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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secret Identities Chapter 7

Secret Identities
Chapter 7
*This chapter is NC-17

The haze of dawn was approaching when Oliver awoke. There was something about the new day that brought dread. Somehow the night held hope. Hope that she’d come back. A new dawn only seemed to confirm the reality that she was dead. He didn’t want this reality. He didn’t want the dawn and the light it brought. He wanted Chloe. He longed for her and the light she brought.

* * * * *

“How’s my Sidekick?”

“I’m good. I’ve been trying to do some more digging on Principal Reynolds. How are you? How are things in London?”

“Just got out of a board of directors meeting, and getting ready to go to a business dinner. London is nice, one day I’ll actually have time to do the whole tourist thing. Usually when I’m here it’s strictly business.” He wanted to tell her that he missed her, because he did, terribly. He wanted to tell her that the next time he came to London it would be with her, and they’d be tourists together. “So what have you found on Headmaster… or rather, Principal Reynolds?”

“I’m not sure. I spoke again with Dr. Reynolds, and he sent some files and journals belonging to his brother, hoping I could possibly help. I can’t really make much of sense of it, but it seems Principal Reynolds was doing some sleuthing of his own regarding Lionel Luthor. In some of his writings, he mentions something called ‘Veritas’, does that ring any bells to you?”

“Hmm. No, not really.”

“Well, I’m not sure. Principal Reynolds didn’t seem to know exactly what it was either. Look’s like I’ve hit a dead end for now.” She sighed, and he could hear the shuffle of papers. “And I shouldn’t be working on this right now, since Lex seems to be taking a greater interest in what I’m doing lately.”

“Stay under his radar, I don’t want anything happening to you.” A bit of anxiety over her safety tightened his chest. “You can always go to the penthouse and research from there, Lex can’t monitor you from my systems.”

“Don’t worry, I can handle Lex. And thanks Ollie, I’ll do that.”

“Anything for my Sidekick,” he said, in a mildly humorous tone. Oliver then became quiet for a moment. “Chloe…. I miss you.”

“I miss you too, Ollie.”

* * * * *

The following night, Chloe sat behind Oliver’s desk at the Metropolis penthouse, her cup of coffee sat within easy reach, her sleeves were rolled up, and her iPod was on shuffle. She tapped away at the keyboard of his computer in earnest, yet every inquiry on something called ‘Veritas’ lead to nothing worth noting.

By the end of the hour, she’d decided to give it up for the time being, and rose from the chair, stretching. As she did so, she heard the elevator, and turned toward the sound, frowning. Who could that be? Oliver wasn’t expected back for days, and she’d automatically assumed he’d head back to Star City, not Metropolis. Before she could check the security monitor the elevator had opened, and a somewhat tired looking Oliver Queen, with his dark gray suit coat unbuttoned, and his tie askew, stepped through the doors.

“Ollie!” Chloe’s heart turned over at the sight of him, and she rounded the desk moving toward him.

His eyes brightened upon seeing her, his smile wide. He’d left London sooner than planned, and instead of going home to Star City, he flew directly to Metropolis. She was all he could think about. He’d hoped that she’d be here, and when she was, he couldn’t believe his good fortune. “Hey, Sidekick.” He put his bag down, reaching for her as she approached, sweeping her up weightless into his arms. Kissing her fiercely, cutting off her words. Whatever she was about to say he didn’t know, didn’t care. At that moment all he wanted was her.

She tried to speak between his kisses. “I thought…you were…days…Star City.” She could barely utter the words. It didn’t help that his kisses usually made all the thoughts fly out of her head. Chloe gave up trying to think or speak at all. “Mmmm.”

His kisses became more slow and sensual, tongue tracing her bottom lip, then nipping it lightly between his teeth. Chloe’s hands slid under the opening of his suit jacket, her fingers flexing and splaying over his shirt, exploring the hard muscle beneath. Oliver’s hot mouth pressed a steaming rivulet of languid kisses over her cheek, jaw line and throat. Her head fell back and her breath caught sharply at the tingling thrill of his mouth and tongue and breath over her sensitive skin, sending her insides whirling. The large hand at the small of her back moved lower, and pressed her body to his. Chloe could feel his hardness, insistent against her. His nearness was overwhelming. Chloe arched into him. “Ollie,” she breathed.

He lifted his head and kissed the tip of her nose then gazed down at her, his breathing slightly ragged, and Chloe, feeling drugged from his welcome, was enthralled by the intense longing she saw in his dark eyes. She reached up touching his cheek, and without tearing his eyes from hers, Oliver turned his head slightly pressing a kiss to her palm. Somehow, without words, Chloe understood his unspoken question. Her heart thundered in her chest.

