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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Signal Fire chapter 15

Signal Fire
Chapter 15

In a span of two weeks, there were three more murders with all indications pointing to the Green Arrow. Someone claiming to be the Green Arrow called in a bomb threat to the mayor’s office that had all of Star City at a standstill for an entire day, a bank robbery. Terrified bank tellers and patrons said a man wielding a crossbow, dressed in a hooded, green leather costume along with several accomplices dressed in black fatigues, their faces covered with ski-masks had demanded the money.

Lex noted that Queen had been silent and nearly invisible through these incidents. Chloe Sullivan continued her defense of the Green Arrow, through continued editorials and articles. She’d been making a name for herself in Star City over the past weeks with well-written rebuttals to criticism of the Emerald Archer, proving the crimes to be the work of an impostor and creating doubt among the citizens of Star City, rallying many of them behind the true Emerald Archer. But the public wanted to know where the real Green Arrow was hiding, and why he’d remain silent over an impostor hell bent on ruining him. A call rose up for him to defend himself publicly. Little did they know, he already was, through Chloe’s written words.

Philip entered Lex’s hidden Star City office, removing the dark glasses, and pulling the green hood down as he tossed the fresh copy of the Star City Gazette on top of Lex’s mahogany desk, over some building blueprints he’d been studying and marking up with red ink.

“Is it over now?”

Lex’s eyes swept over the headlines and fuzzy video camera photos from the bank heist. When his gaze lifted to Philip, still dressed in the Green Arrow’s costume, his blue eyes turned hard and cold. Philip had been out making mischief tonight. “Hardly. Queen is trying to ruin me. They’re finalizing the takeover of LexCorp.” Lex pushed himself up from his chair and stood, rounding his desk. “And preparing to celebrate my demise with a big party in Gotham,” he said, stepping over to the mini-bar in his office.

“Tess ruined you. Not Queen.”

Lex grasped the nearest bottle, smirking lightly. “Yes. And she’s dead.”

“When will this stop?”

“When I’ve achieved the complete and utter downfall of Oliver Queen,” Lex retorted, as if that were obvious.

“Mr. Luthor.”

“No one is indestructible, Philip.”

“Including yourself.”

Lex poured amber liquid into a glass. “I like that about you. You’re not afraid to speak your mind.”

“When,” Philip demanded.

“There’s one more thing I have in mind,” he gestured toward his desk, where he’d been working on the newest plan.

Philip’s eyes flicked briefly toward the building schematics on the desk; half covered by the newspaper he’d just tossed there. He waited. “Attack them at the party?”

A short haughty laugh escaped the back of Lex’s throat. “Come now, Philip. Wouldn’t that be too obvious?” Lex took a seat behind his desk once more; drink in hand. He swirled it around, gazing into the liquid as though it held all the answers. “How do you feel about visiting your old place of employment?” Lex lifted his eyes then, gauging Philip’s response.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, all those editorials in praise of the Green Arrow. Every time the he commits a crime, she seems to find all the inconsistencies in the evidence, all the mistakes, and she turns them around, thwarting our efforts, turning them into one big conspiracy theory against the Green Arrow. People believe what she writes. It’s a bit annoying, don’t you think?” Lex leaned back in his chair, lifting the glass to his lips, sipping quietly as he eyed Philip over the rim.

For all he’d turned completely to the side of darkness, Philip’s heart wrenched at Lex’s implication. Chloe was the only secret light that remained inside of him. Something precious he kept hidden away from the world, most times even from himself. Gone were dreams of a home and family and a quiet life as a reporter in Metropolis. He’d become someone else now. Someone he didn’t care to know, or consider too closely. “You want Queen, fine. Go after him. You don’t need Chloe Sullivan.”

“I do want Queen, I am going after him, and Chloe Sullivan is the best way to achieve my goal. You know that as well as I do, maybe better,” he intoned meaningfully. “Let’s give her one last thing to write about, shall we?”

“What are you planning?”

