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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Déjà Vu Chapter 12

Déjà Vu
Chapter 12

Oliver sat in the long bench seat in the hold of the communications van, Chloe still cradled in his lap. He’d been holding her, since they’d been buried underground awaiting rescue. Both she and Oliver looked as though they’d just been through a war zone, covered in dirt and blood. Bart and A.C. sat opposite; all were quietly anticipating Chloe’s awakening, each one lost in thought.

What had happened to Lex? Had he made it out in time without injury? What would Lex do now if he survived? Had Chloe regained her memory? These and other questions whirled around in each team members’ mind, as Victor drove into the parking garage of Queen Tower, Clark riding shotgun.

The van pulled to a halt, and suddenly the silence was broken by Chloe’s gasp and movement that nearly caused Oliver to drop her. She blinked rapidly, then reached for him, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling herself up in his lap, clinging to him desperately. She buried her face against his throat, breathing heavily.

Oliver spoke softly in her ear, as his gloved hands stroked and soothed her. “It’s okay, Chloe. We’re home.”

She nodded lightly, remaining this way until her breathing returned to normal, she then lifted her head, turning slowly, her cheek pressed up against Oliver’s jaw as she gazed across the hold of the van to see Bart and A.C. The two of them staring at her dirt and tear streaked face with anxious, expectant looks.

Suddenly she realized that she was probably revealing a bit too much about her relationship with Oliver the way she was sitting on his lap, clinging to him for dear life. A small, hesitant, sheepish grin formed on her lips as she looked at the two across from her. “Uh… Bart, A.C... This is… uh.. sorry…awkward.” She gazed up at the man holding her. “I’m sorry, Ollie,” she whispered. “I-I don’t know what came over me. I’m fine now. You can let me go… uh…put me down,” she said nervously, as her hand slipped down from his neck over his chest, attempting to push him away.

Her memory had returned, he knew it. She called him ‘Ollie’; she remembered that the others were unaware of their relationship. Oliver grinned down at her. He felt such relief and elation, that he didn’t care what Bart and A.C. would think. He cupped her cheek and lifting her face to his, he pressed parted lips over hers, kissing her deeply, right in front of them. He tasted the salt from the tears she’d cried, dirt from the underground passage, and blood. He couldn’t help but think it was one of the most amazing, fulfilling kisses he’d ever had. She whimpered, wide-eyed, and Oliver felt her body tense as she tried to get some distance, but he prevented it, pulling her closer. “It’s okay. They know,” he murmured against her lips, then kissed her once more briefly, pulling away only to rest his forehead against hers.

“They do?”

Oliver smiled. “Yes.”

She threw her arms around his neck. “My memory… it’s back.” Her voice, full of wonder, broke with emotion. “Oh Ollie, I remember!” She began laughing, crying all at once, pressing frantic kisses everywhere over his dirt smudged face. “I remember everything, all of it!”

“You remember us, Chloelicious?” Bart was hopeful.

“Oh, yes!” Oliver released her when she scooted out of his arms, watching her cross the short distance to the two men that were now up on their feet. She threw her arms around each of them in turn, as though she hadn’t seen them in ages, and this was a joyous reunion.

“How did you find out about us?”

“We finally got him to tell us,” Bart sighed as though pained, hugging her. “I still think you should have picked me instead of Jolly Green over there, but hey, I get it.” Bart winked at Oliver over her shoulder.

Chloe laughed and squeezed him once more before turning to A.C.

“I gotta say, it was really weird having to pretend I didn’t know you,” A.C. said during their bear hug.

Chloe turned in A.C.’s grasp. “Victor? Clark? Where are they?” she asked Oliver excitedly.

Immediately after she spoke, and before he could answer, the rear van doors opened, and Chloe practically threw herself down into Victor’s arms hugging him. “Victor!”

Victor hugged back, setting her down on her feet, then looked at the others over her head, laughing. “I take it she remembers?”

Oliver’s smiled broadly. “She remembers.”

Chloe then turned her attention to Clark, who stood nearby, wrapping her arms around him too. “Oh Clark!” She wept freely now. This was her Clark, her best friend and it felt as though she hadn’t seen him in a lifetime. She kissed his cheek softly. “I’ve missed you so much,” she cried.

“I’m just glad you’re back, Chloe,” Clark returned her hug, holding onto her for long moments. “Oliver’s been a mess since this all started,” he whispered in her ear. “We’ve all been trying to get you back to us.” Chloe smiled up at him sadly. Poor Oliver. She hadn’t realized just how much he had come to love her. He’d made every effort as both the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen to regain her trust, even at the risk of exposing his identity, and she hoped that Lex would not connect Oliver’s interest in her along with the Green Arrow’s.