Oliver grasped her hand placing it on his chest. He touched his forehead to hers and stroked her hair. They stood this way silently for a moment, bodies straining against one another. “Chloe,” he began. “God Chloe, I want you so much,” he whispered, deep and husky.

The sound of his voice affected her just as deeply. “I’m here, Ollie,” she answered, sotto voce. “I’m here.”

She was the one to take his hand, and make the first steps toward his bedroom.

When they entered his room, Oliver closed the door, removed his suit jacket and tossed it on a chair. He turned to her, and in one forward motion, she was in his arms. He bent toward her, and Chloe stretched up to meet him, parting her lips in breathless anticipation. His lips covered hers tenderly, as his hand moved to the small of her back, pulling her against him. Chloe could feel him trembling slightly, and she wondered in amazement at the power she had over this big, strong hero.

One hand rose to grip his bicep, her other sliding from his shoulder to his neck, threading her fingers in his hair. Oliver released her long enough to begin undoing the buttons of his shirt, and Chloe helped him, peeling away the fabric, sliding it over his shoulders to reveal smooth skin.

He remained still and watched with barely controlled patience as her small inquisitive hands explored his chest. Chloe marveled at the feel of him beneath her hands. He was smooth but for a light dusting of hair. He was hard, lean. Her searching hands and eyes roamed leisurely over his chest and shoulders, wanting to see and touch and discover every contour, every muscle, until finally some imperative need compelled her to move closer. Chloe’s lids fluttered down as she touched her lips to his warm skin, her mouth and her hot, uneven breath grazing him, her tongue flicking over a nipple.

Oliver’s hands came up, and he drove his fingers into the hair at her temples. The heat of his eyes followed, watching her kiss and lick and caress him with her mouth. Breathing erratically, he took her face in his hands, lifted it to his, and trembling with desire for her, he closed the distance between them swiftly, crushing his mouth to hers, kissing her hotly. Hard. As though he were a drowning man, and she his life’s breath.

He broke the kiss, trailing his fingers from her face to the buttons of her blouse, and together they undid them. Soon her blouse and bra joined his shirt on the floor.

His mouth swooped down to capture hers once again, licking, tasting, devouring her mouth hungrily, and Chloe gasped at the delicious sensation of his warm skin against her breasts. Her hands reached for his belt buckle, tugging it, undoing it, unzipping, and pushing his pants away impatiently. His hands wandered over her body to skim and caress her shoulders, her breasts, the hollow of her back and around to the button of her jeans, opening them, and slipping his hands inside them at her hips to push them down. Blue jeans and Armani suit pants soon occupied the same floor space.

He picked her up, carried her to the bed and lay beside her. “I think I’ve wanted you this way for a long time,” he whispered as his lips skimmed over her cheek breathing a path of kisses along her jaw to the pulse point at her throat. He nuzzled her, his arms gathering her against him.

Chloe shivered at the tendrils of awareness spiraling through her body, and reached up placing her hands about his neck. “If I’m honest with myself, I think I have too,” she said threading her fingers in his hair, remembering the day she first saw him in the barn. And now here she was, in his bed, feeling dazed, weak and breathless as his kisses moved from her throat to her collarbone, then lower placing tender kisses over her breasts.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said softly before he took one pebbled nipple into his hot, wet mouth, and suckled and tugged gently at her breast. The sweet warmth kindling in her belly ignited to a burning flame, and a small soft cry escaped her. His tongue traced a path across the valley of her breasts to take her other nipple into his mouth. Chloe arched her back, offering her breasts to his ravenous lips and tongue, and moaned in pleasure as his teeth gently nipped the tender bud.

Oliver was so hard, it hurt. He moved to pull off his boxers, and then positioned himself above her, straddling her, encouraging her to explore. Chloe’s hands moved over him, splaying her fingers over the rigid plane of his stomach, then lower over his hard belly. Her eyes, bright with the fascination of seeing him completely bared before her for the first time, met his burning ones. He had said she was beautiful, but Lord help her, he was beautiful too.

Oliver stilled himself above her letting her explore him. Chloe moved her hand along the hard, engorged length of him, moving her fingers to the nest of hair to caress the soft velvety corms of his manhood and back up slowly to the wet tip. Her hand encircled his shaft, stroking him, and Oliver’s eyes drifted shut, his hips moving forward slightly of their own accord. A soft moan escaped him, and he stilled her hand, bending forward resting his arms on either side of her, capturing her lips once more in a tender kiss.

He moved lower, pressing soft kisses down her body, his hands skimming and caressing her breasts and stomach, his lips following. His fingers curled around the rim of her panties and he slid them down her legs, caressing her as he did so. Oliver worshipped her, taking his time to touch and caress and kiss almost every part of her, whispering his love for each part of her body. Every hill, every valley.

