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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anything But Ordinary Chapter 7

Anything But Ordinary
Chapter 7

This night would be full of revelations for Oliver Queen. After all, a day of reckoning could not be postponed forever. Like light shed upon things once hidden in shadows, things he’d known but hadn’t wanted to see or admit completely, most of them about Chloe, but about himself too would become suddenly clear. All would be revealed, and his heart would ache with all he knew to be true.

He lay in the alley, the scent of his own blood reaching him, slick warmth, seeping through the torn leather of his costume, pain unbearable. He’d seen the beast attack her, and his only thought was that he had to get to her somehow. She looked so small lying on the ground in a heap, like a child’s rag doll tossed carelessly aside. He had to get to her, or die trying.

She’d gotten the wind knocked out of her but good, yet the beast had not harmed her otherwise. Chloe gradually came back to herself, and shook off the blow, rolling to her side trying painfully to breathe. Gloved hands were there reaching for her, grasping at her, attempting to pull her up. “Chloe.” His voice was barely audible, his breathing labored.

She lifted her head, and even in the dimness she could see his wounds. Claw marks ran down his arms, dripping blood, his green leather tunic torn to shreds, and dark-stained. “Oh my God, Oliver!”

He swayed on his feet, collapsing at her side, a grunt escaping him as his body hit the ground.

The creature had nearly gutted him, long, deep gashes ran down his torso, blood flowed freely, and Chloe wondered how he’d managed to reach her, and yet there he was attempting to pick her up. Her heart wrenched painfully in her chest. Even wounded as badly as he was, his only thought was for her safety.

She leaned over him, trying to assess his wounds. “It’s going to be all right. Just take me back to the penthouse,” he thought he heard her say, not comprehending why. He was in no condition to take her anywhere at the moment.

And then it clicked in his mind. The last time she’d healed him, he wasn’t even aware of it, and so when she placed her hands on his wounds he wasn’t certain what to expect. Oliver remembered that Clark hadn’t wanted her to heal him, but never understood why, until Clark told him that she took on the pain of whatever injury she healed. She’d be incapacitated, and now understanding dawned. Take her back to the penthouse. “Chloe,” he shook his head. He knew exactly how Clark must have felt. He didn’t want her to feel this kind of pain. “No, Chloe.”

“Yes. It’ll be all right,” she soothed, cradling his head in one hand and stroking his cheek tenderly with the other. She moved her hand over his wounds, and he watched in utter shock and fascination as a bright, glowing light emanated from her palm. Her eyelids closed as odd numbing sensations filled him, healed and comforted him. Her essence permeated his every cell. He could feel his torn flesh knitting, his body becoming whole again, his strength surging within him, returning. For a moment, the light grew blinding, and then suddenly it was gone.

Oliver blinked several times in rapid succession. Chloe’s limp body was sprawled atop his, and panic filled his heart. “Chloe!” He gathered her in his arms, sitting up, cradling her. She was alive, barely. He stroked her hair and whispered soothingly until her shallow gasps evened out. Was this what had happened to her last time she’d healed him? Knowing what she’d done for him twice now, had his insides twisted in a maelstrom of feelings for the woman in his arms.

Another revelation. A hot wave of shame, unexpected, unwanted, washed over him as well, and he finally understood fully, why Clark was so angry with him that night. She’d saved his life, and he’d been carelessly squandering it all away. Knowing she’d healed him, and the actual witnessing of it were two very different things. He hadn’t seen the after effects the way that Clark had. Oliver had wanted something to believe in, a reason for the Green Arrow to continue. Chloe told him that those reasons still existed, and though he knew she’d been right, up until this moment, he hadn’t really believed. It hadn’t really hit him until now, until he witnessed first hand what her power could do to her, what her sacrifice meant. She willingly risked herself, not knowing if it would be the last time. And she’d called him a hero. He hadn’t deserved the title.

Oliver clutched her to his chest, gathering her up closely, gaining leverage and rising to his feet. He cradled her head against his shoulder, moving toward his overturned bike. Getting her home like this on his motorcycle would be no easy task, but they needed to get out of here. If that thing came back, there’d be no way he could defend them both.