“Thanks, Clark. I know you were there for him.” She hugged him one final time, then left his arms to stand beside Oliver, who welcomed her into his embrace, pulling her up close against him.

She wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, and gazed up at him lovingly, their eyes meeting. Chloe lifted her hand to caress his cheek. “We could both use a shower, huh?”

Oliver pressed his lips to her forehead. “That can definitely be arranged,” he whispered.

“What about Lex? What happened to him?” She glanced at the others.

“We don’t know, but we’ll find out soon enough.” Oliver answered. “Let’s get cleaned up and worry about it in the morning.”

The guys complimented each other on a job well done, and then made various excuses to leave and said their goodbyes, all thankful that Chloe had returned to them, glad to have their Watchtower back.

They entered the penthouse. Oliver began to put away his gear watching her move about, touching various things, a vase, a picture frame, his computer. She went to each room, as if to reacquaint herself with everything in it. Her smile was bright and beautiful when she returned to his side. “I feel like George Bailey, greeting everything I took for granted before.”

“As long as you don’t greet me with ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Potter!’ I’m good.”

She laughed, and her smile was infectious. “I actually have a different greeting in mind for you,” she murmured suggestively as she unzipped his vest, her hands slipping underneath, palms sliding over his skin.

Oliver shivered at her touch, his pulse quickening. God, he missed her. Wanted her desperately. But her smile faded, and her eyes grew serious, taking on a pained look, as her hands slipped up over his collarbones and moved over his shoulders beneath the leather, pushing his vest away until he’d shrugged out of it completely and it fell to the floor. “What’s wrong?” he whispered, wrapping an arm around her waist, and lifting a hand to cup her cheek.

“Two months. For two months I couldn’t remember anything. How did I survive for that long without you? We lost two months that we can never get back, I mean, I know it could have been worse, but I can’t help but feel that we were both violated, something taken from us, with me being stripped of my memories for however long it was.”

Oliver brought her head to rest against his bare chest, cradling her cheek, stroking her hair.

“I don’t know how it happened,” she continued, pressing her cheek against his skin. “I remember being strapped to a table, and then pain, not just physical pain, every kind of hurt imaginable. And then I blacked out. And you… Oliver. You never stopped looking for me or, trying to get me back even when I didn’t know you, or remember who you were.” Her palm caressed the light dusting of hair over his pectoral next to her cheek.

“You would have done the same for me,” he whispered.

“Yes, I would have.” Chloe gave him a one armed squeeze, continuing to caress his chest with her other hand. “I have to admit, the bumping into me at the Talon, and especially sneaking the packet into my bed was rather ingenious.”

“It’s over now. And now you’re here, and it’s everything I’ve wanted and needed for the past two months. We’ll make up for lost time, Chloe, and we don’t have to hide anymore.”

“I love you, Oliver Queen,” she whispered, snuggling against him. “And you had me falling for you all over again. Some part of me must have known, or maybe it was just your Queen charm.”

Without looking up, Chloe could hear the cocky smile in his voice. “My charm didn’t fail me the first time, I had no doubt I could win you again.” This earned him a mild sock in the gut, making him chuckle. He’d missed simply laughing with her, and his heart became light yet full at the same time, happy to have her by his side again. “I love you too, Chloe Sullivan,” he said, pulling her closer against his body.

“There’s only one more thing we need.” Chloe lifted her head, resting her chin on his chest, peering up at him.

“We’re finally here together. What more could we be in need of?”

“A good scrubbing. I’m headed for the shower, care to join me?”

A smile spread on his handsome face. “Lead the way, Watchtower.”

When they reached the bathroom, they undressed each other, eager hands seeking to rid one another of the coverings that impeded them, taking every opportunity to touch and caress as they did so. Thin torn pajamas, and green leather pants landed in a heap on the bathroom floor. They stood together naked, the caress of bodies brushing against one another. He didn’t want to wait. He wanted her now, no matter that they were both dirt smeared. He took her face in his hands, and lowering his head, he closed the distance between them, his lips capturing hers, pressing against hers, then gently covering her mouth, slowly, devouring the softness of her lips.

He raised his head, his lips a mere inch away. “I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered, then recaptured her mouth with his, this time more impassioned, telling her with his kisses, and the pressure of his body against hers, exactly what he wanted.