He rose up to kiss her mouth once more, pressing soft kisses to her eyes, her cheeks, her throat. His hand slid over her belly and came to stop between her legs, his finger finding her sensitive nub. He teased her, making slow circular motions, causing the exquisite ache within her to reach overwhelming heights. Chloe writhed beneath his touch and moaned, her hips pushing against his hand. Oliver slid his finger into her cleft, stroking her entrance, slick with desire for him. “Ollie,” she barely uttered.

“God, you’re so wet,” he crooned deeply in her ear. “So wet for me. I just want to….”

He kissed a path to her stomach, lower still until he reached the treasure of wetness between her thighs. He savored the taste of her, suckling, licking, teasing. His tongue moving inside her, then circling and flicking across her clit, his hands cupping her bottom. Chloe’s head fell back as her body jolted unexpectedly, and she cried out pressing herself against his mouth. The pleasure was so acutely torturous, she thought she would die from it.

“Ollie… please… uhh! Oh my God!”

Oliver raised his head, and slid his body upward, his skin rubbing seductively against hers. The sleek caress of his body enveloped her like a warm blanket woven of thrilling anticipation. He settled himself between her legs, pressing her down with his hips and Chloe could feel the tip of his manhood touch the folds of her entrance.

Oliver kissed her and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He raised his head slightly to look at her, watching her green eyes widen slightly as he tilted his hips, flexing slightly, pushing forward slowly, the tip of his manhood gaining entrance. His brown eyes smoldered, and she could not take her eyes from his as he pushed again slowly stretching her, filling her, sheathing himself farther inside her exquisite warmth. Inch by inch he entered her, and when he had filled her completely, he remained motionless inside her.

Chloe reached up to touch his lips and cheek with her fingertips. No one had ever made love to her like this, so tender, so loving.

Still he did not move. Fiery sensations raced through her. Chloe felt the mounting, pulsing tension flow between them at the place where their bodies joined. She wanted to move desperately and pushed her hips against him. Oliver answered withdrawing from her almost completely only to fill her very slowly again… again… again.

Chloe’s hands slid down his body, her nails grazing him to grasp his buttocks, pulling him closer. She moved against him, matching the increasing rhythm of his undulating hips. She closed her eyes then and raised her knees higher, wanting, needing to feel all of him inside her. “More…,” she breathed.

“Chloe…,’ he breathed through parted lips, lowering his head to kiss and nuzzle her. “You feel so good,” he all but groaned.

“I want all of you,” she moaned.

Oliver obliged her, and drove into her harder, faster, the passion of his ardor mounting. Chloe met his every thrust until she felt herself becoming lost in him. Until she didn’t know where he ended and she began. Didn’t know who was leading and who was following, who was pushing and who was pulling. Then suddenly, there was no stopping the dizzying, whirling, pulsating sensations in her womb. Chloe rode on wave after wave of them as they radiated, flooding her body like icy heat.

Deep cries of male ecstasy sounded in the room, mingling with her feminine ones. He gave her everything, his warm wet release filling her, until his movements gradually slowed, then stopped. Oliver remained inside her for a time, his face pressed against the curve of her shoulder. A thin sheen of perspiration covered them both. Chloe stroked and smoothed his hair, neck and shoulders, as sweet lethargy overcame them, and their breathing became normal again.

Oliver turned on his side, gathering her in his arms. Chloe snuggled against him, their legs entwined. His hand caressed slowly down her body from breast to hip, simply enjoying the freedom to do so.

“I’m so glad you left London sooner than expected,” she murmured tiredly as she stroked his arm, snuggling into his embrace.

He touched his lips to her brow. “I had to. I missed you too much,” he whispered, hugging her tighter. Oliver, already tired from his travel, soon fell into the numbing sleep of a satisfied lover.

Chloe lay awake for some time afterwards, worry nibbling at her. She had yet to tell Oliver that she was meteor infected. She wasn’t certain if, when or how to tell him, and she worried over how he’d react. It was getting harder to keep all the secrets from everyone, to juggle all the lies. Clark, Lois, the rest of the Justice League. She was certain they had some suspicions about how she’d been spending her time. And she was even more certain that the League members had noticed the growing closeness between the Green Arrow and his Watchtower.

* * * * *

“Oliver.” It was Clark’s voice rousing him from his reverie. Oliver looked over at him. Clark looked as though he was straining to hear something.

“What is it?” he asked not certain whether to panic or rejoice.

Clark smiled for the first time since he’d been there, unable to contain the excitement in his voice. “Her heart’s beating!”

End Chapter 7

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