Setting her down gently, he righted the bike, then picked her up once more deciding to settle her across the seat in front of him holding onto her with one arm. It was awkward and slow going, but he’d finally made it back to the tower. Once there, he carried her to his room and laid her carefully on his bed. Hood lowered, glasses removed, he sat down on the bed beside her and checked her pulse once more, placing his fingers at her throat. It was still there, steady but weak, thank God. Her eyes opened briefly, a look of recognition entered them, and then her lids closed over once more. His fingertips strayed to caress her cheek, then roved gently over her lips. “I’m sorry, Chloe,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have asked you to come with me. This wouldn’t have happened…”

She lifted her gaze to his once more. “No. Oliver.” Chloe reached for his hand against her cheek feebly, her fingers trembling with the effort, clasping his hand in hers and holding it, warm against her skin. “Just… stay… with me,” she whispered, her voice tremulous and weak.

“Anything for you, Mistress Watchtower,” he answered, softly. He meant what he’d said. He’d do anything for her. Anything.

She smiled up at him weakly, her eyes closing at the soothing touch of his fingers threading through her hair.

Oliver glanced down at his bloodstained, shredded tunic and stood to remove it, moving away from the bed. He shed his costume completely, stepping into the adjacent bathroom, checking himself where his wounds had been. There was nothing, no trace of any injury whatsoever, only the blood he’d shed was left as any indication that he’d been wounded at all. He washed the blood from his body, then slipped into sweat pants and a t-shirt.

Returning to Chloe’s side, he cleaned her bloodied hands as best as he could with a wash cloth, removed her shoes, pulled back the covers, settling her under them, then moved the bedroom chair taking a seat next to her. He gazed at her for long moments, not really knowing what else to do but wait, and think. What to do about his feelings for her? Any other time, with any other woman, he’d simply go for it. He wasn’t stupid, he knew his looks, and his money garnered an abundance of female attention, most of it superficial and meaningless, and sometimes that was fine with him. But aside from Lois, there hadn’t been anyone who’d held his interest for long, no one he’d really cared about, and after Lois, he’d sunk into despair and had no desire to fall again.

Not knowing where to put these feelings and the inability to act on them was frustrating to him. He knew that to act upon them now would be pointless. Her breakup with Jimmy was too new and raw, and though he and Lois had parted ways months ago, he wanted to be certain of his own feelings for Chloe as well. He didn’t want her to be a Lois substitute, nor did he want to be some rebound guy for Chloe. This fact alone was enough to make him realize that whatever it was he felt for her could be something so much more than he’d ever felt for anyone. It didn’t scare him. She really was the only one who knew him, every side of him. She’d seen him at his absolute worst, and still she’d had faith in him, believed in him.

Her soft voice broke into his thoughts. “Oliver.”

He sat up, reaching for her hand. Cool fingers closed around his and she tugged weakly, wanting him closer.

“Don’t… leave me.”

“I won’t, angel. I promise.”

“Here,” she whispered. “Sleep.” Oliver allowed her to pull him closer, and he understood what she wanted. He abandoned all thought of propriety, and pulled back the covers. He climbed into the bed beside her, slipping underneath the sheets with her, arranging them over them both, then gathering her up and enfolding her in his arms. She fit as perfectly against his body as he’d imagined. Cradling her head against his chest, he stroked her hair absently. The night had been full of revelations, and his heart ached with all that he knew to be true. He closed his eyes, relaxing, waiting for sleep to come. He’d have to put his feelings on hold. He’d wait. Drifting off to sleep with Chloe in his arms, he hoped that patience was truly a virtue.

* * * * *

“Ms. Sullivan.”

Chloe lifted her eyes from the computer screen to find Tess Mercer strolling casually into the inner office of ISIS, two of her guards not far behind. She cast a cursory glance around the room, her eyes finally settling on Chloe once more, a barely contained smirk curving her lips.