“Next week. Monday morning, the Green Arrow will call in a bomb threat from the Star City Gazette building.”

“Another bomb threat?”

“This one’s real.”

“Mr. Luthor…”

“You’ll need all the men we can round up. Rig the entire building with explosives, then swarm it, holding hostages, releasing them gradually over a period of time of course, with the exception of one; Ms. Sullivan. And then we barter for her life. Queen would pay whatever price the ‘Green Arrow’ demanded, I’m sure,” Lex nearly smiled at the twisted irony of it all, his eyes glazing over briefly, as he imagined the scene and how it would all unfold. “What do you think, ten million? That would be nothing to Queen, especially to save the woman he loved.” Lex took another sip of his drink, relishing the burn as the liquid warmed his throat.

“Mr. Luthor…”

“Once the drop is made,” Lex put his now empty glass down on the desk with finality. “You’ll have to kill her,” he went on unaffected, rising once more from his chair, and moving closer, stepping around Philip. “The ‘Green Arrow’ kills the one person who’s been his staunchest public supporter. I think that would put an end to the debate, don’t you?”

Philip’s lips pressed together, thinning in an anguished grimace; every part of his body and soul screaming to be released from this dark, inescapable prison. He’d gone too far, was in too deep, and now there seemed to be no way out. He shook his head, one simple word leaving him in a fervent rush, his voice deepening like gravel. “No.”

“Your concern for Ms. Sullivan is noted, and oddly, quite touching. But if you don’t kill her, one of my other men will,” Lex threatened smoothly, circling Philip, coming to stand behind him as Philip turned his gaze to the floor between his feet, his breath becoming erratic, the heat of the form-fitting, green leather costume suffocating him.

He continued to shake his head. “No,” he ground out with rough anxiety.

“Kill her. Kill her and get her out of your blood once and for all.” Lex lowered his voice meaningfully, taunting quietly close behind. “She’ll never be yours Philip. Not now. Not ever. You’ll never have her. How does it feel knowing that? Having to live with that knowledge?” Lex lowered his head, stopping momentarily, his voice hard and resentful. “I know what it’s like to love a woman you can never have. It’s not fair that a man like Oliver Queen has a woman like Chloe by his side. He doesn’t deserve her love. Not the way you do. But there is something you can do about the injustice.”

At this Philip turned around, anguished eyes staring at the man in front of him in disbelief. Killing Chloe would be killing the last decent part of himself that remained. “I can’t.”

Lex returned Philip’s gaze. “Take from Oliver Queen what you’ve been denied,” he urged, his voice was velvet, yet edged with steel. “Destroy that which you can never have; finally be rid of her. It’s the only way to keep her from haunting you forever, and wondering ‘what if’. You owe me Philip. You owe me your life, twice over. I own you. Chloe Sullivan dies on Monday. Would you rather she die by someone else’s hand, or yours?”

* * * * *

Every day he read the papers, news feeds, the Internet articles about the latest crimes the Green Arrow had committed. And every time, Chloe was right behind the scenes, getting information from police sources, the coroner’s office, investigators; completing her own research. She’d written some of the most amazing work he’d ever read, and though he anguished over the horrible things done by someone using one of his costumes and his gear, he couldn’t come out publicly and simply proclaim himself as the Green Arrow; he couldn’t defend himself. Chloe was his best chance of fighting back right now.

She’d watch him silently as he read the latest. Watched his face. The sadness, the anger, the frustration that crossed his features, feeling helpless to do much more than use the power of the pen to fight back. She’d go to him silently, and gently lay her hands on his shoulders, and he’d reach for her, accepting her comfort, and offering his own.

Until Lex made a grave mistake, until he made a move, it seemed there was nothing more they could do. They didn’t know where he was, or how he’d been orchestrating events, or where he’d strike next. They didn’t know who had been posing as the Green Arrow. Was it Philip? Chloe had her suspicions. Philip and Oliver were of similar build and height. The suit would probably fit him. She tried to remember any other guards who might be able to don the green leather, but they were a blur in her mind. She hadn’t paid close enough attention in the sea of nameless, faceless guards in black fatigues in their time at Black Creek.

