared for a while, and if Lois’s story were true, this would explain it. Oliver Queen had fucked Chloe Sullivan and knocked her up. He expected as much from Queen, who had a reputation as a ladies’ man, but Chloe didn’t seem the type to swoon and fall prey to charming one-liners, seductive grins, and bedroom eyes. She was smarter than that, and too good for Queen. He snorted derisively, wondering if Oliver was marrying her just to keep the Queen family name respectable without the mark of a bastard child to soil it. The Queens were old money, and that kind of thing would have been important to Oliver’s parents, though Lex wasn’t certain how important it was to Oliver.

Lois’s article portrayed them as the loving couple, who had kept their relationship secret until now, but Lex wasn’t buying it. The accompanying color photograph showed a very pregnant Chloe sitting on the floor between Oliver’s legs, her back resting against him, his arms wrapped around her middle from behind, both of them laughing. Queen knew how to play the press for sure. Over the past few months Oliver had appeared in various places around the globe, always photographed sans the usual arm candy. But there was no way he was marrying Chloe for love. She was simply another conquest that had gone awry. It would have caught up to him eventually. A feel-good article like this would endear them both to the public, however, and that’s exactly what Queen wanted. Lex picked up the paper again, gazing at the photograph. Oliver’s hand was splayed over the white blouse that covered her belly, Chloe’s hand resting atop his, her engagement ring visible. Lex smirked. No, they didn’t fool him. He tossed the newspaper into the trash bin. He had other things to worry about besides Oliver Queen.

Over the past few months the Green Arrow had been making the rounds again in various states, pulling his Robin Hood act. Thankfully though, he’d stayed away from Luthorcorp. Lex couldn’t afford any more attempts at sabotage courtesy of the Emerald Archer. It would take a while to recoup his losses, but when he did, he’d come back stronger than ever and he’d resume his hunt for the Green Arrow with a vengeance.

* * * * *

The wedding was a small, quiet affair held at the Kent farm. Chloe thought it fitting that they were married in the gardens at the place where it had all begun over three years ago.

Clark found her in the barn, dressed in her simple ivory-laced, A-line, ankle-length wedding dress that hid her most of her petite figure. She looked out of place dressed as she was, among the horses and hay. Fading sunlight filtering through the barn caught the shimmering dust particles around her, making her seem otherworldly. He simply studied her, as she was unaware of his presence, seemingly lost in thought as her gaze wandered, then settled on the steps leading to his loft. Clark almost wished that one of his powers was to read minds at this moment.

“I was just thinking,” she said before turning toward him, surprising Clark. How had she known he was there? Chloe offered him a small sweet smile. “Of the day I met Oliver here. And wondering how I could have ever had that moment erased from my memory.”

Clark returned her smile, his eyes softening, speech failing him. She was absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

“Funny how things have changed since then, huh?” She asked him, then clasping her left hand, she glanced down at her wedding ring; thumb tracing over the gold band and brilliant diamond engagement ring thoughtfully. “Never in a million years…if someone had told me that day, that I had just met my husband, I never would have believed it.”

Clark took a few steps toward her. “Stranger things have happened. Look at Lois and me. Who’d ever have thought that would happen?”

She smiled up at him. “You’re talking to a person who’s an expert on all things strange. Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised. Seems Lois and I have traded first loves.”

“When you put it that way, I guess it is pretty funny. You’re my best friend, Chloe, and I love you, and your happiness is all I’ve ever wanted.” Clark’s eyes fell to the bump under her dress, his brows knit, focusing.

“Thank you, Clark. That means more to me than you know.” She noticed what he was doing. “Hey. And no x-rays. Oliver and I want to be surprised.”

He grinned sheepishly. “Too late, I already know.”

“Well, don’t tell me.” She said, picking off a piece of imaginary lint from his dark suit, then smoothing down the lapel with her palm.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Queen?” Their attention was diverted to the tall, powerfully built, new security member, who’d entered the barn. The handsome, dark-haired, blue-eyed young man, continued. “Marianne says it’s time for cutting the cake. She sent me to find you.”

Chloe smiled at him, slipping her arm through Clark’s, leading him toward the door. “Thanks, Michael. It will be a shame to cut up that gorgeous wedding cake she’s made.”

“She’s quite proud of it, but she’ll be happier when she sees everyone eating it,” Michael returned her smile, and then headed back toward the guests.

Just before they’d exited the barn, Chloe turned to Clark. “Thank you, Clark. For everything.” She stood up on tiptoe, and kissed his cheek. She’d always love him, and what he’d said about wanting her happiness, she wished for him as well. She’d found the love of her life in Oliver Queen, and she hoped Clark had found his in Lois.

“Let's eat cake before Bart gets to it,” she laughed as they headed toward the party.

“What? No pie?”

Chloe gave him a mock reproving look.

Clark grinned. “Mmmm, cake.”

* * * * *

“Oliver.” Chloe nudged him gently. “Ollie.” She’d been up and dressed while he slept, pacing the darkened penthouse for the past hour. Contractions were first ten minutes apart, now eight minutes. She’d been walking them off. Chloe grimaced lightly as another one coursed through her, tightening in her belly, then like tentacles reaching, sensations spreading all the way to her toes. She breathed through it, then checked the clock. Five minutes. “Oliver Jonas Queen, wake up, your baby is coming.”

Oliver sprung up to a sitting position, his heart pounding wildly. “Wha.. huh? Baby? Baby’s coming.” He rubbed his eyes, swinging his long legs over the side of the bed, disoriented from deep sleep; he began to search for something to put on. Chloe stood watching him in amusement, as he fumbled about the bedroom, stark naked, “It’s okay,” he said reassuringly, his voice muffled as he stuffed his head into a black sleeveless t-shirt that was both inside out and backwards. “Everything will be all right, Sidekick,” he said again, nearly tripping as he hopped one-legged into his blue jeans, then slipped into shoes. He then stood silently in the middle of the room for a moment as though lost. “Keys. Hospital bag. Wife,” he mumbled, ticking off the list aloud, reminding himself of things he couldn’t leave the house without. He patted his pants, found his wallet on the dresser and stuffed it inside his back pocket.

He looked at Chloe, who stood silently smiling at him. Her smile never failed to comfort him and warm his heart, and this time was no exception, and he breathed deeply for the first time, grinning back at her. They gazed at one another for a long moment, the look that passed between them said it all. Each of them knowing they were on the precipice, about to take another life changing leap together. Oliver extended his hand to her, and she stepped toward him, taking his hand in hers, giving it a reassuring squeeze. As long as they were together, they could do anything.

He pulled her close. “Ready?” It was one simple word, but it meant so much more.

“Ready,” she whispered, before another contraction gripped her. Chloe clung to her husband until it passed, catching her breath. He then led her to the elevator door, grabbing up the hospital bag on the way out.

Three hours and three pushes later, Mr. and Mrs. Queen welcomed a baby girl into their lives. They named her Laura, after Oliver’s mother. One look at the tiny sleeping bundle in his arms, and he knew. “I’m in big trouble.”

The End

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