“Ms. Mercer. What can I do for you?” Chloe asked, guardedly, closing up one of the Veritas files she’d been working on.

“Actually, I think there just might be something we can do for each other.”

“No offense, but that’s highly doubtful.”

“I know you and the Green Arrow broke into Luthorcorp last night.”

This news didn’t faze Chloe in the least. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I was home last night.”

Tess raised a manicured brow. “Alone I imagine? No Jimmy around to act as an alibi? Pity.”

Chloe swallowed hard, trying not to reveal her anger. “Like I said. I doubt there’s anything you can do for me.”

“Oh, I think there is.” Tess stepped closer, her heels clicking purposefully.

Chloe tipped her head, waiting.

“You have something I want. I have something you want. It’s really quite simple.”

“I’m sure you have nothing I want, and unless you’re meteor infected, I doubt there’s anything of interest for you here.”

“Let’s stop the merry-go-round, shall we? You have a healing ability and advanced intelligence. I have something that belongs to a friend of yours. The Traveler?”

Chloe’s eyes thinned as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“You use that brain of yours to help me locate Lex Luthor, and return what information you’ve stolen from Luthorcorp files, and I’ll give you what’s in my possession.”

“Even if I could find Lex, what makes you think I’d help you? And for that matter, what makes you think I’m even slightly interested in something that belongs to some traveler?”

Tess strolled around the room, her eyes sweeping the interior with renewed interest. “Aside from the fact that what I possess is very valuable to the Traveler, I suppose I could have you arrested for breaking and entering the Luthorcorp building if that’s any incentive,” Tess intoned, her voice chilly and distant. “Though I am disappointed in the company you keep. The Green Arrow?” she scoffed, her tone coolly disapproving. “Seems a bit beneath you, Ms. Sullivan.” She turned to face Chloe. “Then again, your taste in men leaves something to be desired. Photographers, green leather-wearing terrorists. I do believe I see a trend in your attraction to the bottom feeders.” She stepped closer, peering into Chloe’s eyes, her voice lowered to a sultry, mocking whisper. “Did he promise you anything? He’s not very good about keeping promises.”

Chloe returned her stare with a fiery one of her own, her voice mimicking Tess’s sultry calm. “Have me arrested if you have proof that I’ve broken into Luthorcorp…”

Tess motioned to one of her guards who handed her a large manila envelope. She pulled several light-distorted photographs from them. Though the images were almost too bright to see much of anything, they were of her and the Green Arrow in the alley behind the Luthorcorp building. Chloe’s jaw nearly dropped, but she kept her surprise hidden. The photographs were taken as she’d healed him, light emanating from her hands caused the overexposure, but the figures were clear enough.

“That proves nothing,” Chloe defended.

“It proves your association with him. It proves you were there last night. It proves your healing ability. You’ve healed him before haven’t you?” Tess smirked as she gave Chloe a once over. “I admit I’d wondered over his mysterious, swift recovery.” She stepped around Chloe, nearly murmuring in her ear. “You must care for him very much. Is he the reason you broke off your engagement to the photographer?”

Chloe spoke confidently without turning around. “Why you know or care so much about my personal life is disturbing. Sounds as though you need a new hobby, or you know, a life of your own?”

Tess laughed humorlessly, pacing the room once more. “You want to track that creature don’t you? You want to make certain that the Traveler is safe?” She came to stand before Chloe. “You want to keep the Green Arrow’s identity a secret? An arrangement would be mutually beneficial.”

Chloe bit her lip, but said nothing, her gaze on Tess remaining suspicious.

“Think about it. I’ll be in touch, Ms. Sullivan,” Tess said, then turned on her heel and swept from the room, her two suited guards following closely behind. She pivoted one last time, speaking over her shoulder. “Oh, and you can keep those photographs. I have the originals.”

Certain Tess was gone, Chloe reached for her cell phone, hitting the speed dial. “Oliver, I need to see you as soon as possible. Tess just paid me a visit, but there’s something else. Something on one of the files I want you to look at with me about Veritas, and… possibly, your parents.”

End Chapter 7

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