It weighed heavily on both of them, but Chloe wasn’t going to give up. So when the final merger was completed, and Bruce had invited them to celebrate the takeover of LexCorp with a gala, meant mainly to create public spectacle as an insult to Lex, Chloe insisted that they go. Since they’d returned from Black Creek, they’d remained somewhat secluded in the manor. They had to put on a show, for the public, and most of all to show Lex that no matter what he did, he wouldn’t stop them. Besides, she’d said, as she’d wrapped her arms around his neck; it would be the first time they’d been out at such a swanky event in awhile, and it was a good excuse to enjoy themselves for the first time in weeks. Oliver’s answering smile, and the soft kiss pressed to her forehead lightened her heart.

Despite the recent turmoil, Chloe couldn’t help but be a bit excited. She’d never been to Gotham City before. The city was a mix of old and new, brick and glass, gothic and modern structures that said eclectic, if not confused. Somehow it worked, and Chloe found herself quite intrigued and fascinated by it all.

As soon as Oliver exited the limo in front of the Gotham Arts Centre, the camera flashes erupted, interspersed with those calling his name, and asking who accompanied him. Was there someone new? Had Ms. Sullivan left him after the rumors of his infidelity were published weeks ago? They quieted somewhat as he reached for her, waiting. Oliver winked at her as they shared a smile, then took her hand in his, giving her an affectionate squeeze. At once, a deluge of lights flashed rapidly, and the sounds of voices, whistles, catcalls, and a few cheers rose up at the sight of Ms. Sullivan dressed in a white halter gown. She was beautiful. Oliver’s eyes danced with amusement as he looked at her, and then he turned, presenting her proudly. Oliver stopped on the red carpet, pulling her close to his side, and they wrapped their arms around one another, Oliver leaning in, smiling for yet another photographer. A few paparazzi shouted out questions, which Oliver politely ignored, merely waving at the crowd, his smile genuine. He then whisked her away toward the entrance of the Gotham Arts Centre.

“Should they be so surprised?” she asked, as Oliver took her hand, tucking it beneath his arm, holding her close.

“We’ve laid low recently. I’m sure they were wondering.”

“I’m glad that’s over with,” she sighed, as they entered the building.

Oliver chuckled lightly. “Me too.” He looked down at her, mischief lighting his eyes. “They’re obviously happy that I haven’t traded you in yet.”

“Or that I haven’t dumped your rich, worthless behind.”

This time a genuine laugh erupted, causing Chloe to realize that it was a sound she’d missed lately. He stopped just inside the closed entrance doorway, reaching for her other hand and pulling her up against him, not caring who might be watching them. “How’d I get so lucky, Mistress Watchtower?” he whispered.

“Queen charm.”

Oliver kissed the smile from her lips. He’d have continued kissing her if a host hadn’t cleared his throat, welcoming them, and ushering them into the large reception room.

Chloe met Bruce Wayne once, when he’d come to Queen Manor to offer suggestions on the building of the Green Arrow room. That was months ago, and since that time, her curiosity had been piqued. She wondered aloud, “Are you going to ask him?”

“Maybe,” Oliver answered, covering her hand with his, absently stroking her fingers.

“I think he’d be a great asset,” she said, taking in the sight of the huge banquet hall, and the various occupants, all dressed for the lavish occasion. An orchestra played soft dinner music at the far end of the room. Waiters meandered about in white jackets serving drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

“I think he prefers flying solo.”

A passing waiter offered them champagne in gold-tipped fluted glasses. Oliver passed one to Chloe. “What should we toast to?” she asked feeling giddy just being out somewhere with him. She held her drink aloft.

He smiled at her, his brown eyes like warm chocolate as he regarded her. He raised his own glass. “To mergers. And I don’t mean the business kind.”

“The pleasurable kind?”

