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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secret Identities Chapter 16

Secret Identities
Chapter 16

They slept. And slept. Finally around noon, Chloe awoke, blinking sleep from her eyes. A solid, warm body at her back, a lean, toned arm around her middle, a soft even breath at her neck. Chloe smiled lightly, stroking Oliver’s arm. The past two days had been hard on him, she knew. A lot had happened. Secrets were revealed, discoveries were made, lessons were learned, and still more questions were left unanswered.

After the team had returned to the penthouse, Chloe wanted nothing more than a hot shower and sleep. Clark had graciously offered to stop at the Talon apartment to pick up some clothes and a pair of shoes for her. Lois had been asleep when he’d gone, but Chloe had three messages from her on her voice mail. She had forgotten to give Lois an excuse for why she’d be out, and once again Chloe’s chest tightened a bit, knowing that sooner or later, she’d have to have a conversation with her cousin about the man who now lay naked beside her, wrapping her in his protective embrace.

She didn’t know what would happen. Aside from worrying about Lois’s reaction, there were still questions surrounding “Veritas”, the Queens’ involvement in it, the death of Principal Reynolds, losing her job at the Planet, and the fact that now Lex Luthor knew that there was indeed some connection between herself and the Green Arrow. Chloe also wondered if Oliver’s accident had to do with malfunctioning gear, or was there something more sinister behind it?

It seemed that Oliver’s fears were coming to fruition. He had been right in some ways about keeping their relationship under wraps. If she were seen with billionaire CEO Oliver Queen, the world would know, and Lex would put the pieces together for sure. Hadn’t he already suspected? Whenever Oliver was in town, so conveniently was the Green Arrow. It didn’t take a genius to figure it out.

And then… and then, what was it Oliver had said earlier? ‘I’d share a bed with you for the rest of my life.’ Of course she remembered. She’d never forget it. In front of the entire team he’d kissed her, and said it. What was it? Was it a quasi marriage proposal? And if it were, there’d be no way to keep that a secret from the world. And if it were, what would her answer be?

Chloe turned slowly under Oliver’s arm so as not to wake him. She gazed up at his sleeping face. Even in sleep he took her breath away. She studied him. No worries or concerns etched his features. God, he’s so beautiful, she thought. Men like him were made for supermodels and debutantes and socialites and starlets. But he’s yours, a voice in her head reminded. And as if to prove it she scooted closer to him, pressing a soft kiss to the dimple in his chin (damn, but she loved that dimple). And realized that none of the trappings of his billionaire status, none of the women his good looks attracted would ever matter to Ollie in the least. She knew him in ways no one else ever could, in ways she could never explain. She just knew. His strengths, his weaknesses, all of him. She wondered that if she were fated to be with this man, then the Universe seemed to know exactly what it was doing.

Chloe couldn’t stop at his chin. She rose up on her elbow, leaning over him, soft lips touching feather light kisses over his cheek and neck. He made a sound of contentment, low and deep, then rolled onto his back. Chloe grinned, moving over him. And now that she had better access, she continued to kiss him softly, his eyelids, his cheeks, his lips. Burying her face in his neck, she breathed another kiss there, then trailed her mouth over his warm skin to his chest, her lips lingering, savoring him.

She knew he was no longer asleep when she felt gentle hands in her hair, and heard his breath hitch as she moved lower pressing slow, shivery kisses over his hard stomach, sending currents of desire through them both. She sensed the thrill of his arousal, and her power over him as she moved lower still, kissing and licking the trail of light hair that lead to his growing erection. The gentle hands in her hair tightened, clenching the golden strands between his fingers, and the deep moan that escaped him as she took him into her mouth, made her fully aware of his surrender to her seduction.

“God, Chloe…,” his voice rumbled in ecstasy, his eyes closing over.