Instinctively, her body arched toward him, her hands sliding and skimming over the muscles of his back, her soft curves and skin, and breasts, pressed against his lean, body. “Mmmm. I can tell,” she smiled, her voice a silky murmur against his lips, “I’ve missed you too, Ollie.”

“I want you now, Chloe. Need you now,” he breathed desperately, as he kissed around her mouth and jaw line. Oliver picked her up, and set her on the bathroom counter top, his hands grasping her knees, separating them. His fingers grazed her thighs, sending tingling sensations through her, as he moved between her legs, his erection almost immediately seeking entrance, the tip of his manhood probing and rubbing against her wet slit. “It feels like it’s been forever.” His lips found hers once again, his passion rising. “Can’t wait anymore,” he panted lightly, his lips brushing against hers. “Have to have you now…. now.”

Chloe’s intention was to shower first and rid themselves of the dust, dirt, and patches of dried blood before making love, but she couldn’t deny him or herself. It had been two months since she’d felt him filling her, hot and hard inside her, and the way he was kissing her and touching her, and whispering his need in her ear, drove her, the passion in his voice reverberating deep into the soft core of her body. His need soon became hers. His hands on her body caused shivers of delight to follow his every touch. How she’d missed his hands, and his mouth, and his skin against hers. Chloe surrendered to him completely. She leaned back on the counter slightly, his lips following hers. Chloe dug her fingers into his hair pulling him toward her, drowning in his kisses as she tipped her hips to welcome his body.

Increasingly urgent sighs and moans mingled and filled the bathroom. Oliver flexed his hips, gathering her against his body, hands grasping and sliding beneath her bottom. His fingers dug into her soft flesh, as he pushed himself further inside her, then partially withdrawing, entering again, easing his way into her slick warmth further with each rocking motion of his hips, inch by inch until she enveloped and surrounded him completely. Oliver shuddered.

“Oh God,” her voice quavered, trailing off as he began a slow, delicious rhythm, plunging deeper, harder each time, filling her, overwhelming her, until there was nothing else that existed in the world but him. His movements quickened, his arduous pace increasing, mounting with every thrust. “Oliver…” his name a long whispering moan.

A torturous, guttural sound left his lips in answer to his name, and he stilled himself momentarily, deep inside her, resting his forehead against hers. They breathed each other’s erratic breaths. He licked his lips, wetting them. “Shit,” he panted. He had to stop, or he’d come too quickly. He’d been too long without her.

Chloe tipped her chin to capture his mouth with hers. “Don’t stop, Ollie. I don’t care,” she whispered between kisses. “We have all night, and you feel so damn good,” she breathed more kisses against his lips, and over his cheek. “Come for me,” she whispered in his ear. “Don’t stop. I want to feel you, love how you feel inside me…”

She began to wiggle her hips against his, making him groan. His mouth covered hers hungrily, and he moved against her, meeting her over and over. Filling her again and again. Together they found the frantic tempo that bound their bodies together. “Fuck…”

His raw sensuousness carried her to greater heights. He’d been worried about her pleasure, wanting her to be satisfied, but this time his concern was needless. She’d missed him just as much, and was just as close as he was to her own orgasm, burning sweetness low in her belly, building with every thrust. Her desire for him consumed her, his passion swirled around her, and Chloe knew in that moment she’d never love anyone the way she loved him. “Harder.”

His brows knit, then relaxed as his eyes closed. “Chloe…” he called her, a moan of ecstasy slipping through his lips, groaning sounds escaping him as involuntary tremors shook him, an arc of electricity passing through his body to hers. Too long without her. Too long, and he never wanted to be away from her again. He didn’t care how it had happened between them anymore, or when. None of it mattered. He couldn’t live like that again. Without her. Oliver came for her, with her, shuddering in his release. His head fell forward against her shoulder, his breath fanning her heated skin, his hands stroking her thighs, sliding up over her hips, around her back, pulling her closer. They relaxed against one another for a time, until he lifted his head, and his lips sought hers once more. When he pulled away, they were smiling into each other’s eyes; no words were needed between them. They were together again, and it was all that mattered.

Grinning playfully, he wrapped his arms around her, picking her up and setting her in the shower. They helped each other wash, laughing, and for a while, there were no cares, no concerns, there were no narrow escapes from death, no 33.1 facilities, no Lex Luthors, no evil doctors, no dangerous missions, no Green Arrow and Watchtower. There was only Chloe and Oliver enjoying each other, giving themselves to each other. Simply, wholly and completely.

End Chapter 12

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