“The spend the rest of your life with me, kind.”

Chloe’s smile softened as his eyes searched hers, waiting, expectant, hopeful. Suddenly speechless, her heart fluttering wildly, she could barely breathe. She hadn’t expected him to… to….

He hadn’t expected it either. For a while now, he’d been waiting for the right time to ask her in the proper way. But there never seemed to be a right time. And now, the words simply left his lips without conscious thought, surprising even himself. He’d always been able to read her eyes. They betrayed her every emotion. He’d always known, since the first time he’d ever kissed her that cool, crisp night on the balcony of his Metropolis penthouse almost a year ago. He knew he would kiss her then, even as she sputtered her protests over why they’d never work; her eyes told him her true feelings. Her stunned silence now didn’t worry him. It was there in beautiful green eyes that gazed up at him. He knew what her answer would be.

A voice interrupted the moment. “Oliver.”

It took a few long seconds for the couple to tear their eyes from one another.

Oliver recovered first, turning to the man who’d approached. “Bruce. Good to see you again.” He shifted the champagne from one hand to the other and the two men shook in greeting. Oliver gestured toward the woman beside him. “You remember Chloe.”

Chloe blinked, regaining her senses, and lifted her own hand toward the dark haired man before her. “Mr. Wayne,” she smiled at him, and Oliver could see that even the brooding Batman was enchanted. Chloe’s smile did that to everyone.

Bruce took her hand, holding it in his. “Please, call me Bruce,” he answered, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly. “No need for formalities here.” Bruce squeezed her hand gently before releasing it. “I’ve been reading your editorials and articles in the Star City Gazette, Chloe.” He turned to Oliver. “You’ve got an amazing woman here, Queen.”

“I know,” Oliver grinned, slipping a hand at her waist.

Chloe felt the heat rushing to her cheeks at the compliments. Bruce was no doubt a charmer in his way as well. She wondered if it was a trait of all handsome billionaire crime fighters with secret identities.

Oliver lowered his voice. “We don’t know where he his, or who’s impersonating the Green Arrow.”

Bruce stepped closer to the couple, closing the gap in order to speak more privately. He cast a furtive glance around before speaking. “This takeover is hurting him more than we thought it would. He’s desperate. He’ll make a mistake, and when he does, we’ll be there.” He looked as though he wanted to say more, but cast a quick glance at Chloe, recovering a look of concern with a quick smile. He’d speak to Oliver later in private. “Enjoy the evening,” was all he said, before silently walking away.

After dinner, Oliver led her to the dance floor, where other couples whirled around them, as they seemed to stand still in comparison, bodies gently swaying in unison. Neither of them mentioned the earlier toast and talk of mergers, but each of them thinking of it. After their dance, one of the hosts came to ask Oliver to meet with Mr. Wayne. Oliver followed the gentleman out onto a veranda where Bruce waited.

After the host left, and Bruce was certain they were alone, he spoke, staring out onto the darkened gardens below. “She’s important to you,” he said without preamble.


Bruce nodded, then lifted his eyes to Oliver. “She’s a target.”

“She and I both know this. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“But it could be the last. Are you prepared for that?”

Oliver’s heart skipped a beat at the words, and he wondered what Bruce knew, but wasn’t revealing.

“He’s ruined. He’ll do anything now,” Bruce continued. “I’ve dealt with his brand of evil before.”

“So has Chloe.”

“She knows who you are, she knows who I am…”

“She’d never reveal that to anyone. She’s part of what I do, what my team does.”

“That makes her more valuable to him.”

“No different than any other member of the team.”

“You love her.”


“That’s the difference.” Bruce turned as if to walk away, then stopped, speaking over his shoulder. “Keep her safe. If you need me, let me know.”
End Chapter 15

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  2. Wonderful storyline. Have been enjoying Anything but Ordinary and Signal Fire since finding your blog in early August. Have also read most of your other work listed here. Thank you for bringing me enjoyable evenings reading this pairing.