Chloe swirled her tongue around the tip of his engorged member, then licked up and down the length of him, only to take him into her mouth once again, suckling, her lips and tongue moving up and then down on him. Her hands stroked his thighs, skimming up over his hipbones, fingers grasping him as he flexed his hips slightly upwards pushing himself into her hot wet mouth.

“Get over here,” he ordered playfully, his voice strained, reaching for her hands to pull her up. “You’re in trouble now, woman,” he growled causing her to giggle lightly.

Oliver picked her up easily, both of them laughing now. He flipped her onto her back trying to pin her down in a wrestling hold, but Chloe wiggled out from under him turning onto her stomach, reaching for the edge of the bed, squealing in delight over her near escape. Oliver was quicker, and grasped both of her ankles in his large hands, pulling her across the sheets, toward him. Their laughter subsided, when she felt the brush of his body against her back, the sensation of his lips and breath against her ear, his whisper causing her to shiver from head to toe.

“I’ve got you now,” he breathed, “You’re mine... only mine,” he whispered, his voice deep and sensual. He pressed slow, persuasive kisses over her neck and shoulders, massaging her back, hands caressing her tingling, heated skin, moving over her bottom, kneading her flesh. His touch sent currents of desire through her. Instinctively, Chloe raised her hips in invitation. He grasped them, and just as instinctively, sunk himself deeply inside her slick velvety depths, a sensuous groan leaving him as he did so. She moaned aloud in erotic pleasure as he filled her again and again, and Chloe pushed her bottom back against him meeting him thrust for thrust. He bent forward, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her to him, panting, his breath in her ear. His hand reached around to touch and rub her clit deliciously, as he continued to plunge into her with increasing fervor. She called his name, begging him to ease the ache he’d created.

“Come for me, Chloe,” his husky voice urged in her ear, knowing he wouldn’t last much longer. Her breath soon came in long surrendering moans, as her womb clenched and her silken walls pulsated around him sending her soaring to an incredible shuddering orgasm.

Oliver ceased his movement within her momentarily, clutching her tightly, burying his face in her hair. Wanting to come so deep inside her, his own body shook in response to hers as he let himself go. Involuntary tremors bursting, explosive, unable to contain his own cries of release as he began moving within her again, slowing then stopping. He didn’t withdraw from her, wanting to stay within her sweet warmth as long as possible. He didn’t let her go.

He held her until their trembling subsided, until their breathing calmed. Then falling back upon the bed, he pulled her with him. Chloe sighed in pleasant exhaustion, curling into the comfort of his arms. She pressed her cheek against his shoulder, stroking his chest with lazy fingertips.

Long moments passed. He was quiet. Too quiet. Chloe wondered what he was thinking. She raised herself up on one elbow, resting her head in her hand. He was staring at the ceiling, brows furrowed in thought. She touched his cheek gently. “Hey.”

He turned dark eyes to her, and his expression softened. “Lex knows,” he said simply. “He knows you have some connection to the Green Arrow.”

“I know,” she said softly, trying to follow his train of thought. Why would he think of this now, after lovemaking? Men made no sense whatsoever.

“That means that eventually, he’ll figure out who I am, and that could put both of us in danger.”

“How so?” She asked still wondering where all this was leading.

He reached up to touch her cheek. A look of uncertainty passed over his face, and he lowered his eyes briefly. “He’s fired you from the Planet.” He gazed up at her again. “Part of that is because of me.”

“Ollie.. it’s not your fault. Lex…”

“No Chloe, hear me out.” How could he explain to her all the things he felt? That every time he made love to her, a part of him wished that she wasn’t on the pill. He wanted a future, a home, children, a life with her that he didn’t think were possible. She made him wish for the impossible.


“Lex will know who the Green Arrow is, because Oliver Queen is in love with Chloe Sullivan.”

“I suppose we can keep it secret, the way you wanted,” she offered.

He shook his head slightly, the look in his eyes becoming earnest and hopeful. “Not if I can convince you to marry me.”

End Chapter 16

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